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Proof the Spice of Life is Truly Found at Home.

Los Angeles, CA, May 18, 2013 --( Is “the couple” in modern American society really being replaced by a more multi-dimensional unit that is by definition the inclusion of “the third wheel”?

Among those who study the art of sacred numerology (according to Bodhi Tree Los Angeles) it is believed that by it's very definition, the number 3 is defined as the root number that attracts blessings where as the the number 2 according to sacred numerology has a root meaning of division in the affairs of man.

Based on this information, one might be led to the conclusion that if 3 attracts blessings then perhaps 4 is an even greater blessing but the ancient art of numerology also states that 4 is a number of frustration. Have you heard the saying “A house divided will fall!” which our forefathers spoke of with relation to the American revolution?

Further statistics (per Spooftroupe's Google metrics market samples) might be available if money were allocated for such a study. These statistics might show that relationships with a proverbial third wheel have more spice, provide an extra dimension from which to view the world and a support system that I'm sure most men would welcome into their home.

Ventriloquist Dummy Mr. Piccolino explores the “third wheel” phenomenon in Pesky Mr. P. - Dinner Crasher (found on Youtube and available via the Spooftroupe site as well) with it's interaction between Bluebonnet, her “whipped” Hubby and Mr. Piccolino the subject of our study.

The first short episode, Pesky Mr. P - Dinner Crasher is Directed by Charles Dewandeler who also appears in the piece along with Greg Philippi as the husband and Buffy Dakan as Bluebonnet. Dinner Crasher was written by Greg Philippi with Charles Dewandeler.

After viewing the piece please leave a comment on the Youtube page and should it make you chuckle please click “like”. For further study and discussion, the piece is also available at the Spooftroupe dot com site where you view other studies of a comedic nature and subscribe free if you'd like. Using the Video pull down menu, Rich People's Fund might be a good starting point.

The "third wheel" is here to stay...

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Date:May 18, 2013
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