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ACC--Guyer, Michael promoted to CMSgt; 7 CPTS--FMS--Dyess AFB Leal, Eric promoted to YC-03; 99 CPTS--FMA--Nellis AFB

AFMC--Harder, David.promoted to GS-15; AFRL--RDF--Wright-Patterson AFB Osborne, Don promoted to GS-15; AFRL--RBF--Wright-Patterson AFB

AFSPC--Ritz, Kenneth C. promoted to CMSgt; HQ AFSPC--FMM--Peterson AFB

FMB--Herbert, Jeraldine promoted to YC-03; SAF--FMBI--Pentagon Lowry, Thomas promoted to Col; SAF--FMBOI--Pentagon Reitzel, James promoted to Col; SAF--FMBL--Pentagon Rose, Pat promoted to Col; SAF--FMBI--Pentagon Speight, Joel promoted to Col; SAF--FMBI--Pentagon

FMC--Dticharme, Jay.promoted to Col; AFCAA--FMFS--Pentagon Klapper, Larry promoted to YC-03; AFCAA--FMFS--Pentagon Lawless, Timothy promoted to YF-03; AFCAA--FMFS--Pentagon

USAFE--Hammond, Amy promoted to Col; HQ USAFE--FMF--Ramstein AB


Cabading, Ryan D. to Capt; 9 CPTS--FMA--Beale AFB

Dinzart, Steve to Lt Col; 9 CPTS--CC--Beale AFB

Gribbins, Myer to Capt; 28 CPTS--FMA--Ellsworth AFB

Joiner, Charnelle to Capt; 49 CPTS--FMS--Holloman AFB

Lockhart, Faith to MSgt; 49 CPTS--FMA--Holloman AFB

Lounsberry, Ellen to YC-02; 99 CPTS--FMA--Nellis AFB

Sherman, Todd to YA-02; 49 CPTS--FMN--Holloman AFB

Tisdale, Leah to YA-02; 1 CPTS--FMA--Langley AFB

Williams, Carrie to TSgt; 1 CPTS--FMF--Langley AFB


D'Amato, Michael to MSgt; 17 CPTS--FMQ--Goodfellow AFB


Antram, Rick to GS-12; AFRL--RYF--Wright-Patterson AFB

Blackwell, Angle M. to Capt; 96 CPTS--FMF--Eglin AFB

Brantley, Kimberly D. to GS-12; 308 ARSW--RB2--Eglin AFB

Cameron, Russine (Dee)to YA-02; AFFTC--FMP--Edwards AFB

Canales, Carla to GS-13; AFRL--RBF--Wright-Patterson AFB

Carrillo, Jose M. to MSgt; 66 CPTS--FMF--Hanscom AFB

Dobson, Mike to GS-13; AFRL--RHF--Wright-Patterson AFB

Freese, Suzanne to GS-14; AFRL--RXF--Wright-Patterson AFB

Guiterrez, Alfredo to GS-12; AFRL--FM--Wright-Patterson AFB

Hodges, Gordon to MSgt; 72d CPTS--FMFS--Tinker AFB

Kessell, Patricia to GS-13; HQ AFMC--FMRS--Wright-Patterson AFB

Richardson, Susan to GS-13; HQ AFMC--FMRD--Wright-Patterson AFB

Romero, Joseph to MSgt; 377 CPTS--FMA--Kirtland AFB

Scinto, Connie to GS-13; AFRL--RHF--Wright-Patterson AFB

Slarve, Charisse to GS-12; 72d CPTS--FMAO--Tinker AFB

Warnick, Bradford N. to GS-12; AAC--XR--Eglin AFB

West, James to GS-11; 377 CPTS--FMQ--Kirtland AFB


Slingerland, Jon to MSgt; 23 AF--FM--Hurlburt Field AFB


Manalastas, Benjamin D. to MSgt; 30 CPTS--FMF--Vandenberg AFB


Govan, George to Lt Col; HQ AMC--FMAO--Scott AFB

