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Promising Afterschool Practices: A Showcase of Innovative, Creative and Successful Afterschool Programs. Fourth Annual.

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A "Promising Practice" is a system, process, or activity in a program that works and leads to good results. It is something that would work in other programs, if only they were aware about it. "Promising Practices" capture some of the most innovative, creative and successful ways that programs serve youth. This publication provides a selection of the strong, effective and replicable practices that are currently being utilized in "New Jersey After 3" afterschool programs. By sharing these practices, "New Jersey After 3" hopes to assist programs in incorporating approaches and strategies that have been already field tested and refined by their peers, leading to an expansion of quality services throughout the network. These services, in turn, should fulfill the needs of today's young people.

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Publication:ERIC: Reports
Article Type:Author abstract
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Date:Jun 1, 2009
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