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Project management software.

Seattle-based construction software developer Dexter + Chancy unveiled a new release of its Spectrum Project Management software at the World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas, Feb. 5-8, 2013. Spectrum Project Management will be available as part of the suite of applications that comprises Dexter + Chaney's Spectrum Construction Software product line.

According to John Chancy, Dexter + Chancy president: "Spectrum Project Management represents a significant re-investment in the capabilities of our project management software. The goal was to create a powerful project management system that would be as useful in the field as it would be in the office--and we've succeeded."

A major reason for that success, Chancy explained, is the cloud computing technologies that the company employs. "Just like every other Spectrum application, Spectrum Project Management is 100 percent web-based," Chancy said. "Users simply launch a web browser from anywhere they're working to access the full features of the software."

The new software offers capabilities that typically require several software products to achieve. "Project management is not one task performed in one location," added Chancy. "Instead, it involves a continuous flow of work, data and documents that move from place to place and person to person. We've designed a complete system to help managers handle the work, the documents, the communication and the people that comprise complex construction projects."

Spectrum Project Management is the latest product to result from the company's commitment to construction operations. "The feedback we received from last year's release of Venture Project Collaboration Software was that Venture's workflow tracking and document control features were a real missing ingredient in existing project management solutions," said Mark Peltz, Dexter + Chancy product manager for Construction Operations Software. "By integrating these capabilities into Spectrum Project Management, we've created a new breed of PM software."

Dexter + Chaney,


* A powerful project management system that is as useful in the field as it is in the office.

* Spectrum Project Management is 100 percent web-based.

* A complete system to help managers handle work, documents, communication and people.


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Publication:Rock Products
Date:Apr 1, 2013
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