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Proper hydration can help treat dengue patients.

DENGUE menace looms large in India every year and the municipal authorities fail to tackle it. While dengue scare grips the country,authorities are busy in issuing challan to people not abiding by the sanitation rules and engaging hundreds of municipal workers in fumigation,still,the efforts are not solving the problem.

In the national Capital where there is panic with people succumbing to the disease every day,public health experts claim that dengue is nothing more than a dehydration disease. "Not all fevers are dengue and low platelet count is not only because of dengue fever. Government is trying its best by increasing

beds,maintaining ample stock of blood and platelets but the responsibility lies with patients not to panic. People are panicking with any kind of fever which is not wise," said Dr Jugal Kishore,Head of department,Community Medicine,Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital.

Doctors say that there are a lot of diseases presented with fever and low platelet count such as chikungunya,yellow fever,HIV,hepatitis B and C,malaria,or leptospirosis. Even if somebody ' Low platelet count not just because of dengue'

somebody is diagnosed with dengue,they can easily manage the disease at home by keeping themselves hydrated. "When you are diagnosed with dengue,it is very important to stay hydrated and this means you need to take plenty of fluids.

Drink more plain water,unsweetened fruit juices or nutritious soups. Refrain from soft drinks as most of these drinks are very sweet," said Dr Manoj Sharma,Internal Medicine,Rockland Hospital.

"The message government wants to disseminate to the people is not being done in the proper way. Newspaper campaigns are not reaching them. Even if they read,they read about fever and link it with dengue. The underprivileged are more prone to dengue and are totally unaware of the prevention as well as its treatment," Dr Kishore said.


Not all fever is dengue and low platelet count is not only because of dengue fever There are several diseases that have similar symptoms,fever and low platelet count,such as chikungunya,yellow fever,HIV,hepatitis B and C,protozoan parasite infection like malaria,or bacterial infections like leptospirosis The message government wants to disseminate among the public is not going in the right way. The newspapers campaigns are not reaching the general public

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Publication:Mail Today (New Delhi, India)
Date:Sep 18, 2015
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