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Propelling India from socialist stagnation to global power; v.2: Policy reforms.


Propelling India from socialist stagnation to global power; v.2: Policy reforms.

Virmani, Arvind.

Academic Foundation


485 pages




Over the course of two volumes, Virmani (principal adviser, Planning Commission, Governor of India) reviews the economic history of India, analyzes major aspects of India's economic reform, and projects India's economic future. In the first volume, he looked at overarching macroeconomic and political economic issues, whereas in this volume he offers more detailed analysis of particular areas of reform, especially those of the 1990s. Individual chapters discuss food and agriculture policy, foreign direct investment reform, value-added tax and customs duty reforms, customs tariff reform, the impact of tariff reform on Indian industry, and domestic and global financial integration. Distributed in N. America by Independent Publishers Group, Chicago.

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Date:Feb 1, 2007
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