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Project Phoenix: a visionary proposal for averting environmental disaster.

Two of the primary causes of the greenhouse effect that may threaten the earth's people are carbon dioxide and methane, both of which are byproducts of human beings' industrial and commercial activities.

Project Phoenix is the environmentpreserving vision of Illinois Institute of Technology professor Charles Owen.

Owen has pioneered a long-ranging systems approach to combat the greenhouse effect. In 1988, he produced an action plan for teams of design students to investigate. Work has continued independently since then and has resulted in the development of a computer-animated presentation of some of the concepts.

Project Phoenix is a two-part strategy aimed at reversing humanity's negative impacts on nature. The first part focuses on using space rather than the earth for energy purposes. All energy sources are removed from Earth and relocated to space. Solar energy is captured by solar panels orbiting the planet. Resources are recovered by mining the moon. Space-based factories produce the materials needed for space-based activities.

The second part of the strategy envisions revitalizing the planet and its protective atmosphere through such projects as floating mangrove islands, kelp beds, and gradual regreening of barren spaces.

The computer-generated illustrations here dramatize several aspects of this unique, environmentally advanced scheme. For more information, contact: illinois institute of Technology, Office of Public Relations, ITT Center, 3200 South Wabash, Chicago, illinois 60616-3793.

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Date:May 1, 1991
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