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Articles from Progress in Health Sciences (December 1, 2015)

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A comparative assessment of minors' competence to consent to treatment in Polish and English law. Bagan-Kurluta, K.; Drozdowska, U. 8304
A rare case of severe cognitive impairment which prolonged after first lacunar infarct in right internal capsule. Katayama, M.; Shimizu, Y.; Fukunaga, R. Report 1835
Aggression in children and adolescents in rural Poland--where to look for the cause? Malesinska, M.; Lewko, J.; Roszko-Kirpsza, I.; Marcinkiewicz, S.; Olejnik, B.J.; Maciorkowska, E. Report 5232
Aligning executive incentives with global public health goals. Pearce, J.M.; Denkenberger, D.C. Report 4422
Analysis of fungal pathogens in the environment of Branicki Palace in Bialystok, Poland. Lukaszuk, C.R.; Zaremba, K.P. Report 5089
Anaphylaxis during peri-anesthetic period--review of research. Dabrowski, S.; Medrzycka-Dabrowska, W.; Wojtaszek, M. Report 2899
Barriers to ocular tissue donation in acute clinical settings. Prous, M.; Ponto, M. Report 4269
Current aspects in postoperative cognitive dysfunctions, including otolaryngological procedures. Rogowska, A.; Wygnat, N.; Simonienko, K.; Kwiatkowski, M.; Kuryga, D. Report 4274
Denticles. A literature review. Kisiel, M.; Laszewicz, J.; Fratczak, P.; Dabrowska, B.; Pietruska, M.; Dabrowska, E. Report 2577
Evaluation of occlusion and orthodontic needs of thirteen-year-old children from Podlaskie voivodeship. Dargiewicz, E.; Szarmach, I.; Kaczynska, J.; Buczko, P. Report 5061
Female genital mutilation in light of Polish criminal law. Banasik, K. 10511
How dose walking exercise affect serum lipids in underweight female adults? Habibzadeh, N. Report 2121
Influence of exposure to patient aggression and professional experience on the psychological condition of various groups of healthcare workers. Kowalczuk, K.; Klimaszewska, K.; Krajewska-Kulak, E. Report 2972
Lipid peroxidation and antioxidant protection in patients with papulopustular rosacea. Khvoryk, D.; Yarmolik, A. Report 4716
Neuromobilization and kinesiotaping as modern methods used in physiotherapy. Galczyk, M.; Van Damme--Ostapowicz, K. Report 2284
Nutrition and peritoneal dialysis patients--a review. Kourkouta, L.; Monios, A.; Frantzana, E.; Iliadis, Ch. Report 3474
Obesity and its impact on the course of anesthesia. Janczuk, K.; Slifirczyk, A.; Krukowska, M.; Kowalenko, M. Clinical report 3718
On carriage, trauma and the odd occurrence. Ohry, A. 1565
Pathological external resorption caused by impacted tooth. Dryl, D.; Stowik-Sutkowski, M.; Szarmach, J.; Karaszewski, J.; Stankiewicz, A. Report 1998
Perception of the elderly by junior high school students and university students in Poland. Cybulski, M.; Krajewska-Kulak, E.; Jamiolkowski, J. Report 3294
Physical activity of students from selected countries. Studies review. Bergier, M. Report 2542
Predictive roles of coping and resilience for the perceived stress in nurses. Mroz, J. Report 4473
Preferred patient behaviours related to health. Moczydlowska, A.; Krajewska-Kulak, E.; Kozka, M.; Bielski, K. Report 8853
Psychological, physical, and social situation of patients with Hodgkin lymphoma undergoing radical chemoradiotherapy. Hempel, D.; Politynska, B.; Danilewicz, A.; Sierko, E.; Wojtukiewicz, M.Z. Report 4572
Role of quality in healthcare service provision process. Olkiewicz, M.; Bober, B. Report 7548
Suicide probability in university students. Ozel, Y.; Turkles, S.; Erdogan, S. Report 5794
Television as a source of information on health and illness--review of benefits and problems. Burzynska, J.; Binkowska-Bury, M.; Januszewicz, P. Report 8155
The anxiety levels in polish hospital nurses experiencing various emotional disturbances. Zuralska, J.S.; Anand, J.S.; Mziray, M.; Schetz, D. Report 4073
The clinical importance of Helicobacter pylori antigens detected in the dental plaque and feces. Namiot, A.; Leszczynska, K.; Namiot, D.B.; Bucki, R.; Kemona, A.; Chilewicz, M.; Namiot, Z. Report 3161
The extent and manner of passing the information concerning the surgical implantation of cells, tissues or organs to the recipient of the transplant under the Polish law. Huzarska, D.; Huzarska, J. Report 5924
The physiological impact of physical activity on psychological stress. Habibzadeh, N. Report 2129
The quality of life of women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome. Stadnicka, G.; Lepecka-Klusek, C.; Kulesza-Bronczyk, B.; Pilewska-Kozak, A.B. Report 5031
Variety of food intake measured with Food Intake Variety Questionnaire (FIVeQ) and nutritional status of Polish adolescents aged 13-15 years. Jaroch, A.; Nowak, D.; Kedziora-Kornatowska, K. Report 7610

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