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D.C. Swamp Spreads Its Wings. Singleton, Marilyn M. Jan 1, 2020 788
SAVING AMERICA With SOCIALISM? "Progressives" claim that the best proof that socialism would work in this country to fix our problems with welfare, healthcare, and more is that socialism is already working here. Williamsen, Kurt; Byas, Steve Sep 2, 2019 4040
Young progressive Catholics do care about the church. Manson, Jamie L. Jun 28, 2019 1263
Progress and Return: Overcoming the Leftist Oligarchy: To fight tech-company censors and a cultural clerisy, the right must cultivate the mindset of the legislator, not just the conservative. Ellmers, Glenn Essay Jun 22, 2019 4616
Moral Beliefs Concerning Gender Equality and Progressivism. Clark, C. Brendan; Akao, Karen A.; Bahner, Carly A.; Siriwardana, Prabashini Report Jun 1, 2019 4591
Influence of Cognitive Empathy on Progressivism. Clark, C. Brendan; Hayes, Charles; Armstrong, Jacob D.; Kriz, Kenneth A. Report Mar 1, 2019 6760
No Progress from the Progressives. Kimball, Roger Mar 1, 2019 2931
A progressive wave? Vieth, Peter Jan 14, 2019 1183
THE PRAGMATIC PROGRESSIVES. Wraga, William G. Jan 1, 2019 7378
Transparency's Ideological Drift. Pozen, David E. Oct 1, 2018 30430
PROGRESSIVE GENETIC OWNERSHIP. Roberts, Jessica L. Jan 1, 2018 31887
ARTICLE 2 TEACHING THE "SCIENCE" OF CHARACTER: The Modernist Impulse and Progressive Approaches to Reforming Moral Education in the United States in the Early Twentieth Century. Gunn, Dennis Report Jan 1, 2018 6964
Where next for progressive politics: Reframing the fight against inequality. Fahnbulleh, Miatta Essay Jun 22, 2017 1660
No factions in foxholes: confronted by the crisis that is the trump presidency American progressives have overcome identity polities' barriers and joined up in mutual defense. Graff, E.J. Essay Mar 22, 2017 3810
Regional inequality, regional policy and progressive regionalism: the fourth instalment of the Soundings futures series looks at regional policy. MacKinnon, Danny Mar 22, 2017 6223
The threat to liberty. Hayward, Steven F. Dec 22, 2016 4821
Is there a socialist strategy in front of us? Moving beyond social democracy. Martell, George Sep 22, 2016 7534
Progressive politics after Bernie. Meyerson, Harold Sep 22, 2016 4099
Review Essay: Exposing the Paradoxes of Progressivism. Schansberg, D. Eric Critical essay Sep 22, 2016 5779
Wales, the Corbyn surge, and the direction of the democratic left: a roundtable discussion with Gideon Calder, David Marquand, Leanne Wood and Neal Lawson. Jun 22, 2016 4043
Scotland and alternatives to neoliberalism: roundtable discussion with Neil Davidson, Satnam Virdee, Jenny Morrison and Gerry Mooney. Featherstone, Dave; Karaliotas, Lazaros Jun 22, 2016 6888
Libel: Warren Harding was our worst president: President Warren Harding is often condemned by historians as a corrupt, incompetent president--odd for a man who was respected and praised for honesty while alive. Byas, Steve Jan 19, 2015 4761
Why a second progressive era is emerging--and how not to blow it. Glastris, Paul Editorial Jan 1, 2015 1516
The time is now to rescue the American idea. Ryan, Paul Nov 1, 2014 3065
Why liberals will not stop destroying civilization: liberalism is not an ideology, rather it is a process of continual change, so it does not seek an idealized vision of the world. It seeks only to undo social norms, to our detriment. Duke, Selwyn Oct 20, 2014 3091
What Clinton could learn from Warren: a more insurgent campaign, like the one Elizabeth Warren waged for the senate, could make Hillary Clinton a stronger candidate. Kuttner, Robert Sep 1, 2014 4346
Charles Beard & progressive legal historiography. White, G. Edward Jun 22, 2014 6852
John Adams vs. Edmund Burke. Samuelson, Richard Essay Jun 22, 2014 5113
The democratic strategist presents a roundtable on progressives and the white working class. Kilgore, Ed; Levison, Andrew Excerpt Jun 1, 2014 1577
From progressivism to modern liberalism: Louis D. Brandeis as a transitional figure in constitutional law. Bernstein, David E. May 1, 2014 11012
The decline of legal classicism and the evolution of New Deal constitutionalism. Olken, Samuel R. May 1, 2014 20914
Dealing with the world as it is: reimagining collective international responsibility. Gassama, Ibrahim J. Dec 22, 2013 7240
Dealing with the world as it is: reimagining collective international responsibility. Gassama, Ibrahim J. Dec 22, 2013 20326
The evolution of Roosevelt's rhetorical legacy: presidential rhetoric about rights in domestic and foreign affairs, 1933-2011. Rhodes, Jesse H. Report Sep 1, 2013 15173
Progressives love guns. Krey, Patrick Brief article Apr 1, 2013 206
Obama's running room--and ours: with Republicans divided, the president could open up space to move progressive policies. First, the progressive community needs to move him. Kuttner, Robert Jan 1, 2013 5096
A strategic plan for liberals: 41 years after the Powell Memo inspired the rise of the conservative infrastructure, what's the road map for a progressive future? Hacker, Jacob S.; Pierson, Paul; Podesta, John; Cantor, Daniel; Thigpenn, Anthony; Cohen, Larry; Gre Essay Nov 1, 2012 16612
Liberal sins. Reeb, Richard Sep 22, 2012 569
Flannery O'Conner and progressive education: experiences and impressions of an American author. Beineke, John A. Essay Jan 1, 2012 7751
Right-wing judicial activism? Arrington, Barry K.; Epstein, Richard A. Dec 22, 2011 1684
Debt: the Shame of cities and states. Keller, Morton Essay Oct 1, 2011 4221
Introductory sketch to the analytics and pragmatism of American progressivism. Gherasim, Gabriel Report Sep 1, 2011 7660
Administrative law in the 1930s: the Supreme Court's accommodation of progressive legal theory. Tushnet, Mark V. Apr 1, 2011 29780
Canadian political science: missing in action? A practitioner wonders why the progressive side of the discipline has gone mute. Bashevkin, Sylvia Essay Dec 1, 2010 2385
Glenn Beck's revisionism: how the Fox News pundit distorts the progressive legacy. Gottfried, Paul Dec 1, 2010 2092
On progressive populism. Kuttner, Robert Oct 1, 2010 765
Writing programs and the working (classes) of progressivism. Feigenbaum, Paul Sep 22, 2010 3402
A Czar is born. Postell, Joseph Essay Sep 22, 2010 4701
What comes after New Labour? New Labour was one response to the weaknesses of labourism. Is there a better one? Hassan, Gerry Report Jun 22, 2010 4458
Don't fence me in. Uhlmann, Michael M. Essay Jun 22, 2010 4677
From "porous" to "ruthless" conscription, 1776-1917. Henderson, David R. Report Mar 22, 2010 5223
System failure. Mar 22, 2010 536

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