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Major astronomical discoveries have their histories in many popular books for lay readers--but what about oddities and spectral 'ghosts' that have led scientists to different conclusions over the decades? Astronomer Richard Baum provides a lively survey of these wonders and ideas in The Haunted Observatory: Curiosities from the Astronomer's Cabinet (9781591025122, $28.00), from the legendary 'mountains of Venus' to strange objects seen near the sun. These legends, speculations and science ideas which proved faulty are as intriguing as the astronomical theories which stood the test of time, and provide both college-level students of astronomy and lay readers alike with a vivid exploration recommended both for general-interest and school collections. Kristine Larsen's STEPHEN HAWKING: A BIOGRAPHY (9781591025740, $16.95) comes from a physicist and astronomer who examines noted physicist Stephen Hawkins' personal and professional life, emphasizing his contributions, his life, and his special physical challenges. From Hawking's early lack of focus as a college student to the evolution of his groundbreaking work, this biographical coverage is key reading for any interested in correlating his science with his life.
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Title Annotation:The Haunted Observatory: Curiosities from the Astronomer's Cabinet; Stephen Hawking: A Biography
Publication:The Bookwatch
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Date:Mar 1, 2008
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