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AFRC Harrison, Denise TO A CMSgt; HQ AFRC/FMXX--Robins AFB




Cantrell, Laura (Annie), GS-12; HQ AU/FMA--Maxwell AFB

Dismuke Jr., Allen F., Capt; 56 CPTS/FMA--Luke AFB

AF ISR Agency











Anderson, Clare, GS-12; AFLCMC/WWJF--Arlington VA

Arocho, Kenya, GS-12; AFMC/FMAO--Wright-Patterson AFB

Augustine, Kathleen, GS-12; AFTC/FMP--Edwards AFB

Barnes, Joshua B., TSgt; 635th/GWGC--Scott AFB

Bender, Paul, GS-13; WR-ALC/FMAE--Robins AFB

Blasioli, Shalnessa, GS-12; AFRL/RQFO--Wright-Patterson AFB

Brittain, April L., SMSgt; 635th/CCF--Joint Base Langley-Eustis

Burdick, Lynn M., GS-13; AFLCMC/EBAC--Eglin AFB

Christian, Lafietta R., GS-12; AFLCMC/HIB--Maxwell Gunter, AFS

Dennis, Jeannette, GS-12; AFMC/FMAP--Wright-Patterson AFB

Diehl, George, GS-12; AFMC/FMC--Wright-Patterson AFB

Duprey, Katherine J., SMSgt; 635th/GWL--Scott AFB

Elliott, Todd, GS-12; AFRL/RQFE--Wright-Patterson AFB

Flake, Donald, GS-12; AFMC/FMAO--Wright-Patterson AFB

Gonzalez, Jesus, TSgt; 635th/GWGC--Scott AFB

Good, Candy, GS-12; AFTC/FMP--Edwards AFB

Graham, David, MSgt; 377 CPTS/FMA--Kirtland AFB

Graham, Marquita C., GS-12; AFLCMC/WIGA--Robins, AFB

Grunst, Megan, GS-12; AFLCMC/WWJF--Arlington VA

Gutierrez Jr., Mariano S., TSgt; 635th/GWK--Scott AFB

Hart, Joel, GS-12; AFMC/FMRD--Wright-Patterson AFB

Horner, Terrence, DO-II; 711 HPW/FMH--Wright-Patterson AFB

Huggins, Adam M., GS-13; AFLCMC/FMP--Wright-Patterson AFB

Jacques, Jeffrey S., GS-12; AFLCMC/HBB--Hanscom AFB

Lanning, Daniel John, TSgt; 635th/GWO--Scott AFB

Lisle, Dale, MSgt; 635th/GWEA--Joint Base Langley-Eustis

Marburger, Ann, DO-IV; AFRL/711 HPW/FM--Wright-Patterson AFB

McClish, Adam J., Capt; 635th/GWC--Joint Base Langley-Eustis

Miller, Vangie Terrel, MSgt; 635th/GWMW--Joint Base Langley-Eustis

Moronta Estrella, Henry A., MSgt; 635th/GWF--Scott AFB

Nash, Twila, GS-13; 402 AMXG/AMXSS/MXDSAC--Robins AFB

Patrick, Ryan A., GS-12; AFLCMC/WIJF--Wright-Patterson AFB

Pflum, Sheri, GS-14; AFTC/FMP--Edwards AFB

Smart, Amy M., GS-12; AFLCMC/HIQ--Wright-Patterson AFB

Stamey, Amanda E., GS-12; AFLCMC/FZC--Eglin AFB

Tarjanyi, Candace, GS-12; AFRL/RXF--Wright-Patterson AFB

Trego, Angela, GS-14; AFMC/FMRD--Wright-Patterson AFB

Tress, Brandon, GS-12; AFMC/FMB--Wright-Patterson AFB

VanBuren, Yolonda T., TSgt; 635th/GWSB--Joint Base Langley-Eustis

Woolley, Matthew B., GS-13; AFLCMC/WWAF--Hill, AFB


Cody-VanBrunt, Karen, GS-12; HQ AFRC/FMA--Robins AFB


Tetla, Lori, GS-14; AFSOC/FMAO--Hurlburt Field


Weston, Jeff, GS-13; AFSPC Comptroller/FMP--Peterson AFB


Bumbardner, Melisa A., SMSgt; 62 CPTS/FMD--Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Fowler, Kimberly C., GS-14; HQ AMC/FMP--Scott AFB

Hewitt, Jennifer D., MSgt; 6 MSG/RA--MacDill AFB

Jones, Winston A., MSgt; 92 CPTS/FMF--Fairchild AFB

Journic, Malcolm E., MSgt; 87 CPTS/UDM/UTM--Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst

Maldonado, Jessica A., TSgt; 60 CPTS/FMF--Travis AFB

Meriwether, Shenita P., GS-13; HQ AMC/FMPA--Scott AFB

Pierpoint, Jason L., TSgt; 19 CPTS/FMA--Little Rock AFB

Whitehead III, Benjamin, MSgt; 87 CPTS/FMF--Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst

Williams II, Phelemon T., Lt Col; 87 CPTS/CC--Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst






