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Propellants and explosives; thermochemical aspects of combustion, 2d ed.


Propellants and explosives; thermochemical aspects of combustion, 2d ed.

Kubota, Naminosuke.



509 pages




Kubota (senior research scientist of the propellant combustion laboratory, Asahi Kasei Chemicals, Japan) presents an introductory text on the combustion of energetic materials for readers engaged in rocketry or explosives technology. He opens with fundamental aspects of the conversion from chemical energy to aerothermal energy, covering the foundations of pyrodynamics, the thermochemistry of combustion, and combustion wave propagation. He then deals with the energetics of chemical compounds used as propellants and explosives, such as heat of formation, heat of explosion, adiabatic flame temperature, and specific impulse. The results of measurements on the burning rate of crystalline and polymeric materials, double-based propellants, composite propellants composite modified double based propellants, and explosives are then presented. Remaining chapters discuss the formation of energetic pyrolants (metal-based pyrotechnic compositions), combustion propagation of pyrolants, emission from combustion products, transient combustion of propellants and pyrolants, rocket thrust modulation, and ducted rocket propulsion.

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