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Promise introduces Serial ATA drive hot-swap enclosure for desktop and small server systems.

Promise Technology, Inc., originator and supplier of ATA RAID solutions, today announced the availability of the SuperSwap 1100, a hot swap drive enclosure for Serial ATA/150 drives. The SuperSwap 1100 enclosure transforms a Serial ATA hard disk drive into a readily available, hot swappable storage solution, ideal for desktop and small server applications.

While hot swap--the ability to disconnect and reconnect the drive while the system is still operational--is a standardized function in the Serial ATA specification, most computers don't allow physical access to the hard disk and cables while the system is operating. Using the SuperSwap 1100, users can easily disconnect and reconnect their Serial ATA hard disk drives without turning the computer off, opening the case, or unscrewing a drive.

Promise Technology's SuperSwap 1100 works with all Promise Serial ATA interface controller solutions. For FastTrak Serial ATA RAID adapter users, the combination of hot swap capability with RAID 1, RAID 0+1, or RAID 5 provides high-availability and enhanced reliability that is ideal for use in small server applications.

"As the pioneer of ATA RAID and the first company to deliver a hot swap enclosure for ATA RAID environments, Promise has recognized the necessity of reliable SATA drive hot swap for server applications," said Sam Sirisena, vice president of sales and marketing worldwide, Promise Technology, Inc. "With Promise's SuperSwap 1100 drive enclosure for Serial ATA drives, users can now gain the benefits of advanced hot-swap capability along with one of the most advanced drive enclosure systems available for desktop and small servers. From dedicated cooling to advanced enclosure management support, the SuperSwap 1100 brings professional storage system features to entry- and mid-level markets."

More than just a hot-swap drive carrier, the SuperSwap 1100 provides numerous advanced features that offer added protection for storage systems. The SuperSwap 1100 provides sophisticated enclosure management tools that monitor the fan, temperature, and enclosure power status at all times using Promise Array Management software. Advanced features also include a cable-free drive-to-chassis connection that improves signal quality and data integrity, a keyed lock that prevents unwanted removal of the disk drive, and an integrated fan that provides dedicated drive cooling for improved drive reliability and extended drive lifespan. For systems that use more than two drives, the SuperSwap 1100 features a delayed spin-up switch that enables the user to stagger the time when the drives spin-up, eliminate induced brown-outs, and protect the system and storage hardware. And for improved functionality with multiple SuperSwap units, the SuperSwap 1100 features a unique Box ID system that simplifies the identification of the enclosure and its associated controller card port number.

The SuperSwap 1100 lists for $89 (MSRP). Users will be able to acquire the SuperSwap 1100 and other Promise ATA and Serial ATA storage solutions through our excellent coverage of worldwide distributors. Visit ( for additional product information.
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Title Annotation:Promise Technology SuperSwap 1100
Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Sep 22, 2003
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