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Prometheus gains settlement regarding autoimmune patents.

Prometheus Laboratories, Inc. (San Diego, CA), a specialty pharmaceutical company, announced that it has entered into a settlement agreement with Specialty Laboratories, Inc., whereby Specialty has agreed not to use, offer or sell its 6-MP Drug MonitR assay for use in connection with the treatment of immune-mediated gastrointestinal disorders or autoimmune diseases.

Prior to the signing of the settlement agreement, Prometheus had filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Specialty alleging that the use or sale of Specialty's 6-MP Drug MonitR assay infringed certain of Prometheus' patent rights. As a result of the settlement, Prometheus has agreed to withdraw its lawsuit. Prometheus holds an exclusive, worldwide, royalty-bearing license to patents related to a method of treating inflammatory bowel disease and related conditions, where drug metabolite levels in blood cells are evaluated to determine subsequent dosage of the medications and for optimizing drug therapeutic efficacy for gastrointestinal disorders. Prometheus first commercialized the technology in 1999.

This proprietary technology, incorporated in Prometheus' PRO-PredictRx Metabolites diagnostic test, provides an analytical measure utilized by physicians during thiopurine therapy for the ongoing evaluation of patients' response to drug therapy. Measuring metabolite levels helps physicians balance therapeutic response against potential toxicity, and to tailor dosage levels to patients' individual metabolism. Thiopurine drugs are indicated for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, prevention of rejection in kidney transplantation and acute lymphatic leukemia. They are also frequently used off-label by physicians to manage inflammatory bowel disease, primarily Crohn's disease.

"Prometheus has made a significant investment in the licensing, development, clinical validation and commercialization of its proprietary technologies to create robust diagnostic tools to help physicians improve patient care," said Joseph M. Limber, President & Chief Executive Officer of Prometheus. "Prometheus is committed to ensuring that our intellectual property is respected, which contributes to our ability to innovate valuable products for use by physicians and their patients."

Prometheus is a specialty pharmaceutical company committed to developing new ways to help physicians individualize patient care. Prometheus focuses on the treatment, diagnosis and detection of gastrointestinal, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and disorders. Prometheus' strategy includes the marketing and delivery of pharmaceutical products complemented by its proprietary, high-value diagnostic testing services. By integrating therapeutics and diagnostic services, Prometheus addresses the continuum of patient care, thereby providing physicians with a comprehensive solution to treat chronic diseases.

Prometheus Laboratories, Inc.

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Date:Aug 1, 2004
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