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Projectors & monitors: when it comes to building those short lists, there's nothing like product comparison charts, to get you going. Start here. (Presentation Systems).

Finally putting together a presentation system? Yes, price is an important factor, but it's even more crucial to select the right equipment, best compatibility, and optimum features--the charts on the following pages are designed to assist you in that process. We suggest you keep room size, purpose, and network factors in mind on your initial scanning of the information. You'll find projectors that are portable powerhouses, just right for smaller lecture halls; and large stationary-installation models, specifically designed for auditoriums. We've also indicated wireless capability, where applicable. After your initial review of the data, scan again for more detailed features to narrow your search.

As for price, you're in luck: Many of the vendors listed on the following pages are now paying more attention to the higher ed market. That's good news for buyers, as many vendors now offer discounts on the list prices you'll see here. A visit to their Web sites should yield a list of client schools and details on education pricing programs.


On the following pages, we provide certain technical data for each product. Specific pixel translations for the resolutions listed are: SVGA (800 x 600), XGA (1024 x 768) and SXGA (1280 x 1024). Generally, the higher the resolution, the sharper the image. We also list the technology that drives each product.: LCD refers to the Liquid Crystal Display panels inside a projector that transfer image data; DLP refers to Digital Light Processing chips that communicate technical light and color data. Happy hunting!

Note: All manufacturers were asked to provide basic product information. In same cases, other sources were used to complete information.

Company Name Product (Model) List Price $

Barco Projection Systems Barco iQ Pro G300 $17,000 Barco iQ G300 $13,500
projection systems Barco iQ R300 $22,000

BenQ SL705S $2,095 DX550 $2,595
 SL705X $2,895
 OX650 $3,095
 DX660 $3,895

Boxlight CP-635i $2,699 CP-306t $3,299
 XD-2m $3,399
 CD-725c $3,499
 CD-775i $4,199

Canon LV-X2 $4,499 LV-7355 $4,499

Christie Digital Systems Vivid LX20 $5,995 Vivid LX26 $8,995
 Vivid LX35 $12,995
 Vivid Blue $27,995
 Vista X3 $31,995

Dell 3100MP $2,499

Digital Projection SHOWlite 4000gv $11,995 SHOWlite 3000sx $14,995
 HIGHlite 4100gv $29,995
 HIGHlite 6000Dsx $57,995
 THUNDER 10000Dsx $86,995

Dukane Image Pro 8052 $5,995 Image Pro 8941 $10,795
 Image Pro 9115 $11,995
 Image Pro 8945 $18,995

Epson America PowerLite 30c $1,299 PowerLite 51c $1,599
 PowerLite 600p $2,511
 PowerLite811p $3,599
 PowerLite 820p $3,999

Fujitsu General America LPF-4800 $5,999 LPF-7700 $12,999

Hewlett-Packard iPAQ MP1200 $2,299

Hitachi America CP-X327W $7,495 CP-430W $8,995
digitalmedia CP-X990W $12,995

InFocus InFocus LP530 $3,999 Proxima DP6155 $4,499
 InFocus LP650 $5,499
 InFocus LP790 $6,999
 Proxima DP6860 $5,999

Lumens Technology LX95 $3,395 LX136 $4,995
 LM95 $4,095
 LM136 $5,695

Mitsubishi Digital SL2 ColorView $2,495
Electronics America XL2 ColorView $3,495 XD20 Mini-Mits $3,995 XL30 ColorView $8,995
 XL25 ColorView $6,495

NEC Solutions (America) LT260 $3,595 GT1150 $10,495
 GT2150 $14,595

Optoma Technology EzPro 730 $3,995 EzPro 735 $4,495
 EzPro 737 $4,995
 EzPro 750 $4,995
 EzPro 753 $5,995

Panasonic PT-LC55U $2,999 PT-LC75U $3,999
 PT-L720U $5,499
 PT-1730NTU $5,999
 PT-L6510U $10,995

PLUS Vision U2-813 $1,995 V-807 $1,995
 U2-X1130 $2,995
 U3-1100WZ $3,095
 U2-X2000 $4,195

Sharp Electronics PG-M25X $5,995 XG-C50X $6,195
 XG-P25X $9,495

Sony Electronics VPL-CS5 $2,499 VPL-CX5 $3,899
 VPL-PX11 $4,990
 VPL-PX15 $6,100
 VPL-PX32 $8,350
 VPL-FX50 $13,000
 VPL-FE110 $26,000

