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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research (March 1, 2015)

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Title Author Type Words
A Singularity Free MoM-Type of Formulation Using the Dipole-Moment-Based Approach. Panayappan, Kadappan; Mittra, Raj 7901
Electromagnetic Field Transformations for Measurements and Simulations. Eibert, Thomas F.; Kilic, Emre; Lopez, Carlos; Mauermayer, Raimund A.M.; Neitz, Ole; Schnattinger, G 12011
Evaluation of Electron Beam Deflections across a Solenoid Using Weber-Ritz and Maxwell-Lorentz Electrodynamics. Smith, Ray T.; Jjunju, Fred P.M.; Maher, Simon Report 5424
Exact Analytical Solution for Fields in a Lossy Cylindrical Structure with Linear Gradient Index Metamaterials. Dalarsson, Mariana; Norgren, Martin; Jaksic, Zoran 3730
Full Wave Modeling of Brain Waves as Electromagnetic Waves. Jain, Sidharath; Mittra, Raj; Wiart, Joe 6350
Homogenous Optic-Null Medium Performs as Optical Surface Transformation. Sun, Fei; He, Sailing 2190
Lossy Spherical Cavity Resonators for Stress-Testing Arbitrary 3D Eigenmode Solvers. Papantonis, Stergios; Lucyszyn, Stepan 7382
Magnetized Plasma as a Versatile Platform for Switching. Shen, Lian; Zhang, Runren; Wang, Zuojia; Dehdashti, Shahram; Lin, Shisheng; Chen, Hongsheng 2921
Meander-Line Based Broadband Artificial Material for Enhancing the Gain of Printed End-Fire Antenna. Chen, Lei; Lei, Zhenya; Shi, Xiaowei 3838
New Efficient Implicit Time Integration Method for DGTD Applied to Sequential Multidomain and Multiscale Problems. Tobon, Luis E.; Ren, Qiang; Sun, Qingtao; Chen, Jiefu; Liu, Qing Huo 2750
Permittivity of Sub-Soil Materials Retrieved through Transmission Line Model and GPR Data. Guattari, Claudia; Ramaccia, Davide; Bilotti, Filiberto; Toscano, Alessandro 3555
Push-Pull Phenomenon of a Dielectric Particle in a Rectangular Waveguide. Paul, Nayan K.; Kemp, Brandon A. 3874
Realization of a Conductive Bridging RF Switch Integrated onto Printed Circuit Board. Perret, Etienne; Vidal, Thais; Vena, Arnaud; Gonon, Patrice 4026
Statistical Maxwell's Electromagnetic Theories Applied to Imaging of Objects in Geophysical and Biological Media. Ishimaru, Akira; Zhang, Ce; Kuga, Yasuo 4837

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