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Articles from Progress in Physics (January 1, 2010)

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"The arrow of time" in the experiments in which alpha-activity was measured using collimators directed at East and West. Shnoll, Simon E.; Rubinstein, Ilya A.; Vedenkin, Nikolai N. 1921
A new paradigm: from quantum fields to the Planck vacuum. Daywitt, William C. 932
An Einstein-Cartan fine structure constant definition. Stone, Robert A., Jr. 805
Coordinate transformations and metric extension: a rebuttal to the relativistic claims of Stephen J. Crothers. Sharples, Jason J. 4636
Dynamical 3-space predicts hotter early universe: resolves CMB-BBN [sup.7]Li and [sup.4]He abundance anomalies. Cahill, Reginald T. 3581
Dynamics of particles in non scaling fixed field alternating gradient accelerators. Jones, James K.; Muratori, Bruno D.; Smith, Susan L.; Tzenov, Stephan I. 6599
Fractal scaling models of natural oscillations in chain systems and the mass distribution of the celestial bodies in the solar system. Muller, Hartmut 3189
From inspired guess to physical theory: finding a theory of gravitation. Wagener, Pieter 2445
Is fundamental particle mass 4[pi] quantized? Stone, Robert A., Jr. 2520
Major gravitational phenomena explained by the micro-quanta paradigm. Michelini, Maurizio 8712
New ideas for the extra dimensions and for deriving the basic laws of physics. Rabeh, Riadh H. Al 7188
On a formalization of Cantor set theory for natural models of the physical phenomena. Nudel'man, Alexander S. 2023
On Crothers' assessment of the Kruskal-Szekeres "extension". Bruchholz, Ulrich E. 460
On some new ideas in hadron physics. Smarandache, Florentin; Christianto, Vic 1632
Resolving inconsistencies in de Broglie's relation. Wagener, Pieter 2151
Solving many point particle interactions using the Kepler route. Rabeh, Riadh H. Al 2389
The Kruskal-Szekeres "extension": counter-examples. Crothers, Stephen J. 3896
Two-world background of special relativity. Part I. Adekugbe, Akindele O.J. 16452
Two-world background of special relativity. part II. Adekugbe, Akindele O.J. 11146
Valery N. Smirnov (1939-2009) and his detector. Panchelyuga, Victor A. 479

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