3M MP8749 $4,795 MP8790 $7,995

Toshiba TLP-S30U $1,299 TDP-P5-US $3,473
 TLP-T501U $5,995

Viewsonic PJ551 $2,395 PJ7065 $4,995

 Product (Model) Brightness Resolution Contrast
 (ANSI lumens) Ratio

Barco iQ Pro G300 3500 XGA 400:01:00
 Barco iQ G300 3500 XGA 400:01:00
 Barco iQ R300 3300 SXGA 400:01:00

 SL705S 1100 SVGA 600:01:00
 DX550 1600 XGA 450:01:00
 SL705X 1100 XGA 600:01:00
 OX650 1600 XGA 600:01:00
 DX660 2000 XGA 600:01:00

 CP-635i 2200 SVGA 350:01:00
 CP-306t 1700 XGA 350:01:00
 XD-2m 1100 XGA 800:01:00
 CD-725c 2000 XGA 600:01:00
 CD-775i 2500 XGA 350:01:00

 LV-X2 1100 XGA 300:01:00
 LV-7355 2200 XGA 350:01:00

 Vivid LX20 2000 XGA 350:1 on/off
 Vivid LX26 2600 XGA 500:1 on/off
 Vivid LX35 3500 XGA 800:1 on/off
 Vivid Blue 5800 SXGA Over 700:1
 Vista X3 3000 XGA Over 500:1

 3100MP 1050 XGA 280:1 on/off

 SHOWlite 4000gv 3000 SXGA 350:01:00
 SHOWlite 3000sx 2500 SXGA 350:01:00
 HIGHlite 4100gv 3500 XGA 650:01:00
HIGHlite 6000Dsx 5000 SXGA 1200:01:00
THUNDER 10000Dsx 9000 SXGA 1000:01:00

 Image Pro 8052 2200 SVGA 400:01:00
 Image Pro 8941 3500 XGA 500:01:00
 Image Pro 9115 1500 SXGA 600:01:00
 Image Pro 8945 5200 XGA 700:01:00

 PowerLite 30c 800 SVGA 400:01:00
 PowerLite 51c 1200 SVGA 400:01:00
 PowerLite 600p 1700 SVGA 400:01:00
 PowerLite811p 2000 XGA 400:01:00
 PowerLite 820p 2500 XGA 400:01:00

 LPF-4800 1500 XGA 300:01:00
 LPF-7700 3000 XGA 300:01:00

 iPAQ MP1200 1000 XGA 400:01:00

 CP-X327W 1800 XGA 400:01:00
 CP-430W 3500 XGA 350:01:00
 CP-X990W 3500 XGA 600:01:00

 InFocus LP530 2000 XGA 400:01:00
 Proxima DP6155 2000 XGA 450:01:00
 InFocus LP650 2500 XGA 800:01:00
 InFocus LP790 3000 XGA 800:01:00
 Proxima DP6860 2400 XGA 260:01:00

 LX95 1600 XGA 400:01:00
 LX136 2600 XGA 400:01:00
 LM95 2000 XGA 400:01:00
 LM136 3600 XGA 400:01:00

 SL2 ColorView 1200 SVGA 600:01:00
 XL2 ColorView 1500 XGA 350:01:00
 XD20 Mini-Mits 1000 XGA 650:01:00
 XL30 ColorView 3000 XGA 350:01:00
 XL25 ColorView 2500 SVGA 400:01:00

 LT260 2100 XGA 1300:01:00
 GT1150 3000 XGA 350:01:00
 GT2150 2500 SXGA 350:01:00

 EzPro 730 1100 SVGA 500:01:00
 EzPro 735 1100 XGA 500:01:00
 EzPro 737 1500 XGA 1500:01:00
 EzPro 750 1600 SVGA 600:01:00
 EzPro 753 1600 XGA 600:01:00

 PT-LC55U 1200 SVGA 400:01:00
 PT-LC75U 1200 XGA 400:01:00
 PT-L720U 2200 XGA 400:01:00
 PT-1730NTU 2200 XGA 400:01:00
 PT-L6510U 4200 XGA 600:01:00

 U2-813 1300 SVGA 800:01:00
 V-807 800 SVGA 800:01:00
 U2-X1130 1300 XGA 800:01:00
 U3-1100WZ 1000 XGA 650:01:00
 U2-X2000 2000 XGA 650:01:00

