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Articles from Progress in Physics (October 1, 2018)

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Elimination of Anomalies Reported for b [right arrow] sll and b [right arrow] cl[[bar.v].sub.l] Semi-Leptonic Decay Ratios R(K,K*) and R(D,D*) when the Lepton Families Represent Discrete Symmetry Binary Subgroups 2T, 2O, 2I of SU(2). Potter, Franklin 2858
Janus Cosmological Model and the Fluctuations of the CMB. Petit, Jean-Pierre 2592
On the Acceleration of Free Fall inside Polyhedral Structures. Muller, Hartmut; Angeli, Renata; Baccara, Roberta; Contenti, Flavia; Hofmann, Rose Line; Muratori, S 4780
On the Anomalous Electronic Heat Capacity [gamma]-Coefficient. Nyambuya, G.G. 3213
On the Nature and Values of the Gravitational and Cosmological Constants. Belyakov, Anatoly V. 2292
On the Speed of Light and the Continuity of Physical Vacuum. Belyakov, Anatoly V. 1629
On the Supersymmetry Realization of Involving [[beta].sup.+]-Orthopositronium. Phenomenology. Levin, Boris M. 1737
QED Mass Renormalization, Vacuum Polarization and Self-Energies in the Elastodynamics of the Spacetime Continuum (STCED). Millette, Pierre A. 3840
The Dirac Electron and Its Propagator as Viewed in the Planck Vacuum Theory. Daywitt, William C. 1470
The Helicon: A New Preon Model. Consa, Oliver 3968
The Nature of the Electron and Proton as Viewed in the Planck Vacuum Theory. Daywitt, William C. 1332
Theory of Anomalous Magnetic Moment and Lamb Shift of Extended Electron in Stochastic Electrodynamics. Kundeti, Muralidhar; Rajendra, Prasad M.B. 5013
Unfalsifiable Conjectures in Mathematics. Feinstein, Craig Alan 882

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