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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research (May 1, 2015)

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Title Author Type Words
Adaptive Transmission Method for Alleviating the Radio Blackout Problem. He, Guolong; Zhan, Yafeng; Ge, Ning 4760
Broadband Green's Function with Low Wavenumber Extraction for Arbitrary Shaped Waveguide and Applications to Modeling of Vias in Finite Power/Ground Plane. Tsang, Leung; Huang, Shaowu 9008
Can Maxwell's Fish Eye Lens Really Give Perfect Imaging? Part III. A Careful Reconsideration of the "Evidence for Subwavelength Imaging with Positive Refraction". He, Sailing; Sun, Fei; Guo, Shuwei; Zhong, Shuomin; Lan, Lu; Jiang, Wei; Ma, Yungui; Wu, Tiantain 8076
Extension and Validation of an Advanced Integral Equation Model for Bistatic Scattering from Rough Surfaces. Chen, Kuan-Liang; Chen, Kun-Shan; Li, Zhao-Liang; Liu, Yu 5287
Extremely Sub-Wavelength Negative Index Metamaterial. Zhang, Xu; Usi, Elvis; Khan, Suhail K.; Sadatgol, Mehdi; Guney, Durdu O. 5546
Extremely Thin Dielectric Metasurface for Carpet Cloaking. Hsu, Li Yi; Lepetit, Thomas; Kante, Boubacar 3557
Generation of Complex Source Point Expansions from Radiation Integrals. Martini, Enrica; Maci, Stefano 9170
Pathological Brain Detection in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanning by Wavelet Entropy and Hybridization of Biogeography-Based Optimization and Particle Swarm Optimization. Zhang, Yudong; Wang, Shuihua; Dong, Zhengchao; Phillip, Preetha; Ji, Genlin; Yang, Jiquan 8914
Peculiarities of the Spatial Power Spectrum of Scattered Electromagnetic Waves in the Turbulent Collision Magnetized Plasma. Jandieri, George V.; Ishimaru, Akira; Rawat, Banmali S.; Tugushi, Nika K. 7079
Sparse Electromagnetic Imaging Using Nonlinear Landweber Iterations. Desmal, Abdulla; Bagci, Hakan 7753

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