 PG-M25X 1900 XGA 1000:01:00
 XG-C50X 3000 XGA 400:01:00
 XG-P25X 4000 XGA 600:01:00

 VPL-CS5 1800 SVGA 300:01:00
 VPL-CX5 2000 XGA 300:01:00
 VPL-PX11 2000 XGA 300:01:00
 VPL-PX15 1900 XGA 300:01:00
 VPL-PX32 3000 XGA 400:01:00
 VPL-FX50 3500 XGA 350:01:00
 VPL-FE110 4000 SXGA 650:01:00

 MP8749 2000 XGA 400:01.00
 MP8790 3500 XGA 750:01.00

 TLP-S30U 1400 SVGA 400:01:00
 TDP-P5-US 1100 XGA 800:01:00
 TLP-T501U 1600 XGA 400:01:00

 PJ551 1500 XGA 400:01:00
 PJ7065 3500 XGA 500:01:00

 Product (Model) Technology Weight Wireless
 (lbs.) and Other Features

Barco iQ Pro G300 LCD 28.5 The Barco iQ Pro
 Barco iQ G300 LCD 28.5 G300 is a wireless
 Barco iQ R300 LCD 28.5 model.

 SL705S DLP 3.8 Ceiling mounts are
 DX550 DLP 5.0 optional on BenQ's
 SL705X DLP 3.8 models. All feature
 OX650 DLP 6.8 Presentation Wizard
 DX660 DLP 6.8 software.

 CP-635i LCD 7.2 Many Boxlight models
 CP-306t LCD 9.7 marketed to education
 XD-2m DLP 2.4 include a digital zoom
 CD-725c DLP 6.8 application.
 CD-775i LCD 9.9

 LV-X2 LCD 6.4 Canon's LV-7355
 LV-7355 LCD 9.5 model includes a
 wireless imager.

 Vivid LX20 LCD 8.6 Several Christie mod-
 Vivid LX26 LCD 17.4 els include an econ-
 Vivid LX35 LCD 18.5 omy lamp mode, to
 Vivid Blue LCD 45.2 cut down on usage.
 Vista X3 DLP 88.0

 3100MP DLP 3.5 Dell is a newcomer to
 the projector market;
 the company intro-
 duced its first model
 earlier this year.

 SHOWlite 4000gv LCD 22.0 Digital Projection
 SHOWlite 3000sx LCD 22.0 offers ceiling mounts
 HIGHlite 4100gv DLP 95.0 with many of its
HIGHlite 6000Dsx DLP 95.0 models marketed to
THUNDER 10000Dsx DLP 185.0 education.

 Image Pro 8052 LCD 7.0 Most of the projectors
 Image Pro 8941 LCD 14.3 in Dukane's Image Pro
 Image Pro 9115 LCD 12.0 line are designed to be
 Image Pro 8945 LCD 45.2 lightweight, portable

 PowerLite 30c LCD 6.4 Epson introduced a
 PowerLite 51c LCD 6.8 line of new models in
 PowerLite 600p LCD 9.3 the PowerLite series
 PowerLite811p LCD 9.3 earlier this year.
 PowerLite 820p LCD 9.3 Those marketed to
 education are under
 10 pounds.

 LPF-4800 LCD 7.9 Projectors in the
 LPF-7700 LCD 17.2 Fujitsu line range
 from 780 to 2500 ANSI
 lumens. These are the
 two models marketed
 to higher ad.

 iPAQ MP1200 LCD 6.6 Long a player in the
 printing market, HP
 entered the projector
 market earlier this
 year with a family of

 CP-X327W LCD 6.0 Hitachi's models in-
 CP-430W LCD 9.9 clude vertical and
 CP-X990W LCD 14.0 horizontal keystone

 InFocus LP530 DLP 5.7 InFocus Education is
 Proxima DP6155 LCD 7.5 the company's special
 InFocus LP650 DLP 9.4 program that outlines
 InFocus LP790 LCD 13.2 products and serv-
 Proxima DP6860 LCD 14.1 ices to educational

 LX95 LCD 8.2 Lumens offers several
 LX136 LCD 15.0 portable projectors
 LM95 LCD 8.2 and larger models.
 LM136 LCD 15.0

 SL2 ColorView LCD 6.5 Mitsubishi has 12
 XL2 ColorView LCD 6.5 projectors in its
 XD20 Mini-Mits DLP 3.1 series, with these five
 XL30 ColorView LCD 13.0 models targeted for
 XL25 ColorView LCD 13.0 education.

