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Articles from Progress in Health Sciences (June 1, 2017)

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AIDS and nutrition in patients. Kourkouta, L.; Monios, A.; Mihalache, A.; Iliadis, Ch.; Ouzounakis, P.; Dimitriadou, A. Report 3068
Analysis of biofilm production in Enterococcus faecium strains depending on clinical source. Sienko, A.; Wieczorek, P.; Majewski, P.; Sacha, P.; Wieczorek, A.; Ojdana, D.; Tryniszewska, E. Report 4517
Clinical and videocapillaroscopic features and serum concentration of nitric oxide in patients with Raynaud's phenomenon after Multiwave Locked System laser therapy. Kuryliszyn-Moskal, A.; Kita, J.; Hryniewicz, A. Report 5458
Drug susceptibility of Candida isolated from the surfaces of mobile phones and hands. Kordecka, A.; Krajewska-Kulak, E.; Lukaszuk, C.; Kraszynski, M.; Kraszynska, B. Report 5046
Effects of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor therapy for osteogenesis imperfecta: a case report. Paszko-Patej, G.; Sienkiewicz, D.; Kulak, W.; Okurowska-Zawada, B.; Wojtkowski, J.; Kalinowska, A.; Case study 2392
Effects of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor treatment in children and patients with cerebral palsy: a preliminary report. Paszko-Patej, G.; Kulak, W.; Okurowska-Zawada, B.; Sienkiewicz, D.; Wojtkowski, J.; Sochon, K.; Kali Report 2847
Effects of religious beliefs on the assessment of nurses' work in the perception of patients, nursing students and nurses. Lankau, A.; Krajewska-Kulak, E.; Bejda, G.; Guzowski, A.; Baranowska, A.; Cybulski, M. 6172
Efficacy of Lepidium sativum to act as an anti-diabetic agent. Mishra, N.; Mohammed, A.; Rizvi, S.I. Report 4290
Energy expenditure and nutrition status of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance students. Rossiou, D.; Papadopoulou, S.; Pagkalos, I.; Kokkinopoulou, A.; Petridis, D.; Hassapidou, M. Report 5209
Enzymatic activity and biotypes of Candida fungi isolated from the surfaces of mobile phones and hands. Kordecka, A.; Krajewska-Kulak, E.; Lukaszuk, C.; Kraszynski, M.; Kraszynska, B. Report 9246
Epidemiology of burns in hospitalized children from the Western Pomerania region in Poland in 1985-2010. Brodzinska, B.; Czaja-Bulsa, G.; Marasz, A.; Musial, B. Medical condition overview 4078
Ergonomic evaluation of physiological stress of building construction workers associated with manual material handling tasks. Saha, P.; Basu, B.; Devashish Sen, D. Report 3467
Examination of nursing students' attitudes towards environmental problems. Beser, A.; Bahar, Z.; Arkan, G.; Cal, A.; Yesiltepe, A. Report 4850
Genetic similarities of Escherichia coli isolated from hospitalized patients. Zorawski, M.J.; Dudzik, D.; Musialowska, D. Report 3429
Giant lipoma of the face and neck--a case report. Bortnik, P.; Borys, J.; Zaleski, P.; Stankevich, A.; Tryniszewska, E.; Wieczorek, P. Case study 2337
Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor potential use in the treatment of children with cerebral palsy. Paszko-Patej, G.; Sienkiewicz, D.; Okurowska-Zawada, B.; Kulak, W. Report 2523
Herpes simplex encephalitis--diagnostic imaging. Tyrakowska-Dadeilo, Z.; Kulakowska, A.; Zajkowska, J.; Pancewicz, Sl.; Tarasow, E. Report 4757
In vitro anti-Candida albicans activity of new thiatriazole derivative agents. Lukaszuk, C.R.; Niewiadomy, A. 5414
Long bone fractures in children and adolescents treated surgically in West Pomeranian Voivodeship in 2005-2014. Kaminski, A.; Dzik, M.; Koiban, M.; Szwed, A.; Bilnicki, T. Report 3880
Matrix metalloproteinases in urinary system tumors. Part II - Matrix metalloproteinases in urinary bladder carcinoma. Mlynarczyk, G.; Kudelski, J.; Darewicz, B.; Galewska, Z.; Romanowicz, L. Report 3666
Matrix metalloproteinases in urinary system tumours. Part I - Matrix metalloproteinases in renal cell carcinoma. Mlynarczyk, G.; Kudelski, J.; Darewicz, B.; Galewska, Z.; Romanowicz, L. Report 4872
Selected nutritional behaviors and physical activity among elementary school children. Zalewska, M.; Zubrycki, A.; Sosnowski, Zenon; Jamiolkowski, J.; Zakrzewski, M.; Maciorkowska, E. Report 3963
Snacking in children according to age. Pac, P.; Gladka, A.; Maciorkowska, M.; Zalewska, M.; Musialowski, P.; Zakrzewski, M.; Maciorkowska, 3844
Stem cells are the hope of modern stomatology. Gabiec, K.; Wyrzykowska, K.; Dabrowska, Z.; Antoniak, M.; Dabrowska, E. Report 4896
Using proton-pump inhibitors among hemodialysis patients - single academic dialysis center's preliminary experience. Rakowska, M.; Brzosko, S.; Dabrowska, E.; Jablonska, E.; Szczykowska, J.; Prusator, P.; Kwasniewska, Report 2866
Venous Thromboembolism Audit; where are we now and how can we improve? Woodward-Stammers, E.; Ponto, M. Report 4814
Wombs for rent, outsoursed pregnancies, baby farms - ethics and surrogate motherhood. Bagan-Kurluta, K. Report 4542

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