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Progressive Investor Releases Report on Micro Fuel Cells.

Progressive Investor, a monthly electronic newsletter produced by, recently announced the release of a new report titled "Micro Fuel Cells: The First Wave of Fuel Cell Commercialization" which maintains that "the first introduction of fuel cells on a massive scale will not be in cars, small handheld devices like cell phones, digital cameras and laptop computers...."

"It's ironic that fuel cells make their big debut as a result of this consumption-driven ethos," said Progressive Investor editor and president Rona Fried. "Yet, this is one of the few cases where an environmentally responsible product is being 'pulled' by demands from the marketplace."

According to Progressive Investor, the report provides a "succinct overview of the industry, the main players, what sets them apart from each other and the challenges they face, and what to expect going forward."

Progressive Investor also noted that the report, which includes sections titled "The Micro Fuel Cell Landscape," "Meet the Companies," "Partner Conversation: The Experts' View on Micro Fuel Cells" and "Venture Capitals' View of Micro Fuel Cells," covers small public companies, the role of the multinational electronics companies and the venture capital view of the sector.

Contact: Rona Fried,, phone 631-423-3277, e-mail

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Publication:Fuel Cells Today
Date:Mar 5, 2004
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