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Articles from Progress in Physics (January 1, 2014)

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[DELTA]I=2 nuclear staggering in superdeformed rotational bands. Okasha, Madiha D. Report 2427
Book review: " Inside Stars. A Theory of the Internal Constitution of Stars, and the Sources of Stellar Energy According to General Relativity". Millette, Pierre A. Book review 1185
Dynamical 3-space: observing gravitational wave fluctuations and the Shnoll effect using a Zener diode quantum detector. Rothall, David P.; Cahill, Reginald T. Report 1528
Exogenous mechanism of the time sensor of biological clock. Akhmedov, Takhir R. Report 2353
Florentin Smarandache: a celebration. Rabounski, Dmitri Report 1552
Flow of viscous fluid between two parallel porous plates with bottom injection and top suction. Hafeez, Hafeez Y.; Ndikilar, Chifu E. Report 1246
Further insight relative to cavity radiation: a thought experiment refuting Kirchhoff's law. Robitaille, Pierre-Marie Report 2390
Kepler-47 circumbinary planets obey quantization of angular momentum per unit mass predicted by Quantum Celestial Mechanics (QCM). Potter, Franklin Report 1042
Lorentzian type force on a charge at rest. Zelsacher, Rudolf Report 1946
Mass-radius relations of Z and Higgs-like bosons. Lehnert, Bo Report 2260
Nuclear potential energy surfaces and critical point symmetries within the geometric collective model. Khalaf, A.M.; Aly, H.F.; Zaki, A.A.; Ismail, A.M. Report 2556
Observed gravitational wave effects: Amaldi 1980 Frascati-Rome classical bar detectors, 2013 Perth-London zener-diode quantum detectors, earth oscillation mode frequencies. Cahill, Reginald T. Report 1552
On some general regularities of formation of the planetary systems. Belyakov, Anatoly V. Report 4845
On the effect of lengthening circadian rhythm by heavy water. Akhmedov, Takhir R. Report 598
Orbits in homogeneous time varying spherical spacetime. Ndikilar, Chifu E. Report 1850
Reexamination of nuclear shape transitions in gadolinium and dysprosium isotopes chains by using the geometric collective model. Khalaf, A.M.; Aly, H.F.; Zaki, A.A.; Ismail, A.M. Report 2548
The liquid metallic hydrogen model of the sun and the solar atmosphere VIII. 'Futile' processes in the chromosphere. Robitaille, Joseph Luc; Robitaille, Pierre-Marie Report 1555

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