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Progress Software Database Shines During Largest Blackout in History, Sheltering Users from Data Loss.

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BEDFORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 22, 2003

Progress Database Users Experience No Downtime or Data Corruption While Power Outages Affect Millions Across North America

The Progress Company, a business unit of Progress Software Corporation (Nasdaq: PRGS) and a leading supplier of technology for building the world's best business applications, announced today that regional Progress customers reported no damage to their databases during last week's massive power outage. The blackout left an estimated 50 million people from New England to Michigan and into parts of Canada without power, and caused major disruptions for businesses heavily reliant on computers for day-to-day operations. Progress Software is known for its "bullet-proof" database and low-maintenance technology, which is crucial to the success of more than 50,000 both large and mid-sized businesses in more than 140,000 sites. Last week's regional power outage validated the importance of these database priorities when disruptions challenge business continuity.

"The Progress(R) RDBMS is a very robust relational database used by companies with complex business needs in over 100 countries around the world and accessed by millions of users," said David Ireland, president of the Progress Company. "On the Progress E-Mail Group, a discussion forum for Progress developers also known as the PEG, the recent power outage sparked comments and praise for the database's reliability. The technology just works--in a tremendous range of business environments. The Progress database handles system crashes, power outages and the occasional natural disaster with aplomb."

"We did not receive a single technical support call from our Northeast customers as a result of the blackouts," said Rick Borg, senior vice president and general manager of Epicor's Manufacturing Solutions Group, which boasts more than 6,000 customers. "They were able to easily bring their databases back up with no corruption to their data. This just further confirms that we have made the right technology choice for our customers. We plan to continue to work with Progress on other ways we can help our customers safeguard their businesses against these types of events."

One PEG member wrote in from a chain of distributed pharmacies located in Northern Ohio that was affected when the power grid failed to deliver the necessary electricity to keep computer systems up and running. Through a combination of forward thinking and solid technology, the pharmacies were able to ensure that their systems would be fully functional once the power was restored both at corporate headquarters and store branches. In the corporate office as well as the 48 pharmacy locations throughout the state, no errors or residual problems with the Progress Software database were reported.

"Once power was restored to the Albany location, our IT teams were brought in to bring all systems back on-line. Our 164 Progress DBs were brought up and verified to be in good shape," said Roberta Schilhabel, UNIX administrator at Albany International, a producer of paper machine clothing and high-performance doors.

Another Progress developer wrote, "Blackout? A non-event from an IT standpoint. However, we test for complete power outages (no generators) about four times a year. The systems fail-over, crash recover and startup unattended. Not bad for 100+ Progress databases."

Long-known for its low total cost of ownership, flexibility and reliability, the Progress OpenEdge(TM) platform is popular both in large enterprises, such as DaimlerChrysler and Kaiser Permanente, where efficiency has been established as a high priority, as well as with medium-sized businesses between 100 and 1,000 employees, such as Bell Automotive and Hudson City Savings Bank, where IT efficiency is a necessity. The cornerstone of OpenEdge(TM) is its high-performance embedded database. The platform also includes application servers, data servers, a fully integrated application development environment and framework, Internet-ready messaging, and enterprise-class application management. More than 2,000 global Application Partners sell Progress-based solutions to the Fortune 100 and mid-market companies.

Affordable Business Continuity for Progress Customers Goal of Fathom(TM) Technologies and Partnership

To further strengthen business continuity capabilities, Progress has enhanced replication and added cluster support through its Fathom(TM) product set. Progress also recently entered into a new business continuity service integrating NaviSite, Inc., a leading provider of manage application, infrastructure and messaging services, and the Progress Fathom product line. The Progress Company's Fathom technology for automated, guaranteed, real-time failover and data recovery is paired with NaviSite A-Services, a line of advanced managed hosting and application services, to provide end users and Progress Application Partners a hot-stand by service with near real-time data recovery.

"These integrated services traditionally are prohibitively priced for most businesses at three times the cost of the Progress/NaviSite offering," said Ireland. "This service was specifically designed for the Progress Company's Application Partners and Progress enterprise end users, and is expected to appeal to a wide spectrum of businesses, especially following incidents such as the recent power outage."

PeerDirect Provides Built-in Redundancy for the Distributed Enterprise

Another new initiative that addresses business continuity, PeerDirect, an operating company of Progress Software Corporation, provides its customers with an added layer of business continuity insurance by automatically replicating, distributing and synchronizing their corporate data across multiple locations. PeerDirect's flagship product suite, PeerDirect(TM) Distributed Enterprise, enables companies to seamlessly and economically distribute their data and applications throughout the organization, irrespective of geographical distance or heterogeneous database platforms.

"PeerDirect Distributed Enterprise allows organizations to distribute databases and applications across an enterprise, so employees are no longer dependent upon centralized systems for critical computing functions. The result is an inherent resiliency, providing a unique approach to business continuity and disaster recovery," said Lorne Cooper, president of PeerDirect. "Using PeerDirect Distributed Enterprise, companies affected by the blackout literally had to do nothing to restore their corporate databases. More importantly, our customers with offices outside the blackout areas were not affected by temporary loss of access to their centralized systems."

About PeerDirect

PeerDirect Corporation is a leading supplier of advanced, patented technology for distributed application and database deployment and management. The company's flagship product suite, PeerDirect(TM) Distributed Enterprise, allows companies to centrally manage distributed applications with fully synchronized databases deployed across widely distributed locations and mobile users. PeerDirect Distributed Enterprise accomplishes this with a core technology that replicates, distributes and synchronizes data across multiple locations, giving customers more responsive and reliable applications with less dependency on network connectivity to a central data center. Based in Bedford, Mass., with additional development operations in Toronto, PeerDirect Corporation is an operating company of Progress Software Corporation (Nasdaq: PRGS) and provides customers with a comprehensive range of enterprise technical support, consulting and training for PeerDirect products. More information on PeerDirect can be found at, or by calling +1-781-280-4080.

About the Progress Company

The Progress Company simplifies the development, deployment, integration, and management of the world's best business applications. Progress and its 2,000 Application Partners offer more than 5,000 Progress-based business applications that precisely fit customer needs and deliver competitive advantage. Customers purchase more than $5 billion annually in cost-effective software and services from Progress and its partners.

Progress(R) OpenEdge(TM) platform enables its partners to deliver lowest cost-of-ownership applications that are rapidly implemented and easily integrated within and across the extended enterprise. The Progress Company is an operating unit of Progress Software Corporation (Nasdaq: PRGS) headquartered in Bedford, Mass. and may be reached at or +1-781-280-4000.

Progress, Fathom, OpenEdge and Progress OpenEdge are trademarks or registered trademarks of Progress Software Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. PeerDirect is a trademark of PeerDirect Corporation in the U.S. and Canada. Any other trademarks or servicemarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.
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