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Articles from Progress in Physics (January 1, 2016)

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A classical model of the photon. Weng, Shixing Report 4665
A non-anthropic solution to the cosmological constant problem. Spivey, Robin James Report 12411
Determination of the neutrino mass. Belyakov, Anatoly V. Report 4225
Further insight relative to cavity radiation III: Gedanken experiments, irreversibility, and Kirchhoff's law. Robitaille, Pierre-Marie Report 2684
Mansouri-Sexl test theory: the question of equivalence between special relativity and ether theories. Rybicki, Maciej Report 2534
On an apparent resolution of the Catt Question. Crothers, Stephen J. Report 1403
On the absorber in gravitation. Consiglio, Jacques Report 5139
On the deviation of the standard model predictions in the large Hadron Collider experiments. Belyakov, Anatoly V. Report 1066
On the nature of the magnetic field of the earth and other planets. Danilov, Vladimir Report 6012
Power-law scaling of the impact crater size-frequency distribution on Pluto: a preliminary analysis based on first images from New Horizons' flyby. Scholkmann, Felix Report 2714
Schrodinger equation for a half spin electron in a time dependent magnetic field. Hafeez, Hafeez Y.; Chifu, E.N.; Musa, Ibrahim M. Report 2151
Standard model particles from split octonions. Gogberashvili, Merab Report 2885
The impact crater size-frequency distribution on Pluto follows a truncated Pareto distribution: results from a first data set based on the recent New Horizons' flyby. Zaninetti, Lorenzo; Scholkmann, Felix Report 1057
The Roland De Witte Experiment, R. T. Cahill, and the one-way speed of light. Catania, Joseph Report 943
Type Ia supernovae progenitor problem and the variation of fundamental constants. Rybicki, Maciej Report 11662
Update on Pluto and its 5 moons obeying the quantization of angular momentum per unit mass constraint of quantum celestial mechanics. Potter, Franklin Report 2342
X-ray flares from Sagittarius A* and black hole universe. Zhang, T.X.; Wilson, C.; Schamschula, M.P. Report 5026

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