 LT260 DLP 6.5 NEC's LT260 is a
 GT1150 LCD 22.0 wireless model.
 GT2150 LCD 22.0

 EzPro 730 DLP 3.0 Several Optoma
 EzPro 735 DLP 3.0 models feature digital
 EzPro 737 DLP 3.5 zoom capabilities.
 EzPro 750 DLP 6.4
 EzPro 753 DLP 6.4

 PT-LC55U LCD 6.0 Panasonic's
 PT-LC75U LCD 6.0 PT-L730NTU is a
 PT-L720U LCD 8.8 wireless model.
 PT-1730NTU LCD 8.8
 PT-L6510U LCD 30.0

 U2-813 DLP 5.0 PLUSVision's
 V-807 DLP 2.0 U2-X2000 has a chalk-
 U2-X1130 DLP 5.0 board application that
 U3-1100WZ DLP 3.0 allows instructors to
 U2-X2000 DLP 5.0 annotate projected

 PG-M25X DLP 5.8 Sharp's PG-M25X is a
 XG-C50X LCD 11.3 wireless model.
 XG-P25X LCD 21.4

 VPL-CS5 LCD 5.2 Sony's VPL-FE110
 VPL-CX5 LCD 5.2 Supersmart,
 VPL-PX11 LCD 10.3 VPL-FX50 Supersmart,
 VPL-PX15 LCD 11.1 and VPL-PX15
 VPL-PX32 LCD 15.9 SuperSmart are
 VPL-FX50 LCD 23.2 wireless models.
 VPL-FE110 LCD 75.1

 MP8749 LCD 7.0 3M offers education
 MP8790 LCD 12.6 pricing and grant

 TLP-S30U LCD 5.0 Toshiba's TLP-T501U
 TDP-P5-US DLP 2.4 is a wireless model.
 TLP-T501U LCD 9.0

 PJ551 LCD 5.4 ViewSonic's models
 PJ7065 LCD 14.0 feature "whisper
 mode" for quieter


Company Name Product (Model)

Christie Digital Systems GraphXMASTER RPMX-100U GraphXMASTER CX50-100U
 GraphXMASTER CX60-100U
 GraphXMASTER CS70-500Xe
 Wall Display Cube

Cornerstone Peripherals p2450
Technology c910 p1750

Dell E151FP UltraSharp 1702FP
 UltraSharp 1800FP
 UltraSharp 1900FP

Hewlett-Packard Compaq S7500 Compaq TFT1720
 Compaq TFT1520

Hitachi America CM721F CML152

Impression Products 7Plus Black CRT monitor 7V+ High Resolution CRT monitor
 9 Plus CRT monitor
 5LS TFT Color LCD monitor
 7LS LCD monitor

JVC Professional Products GD-V4210PZWA

Planar Systems PL150 PL150M

Sharp Electronics LC-10A3UB LC-15M4U

Sony Electronics PFM-32C1 PlasmaPro monitor PFM-4282 PlasmaPro monitor
 PFM-50C1 PlasmaPro monitor

ViewSonic VE155 E70f+SB

 Product (Model) List Price $

 GraphXMASTER RPMX-100U $14,995
 GraphXMASTER CX50-100U $15,995
 GraphXMASTER CX60-100U $16,995
 GraphXMASTER RPMS-500Xe $24,995
 GraphXMASTER CS70-500Xe $25,995
 Wall Display Cube

 p2450 $225
 c910 $249
 p1750 $499
 c1035 $499
 p1650 $745

 E151FP $349
 UltraSharp 1702FP $699
 UltraSharp 1800FP $799
 UltraSharp 1900FP $899
 UltraSharp2000FP $1,399

 Compaq S7500 $189
 Compaq TFT1720 $719
 Compaq TFT1520 $479

 CM721F $289
 CML152 $399
 CML174 $699
 CML181 $999
 CML190B $1,099

 7Plus Black CRT monitor $125
7V+ High Resolution CRT monitor $146
 9 Plus CRT monitor $186
 5LS TFT Color LCD monitor $352
 7LS LCD monitor $539

 GD-V4210PZWA $6,995

 PL150 $335
 PL150M $375
 PL160M $520
 PL170M $550
 PL180M $759

 LC-10A3UB $999
 LC-15M4U $1,795
 LC-20M4U $3,299
 LC-30HV2U $7,995

 PFM-32C1 PlasmaPro monitor $5,199
 PFM-4282 PlasmaPro monitor $6,499
 PFM-50C1 PlasmaPro monitor $10,499