Lankford, Shelly to YC-02; HQ AMC--FMFAA--Scott AFB

Sanders, Troy L. to Lt Col; 305 CPTS--CC--McGuire AFB

Schau, Denise to YC-02; HQ AMC--FMFA--Scott AFB

Showalter, Marija to TSgt; 436 CPTS--FMFC--Dover AFB


Bauer, Douglas to Capt; 3 CPTS--FMF--Elmendorf AFB

Hartle, Marie to TSgt; 3 CPTS--FMA--Elmendorf AFB

Hunn, Christopher to MSgt; 354 CPTS--FMA--Eielson AFB

Sayles, Nicole to TSgt; 354 CPTS--FMA--Eielson AFB

Shellonda, James to Capt; 35 CPTS--FMA--Misawa AB

Westfelt, Adriene to TSgt; 36 CPTS--FMF--Andersen AFB


Holmes, David to SMSgt; 100 CPTS--FMFC--RAF Mildenhal

Meriweather, Shenita to SMSgt; HQ USAFE--FMF--Ramstein AB

Martinez, James to MSgt; HQ USAFE--A6XR--Ramstein AB

Ramnarain, Kiley to TSgt; 100 CPTS--FMFD--RAF Mildenhal


Hill, Rachelle to MSgt; 434 ARW--FM--Grissom ARB

Keys, Kay to GS-12; HQ AFRC--FMAP--Robins AFB

Nash, Reginald to TSgt; 440 AW--FM--Pope AFB

O'Donnell, Shawn to SMSgt; 932--AW--FM--Scott AFB

Rountree, Tara to Capt; 94 AW--94 AW/FMF--Dobbins ARB

Salvador, Sharon to SSgt; 939 ARW--FM--Portland IAP ARS

Weaver, Antonia to SMSgt; 514th AMW--FMB--McGuire AFB


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Bolin, Vanessa to GS-13; SAF--FMBI--Pentagon

Humphrey, Craig to GS-13; SAF--FMBM--Pentagon

Ona, Rene to GS-11; SAF--FMBM--Pentagon


Clark, Martin E. to SMSgt; AFFSC--FMFF--Ellsworth AFB

Groesbeck, Christina M. to TSgt; AFFSC--FMFC--Ellsworth AFB

Lee, Troy D. to MSgt; AFFSC--FMFC--Ellsworth AFB

McLean, Jack E. to MSgt; AFFSC--FMFS--Ellsworth AFB

Metzger, Carol to SMSgt; SAF--FMPW--Pentagon




Hearon, Etoya to YA-03; HAF--RMF--Pentagon




Chavez, Marsha to TSgt; 184 ARW--FMFC--McConnell AFB

Culley, Tammy to Maj; 189 AW--FM--Little Rock, AR

Davis, Amy to SMSgt; 109 AW--FM--Scotia, NY

Dooley, Jennifer to MSgt; 176 WG--FMFPM--Kulis ANG Base, AK

Eimer, Janet to MSgt; 118 AW--FM--Nashville, TN

Erickson, Megan to Lt Col; 173 FW--FM--Klamath Falls, OR

Masse, Piper to TSgt; 103 FW--FMF--East Granby, CT

Michalak, Robert to Lt Col; 180 FW--FMA--Toledo, OH

Ordway, Michele to TSgt; 180 FW--FMF--Toledo, OH

Picklesimer, Eric to SMSgt; 179 AW--FMF--Mansfield Lahm Arpt, OH

Rueles, Efrain to MSgt; 184 ARW--FMFC--McConnell AFB

Sandoval-Ovalle, German to TSgt; 108 ARW--FMFC--McGuire AFB

Stroh, Shana to Capt; 142 FW--FMA--Portland, OR

Sumwalt, Keith to Capt; 106 RQW--FMA--Westhampton Beach, NY

Walden, Bryan to Maj; 142 FW--FM--Portland, OR Wonoski, Angela to TSgt; 174 FW--FMFS--Syracuse, NY


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