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Project is a case of black and white!

Byline: By Mike Cotton

n TRADITIONAL TECHNIQUES Studio development co-ordinator Brett Fletcher (left) looks through some of the photographic negatives with student Jim Taylor and (inset) work is carried under the red glow of the darkroom safelights

(523-1-06 and 523-2-06)

BUDDING photographers have a new base in Huddersfield.

A darkroom is now available for Huddersfield people to experiment with black and white photography.

The new facility is part of Winding On, a new community arts initiative funded by Huddersfield Pride, Neighbourhood Renewal Community Chest and Kirklees Community Support Services.

Brett Fletcher and Hayley Dolby are behind the project at Turnbridge Mills, Quay Street.

Mr Fletcher said: "The idea is to give people the opportunity to explore black and white photography in a world that is rapidly taking up digital photography.

"The darkroom offers a contrast to the digital medium, a more hands-on experience where you have ultimate control and can work on an image up close in the way you want."

He explained the aim is to reach out to all of Kirklees and those from all walks of life, but particularly hard to reach groups such as young people likely to offend, drug referral and mental health patients and those with physical and learning disabilities.

"Our five skilled tutors are trained and prepared for this these types of students" he said.

The open access dark room is based in the Winding Room Studios at the mill, behind the sports centre. A regular Wednesday evening dad's group has been running since mid-January and an Asian women's group and open Saturday morning club are being established.

Contact Winding Rooms on 01484 518479.
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Feb 10, 2006
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