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Prolonging the elections expands the appetites.

When BDI's personnel in Government changed, it was speculated that BDI leader, Ali Ahmeti offered the Vice Premier position for implementing the Ohrid Agreement to several other persons before Festim Haliti. However, they refused this offer considering it short-term i.e. until the elections scheduled for June 5th. However, after elections were postponed, BDI's appetite for this positions expanded, given it is very prestigious in the executive branch.

The main pretensions come from BDI's branch in Chair Municipality, more precisely from former Minister for Economy Bekim Neziri. However, party sources stress that he isn't acceptable in the other party branches, therefore his chances are small. There are certain pretensions from BDI branch in Tetovo, close to Mayor Teuta Arifi, given the fact that current Vice Premier Haliti is considered to be close to her party opponent Xhevat Ademi. The lust for returning to this position was expressed by Musa Xhaferi, but BDI spokesperson Bujar Osmani refuted the speculations for party separations.

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Title Annotation:Lajm (daily)
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Jun 3, 2016
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