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Articles from Progress in Physics (July 1, 2007)

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A study of a local time effect on moving sources of fluctuations. Panchelyuga, Victor A.; Shnoll, Simon E. Report 1337
A theory of the Podkletnov effect based on general relativity: anti-gravity force due to the perturbed non-holonomic background of space. Rabounski, Dmitri; Borissova, Larissa 17263
Comment on "Single Photon Experiments and Quantum Complementarity" by D. Georgiev. Unruh, William G. Report 785
Comment on the "Declaration of the Academic Freedom" by D. Rabounski. Apostol, Marian 3581
Declaratie asupra Libertatii Academice (Drepturile Omului in Domeniul Stiintific). 5751
Exact mapping of quantum waves between Unruh's and Afshar's setup (reply to W. Unruh). Georgiev, Danko Dimchev 5449
Funnel's fluctuations in dyonic case: intersecting D1-D3 branes. Douari, Jamila; Ali, Arafa H. 4357
Is classical statistical mechanics self-consistent? (A paper in honour of C. F. von Weizs acker, 1912-2007). Enders, Peter 3412
On the dependence of a local-time effect on spatial direction. Panchelyuga, Victor A.; Shnoll, Simon E. 2258
On the earth microwave background: absorption and scattering by the atmosphere. Robitaille, Pierre-Marie 1188
On the possibility of nuclear synthesis during orthopositronium formation by [[beta].sup.+]-decay positrons in deuterium. Kotov, Boris A.; Levin, Boris M.; Sokolov, Vladimir I. 2234
Phase-variation enhancement on deuteron elastic scattering from nuclei at intermediate energies. Shalaby, A.S.; El-Gogary, M.M.H. 5268
Reply to "notes on pioneer anomaly explanation by satellite-shift formula of quaternion relativity". Christianto, Vic; Smarandache, Florentin 1882
The Algebraic Rainich conditions. Franca, Jose Hector Caltenco; Lopez-Bonilla, Jose Luis; Pena-Rivero, Raul 730
The spacetime structure of Open Quantum Relativity. Basini, Giuseppe; Capozziello, Salvatore 4897
Yang-Mills field from quaternion space geometry, and its Klein-Gordon representation. Yefremov, Alexander; Smarandache, Florentin; Christianto, Vic 6847
Zelmanov's Anthropic Principle and Torah. Feinstein, Betzalel Avraham 649

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