Conn, Andrea M., TSgt; 18 CPTS/FMA--Kadena AB Japan

Zicopula, Christopher, TSgt; 8 CPTS/QA--Kunsan AB S Korea


Griffin, John, GS-14; SAF/FMBO--Pentagon

McLemore, Jason, GS-13; SAF/FMBO--Pentagon

Osterhaus, David, Maj; SAF/FMBP--Pentagon


Barkhurst, Charles, Lt Col; 100 CPTS/CC--RAF Mildenhall, UK

Cross, Devon, SSgt; 39 CPTS/FMA--Incirlik ABW

Evans, Rungkun, TSgt; 39 CPTS/FMF--Incirlik ABW

Whitman, Adam, SSgt; 39 CPTS/FMF--Incirlik ABW


Hughes, Justin, TSgt; HQ USAFA/FMF--USAF Academy

Lucero, Lisa, GS-12; HQ USAFA/FMN--USAF Academy


AF ISR Agency

Carter, Thomas C. AS A Col; AFISRA/FM--Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland


Fleck, Jurgen G. AS A CMSgt; 87 CPTS/FMD--Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst

Lacuesta Siroin, Maria A. AS A CMSgt; 60 AMW/WSA/CEM--Travis AFB


Bolton, Edward L. Jr. AS A Maj Gen; SAF/FMB--Pentagon


Capoziello, James, GS-12; 47 CPTS/FMA--Laughlin AFB

Fiquett, Charles, 0-6; HQ AETC/FM--JBSA Randolph

Hollingsworth, Lawrance S., Capt; 33 FW/FMA--Eglin AFB

Sinopoli, Paul L.J., 0-6; HQ AETC/FM-1--JBSA Randolph

AF ISR Agency

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Allred, Brandy L., TSgt; 439 Supply Chain Ops Sq FFK771/GWH--Joint Base Langley-Eustis AFB

Bell, Jacqueline, SMSgt; 436 Supply Chain Ops Sq FFKZFO/GWO--Scott AFB

Boerner, Billy F., TSgt; 435 Supply Chain Ops Sq FFF480/GWG--Scott AFB

Briscoe, Jeanne, GS-12; 412 TW/FMA--Edwards AFB

Curtis, Leslie, MSgt; 78 CPTS/FMF--Robins AFB

Dominguez, Emberly, SMSgt; 78 CPTS/FMS--Robins AFB

Harrelson, Christopher, TSgt; 35 Supply Chain Ops Sq FFF480/GWK--Scott AFB

Hart, Florence, GS-12; AFRL/RWF--Eglin AFB

Howell, Felicia R., TSgt; 439 Supply Chain Ops Sq FFK771/GWGT--Langley AFB

Knight, Kathleen, GS-12; AFMC/FMPT--Wright-Patterson AFB

Llewellyn III, Harold E., TSgt; 435 Supply Chain Ops Sq FFF480/GWMC--Scott AFB

Martell, Russell, MSgt; 96 CPTS/FM--Eglin AFB

Siler, Patricia, GS-12; AFLCMC/HIQF--Wright-Patterson AFB

Supinger, Gale, GS-13; AFLCMC/WNSF--Wright-Patterson AFB

Wilson, Bryce, Lt Col; 78 CPTS/FM--Robins AFB


Ankrom, Carolyn, GS-12; HQ AFRC/FMA--Robins AFB

Kuhn, Harold, GS-12; HQ AFRC/FMA--Robins AFB


Ouellette, Barbara, GS-11; 18 FLTS/FM--Hurlburt Field


Patalano, Jeanne, GS-12; AFSPC Comptroller/FMA--Peterson AFB


Azzoline, Michael, TSgt; 87 CPTS/FMF--Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst

Bowers, Anissa M., Maj; HQ AMC/FME--Scott AFB

Brown, Camelia, MSgt; 92 CPTS/FMD--Fairchild AFB

Brown, Stacie L., MSgt; 375 CPTS/FMA--Scott AFB

Chapman, Rhonda L., MSgt; HQ AMC/FMPP--Scott AFB

Dominguez, Mario A., TSgt; 60 CPTS/FMF--Travis AFB

Grippo, Julie A., Maj; HQ AMC/FMAO--Scott AFB

Harris, Erlene L., MSgt; 89 OG/RA--Joint Base Andrews AFB

Lester, Theresa J., TSgt; 60 CPTS/FMA--Travis AFB

Nugent, Jennifer R., TSgt; 621 CRW/FM--Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst

Pence, Anthony M., MSgt; 62 CPTS/FMF--Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Porcella-Bennett, Tina M., MSgt; 60 CPTS/FMQ--Travis AFB

Price, Renee A., TSgt; 22 CPTS/FMF--McConnell AFB

Robinson, Kerry A., MSgt; 62 CPTS/FMQ--Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Snyder, Bryan C., MSgt; 19 MXG/RA--Little Rock AFB

Thompson, Kristie, MSgt; 43 CPTS/FMD--Pope Army Airfield

Wolf, David P., MSgt; 87 CPTS/FMF--Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst


Donaldson, Michael, MSgt; 15 CPTS/FMF--JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam

Nickerson-Roland, Cassandra, MSgt; 354 CPTS/FMF--Eielson AFB

Ordonez, Ronilo, MSgt; 8 CPTS/FMA--Kunsan Air Base Korea

Papineau, Kelly, SMSgt; 15 CPTS/FMS--JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam


King, Katherine, Maj; SAF/FMBP--Pentagon


Peters, Ivajean, GS-12; HQ USAFA/FMN--USAF Academy


Caalim, Ernest, TSgt; 48 CPTS/FMF--RAF Lakenheath
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