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Progress in environmental microbiology.


Progress in environmental microbiology.

Ed. by Myung-Bo Kim.

Nova Science Publishers


260 pages




This book begins with two brief commentaries on the complex ecology of microbial biofilm communities in the drinking water supply system by Zietz (hygiene and environmental health, U. of Gottingen, Germany), and on how a network study of interspecies relationship will open new aspects of microbial ecology, written by Haruta and Igarashi (agriculture and life sciences, U. of Tokyo). The remainder of the book contains review and research articles from scholars from Europe, Asia, and South America on topics such as mixtures of microorganisms in biocontrol, fluorescence in situ hybridization in aquatic bacteria, and improving fecal coliform removal and maturation ponds. This title is written entirely in English but contains editorial problems throughout; the academic credentials of the editor are not provided.

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Date:Jun 1, 2008
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