 VE155 $379
 E70f+SB $175
 E90f+SB $259

 Product (Model) Size
 (inches, measured diag.)
 GraphXMASTER RPMX-100U 60
 GraphXMASTER CX50-100U 50
 GraphXMASTER CX60-100U 60
 GraphXMASTER RPMS-500Xe 120
 GraphXMASTER CS70-500Xe 70
 Wall Display Cube

 p2450 19
 c910 19
 p1750 22
 c1035 21
 p1650 21

 E151FP 15
 UltraSharp 1702FP 17
 UltraSharp 1800FP 18
 UltraSharp 1900FP 19
 UltraSharp2000FP 20

 Compaq S7500 17
 Compaq TFT1720 17
 Compaq TFT1520 16

 CM721F 19
 CML152 15
 CML174 17
 CML181 19
 CML190B 19

 7Plus Black CRT monitor 16.2
7V+ High Resolution CRT monitor 16
 9 Plus CRT monitor 18
 5LS TFT Color LCD monitor 15
 7LS LCD monitor 17

 GD-V4210PZWA 42

 PL150 15
 PL150M 15
 PL160M 16
 PL170M 17
 PL180M 18

 LC-10A3UB 10.4
 LC-15M4U 15
 LC-20M4U 19.7
 LC-30HV2U 29.5

 PFM-32C1 PlasmaPro monitor 32
 PFM-4282 PlasmaPro monitor 42
 PFM-50C1 PlasmaPro monitor 50

 VE155 15
 E70f+SB 17
 E90f+SB 19

 Product (Model) Display Type Resolution

 Wall Display Cube

 p2450 Flat Screen CRT SXGA
 c910 Traditional CRT SXGA
 p1750 Flat Screen CRT UXGA
 c1035 Traditional CRT UXGA
 p1650 Traditional CRT UXGA

 UltraSharp 1702FP LCD SXGA
 UltraSharp 1800FP LCD SXGA
 UltraSharp 1900FP LCD SXGA
 UltraSharp2000FP LCD UXGA

 Compaq S7500 Flat Screen CRT SXGA
 Compaq TFT1720 LCD SXGA
 Compaq TFT1520 LCD XGA

 CM721F Flat Screen CRT 1600 x 1200

 7Plus Black CRT monitor Traditional CRT SXGA
7V+ High Resolution CRT monitor Traditional CRT UXGA
 9 Plus CRT monitor Traditional CRT UXGA
 5LS TFT Color LCD monitor LCD XGA
 7LS LCD monitor LCD SXGA

 GD-V4210PZWA Plasma XGA



 PFM-32C1 PlasmaPro monitor Plasma 1024 x 852
 PFM-4282 PlasmaPro monitor Plasma 1024 x 1024
 PFM-50C1 PlasmaPro monitor Plasma 1024 x 1024

 E70f+SB Flat Screen CRT SXGA
 E90f+SB Flat Screen CRT SXGA

 Product (Model) Optimized for

 GraphXMASTER CX50-100U PC
 GraphXMASTER CX60-100U PC
 GraphXMASTER CS70-500Xe PC
 Wall Display Cube

 p2450 PC/Mac
 c910 PC/Mac
 p1750 PC/Mac
 c1035 PC/Mac
 p1650 PC/Mac

 E151FP PC
 UltraSharp 1702FP PC
 UltraSharp 1800FP PC
 UltraSharp 1900FP PC
 UltraSharp2000FP PC

 Compaq S7500 PC
 Compaq TFT1720 PC
 Compaq TFT1520 PC

 CM721F PC/Mac
 CML152 PC/Mac
 CML174 PC/Mac
 CML181 PC/Mac
 CML190B PC/Mac

 7Plus Black CRT monitor PC
7V+ High Resolution CRT monitor PC
 9 Plus CRT monitor PC
 5LS TFT Color LCD monitor PC
 7LS LCD monitor PC

 GD-V4210PZWA PC/Mac

 PL150 PC/Mac
 PL150M PC/Mac
 PL160M PC/Mac
 PL170M PC/Mac
 PL180M PC/Mac

 LC-15M4U PC
 LC-20M4U PC

 PFM-32C1 PlasmaPro monitor PC/Mac
 PFM-4282 PlasmaPro monitor PC/Mac
 PFM-50C1 PlasmaPro monitor PC/Mac

 VE155 PC/Mac
 E70f+SB PC/Mac
 E90f+SB PC/Mac

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