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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research (May 1, 2014)

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A Differential DPSM Based Modeling Applied to Eddy Current Imaging Problems. Bore, Thierry; Joubert, Pierre-Yves; Placko, Dominique 6113
A General Solution to Wireless Power Transfer between Two Circular Loops. Poon, Ada S.Y. 5109
A Printed Vivaldi Antenna with Improved Radiation Patterns by Using Two Pairs of Eye-Shaped Slots for UWB Applications. Ma, Kun; Zhao, Zhi Qin; Wu, Jiang Niu; Ellis, Mubarak S.; Nie, Zai Ping 3478
An Efficient Dual-Circularly Polarized Rectenna for RF Energy Harvesting in the 2.45 GHz ISM Band. Haboubi, Walid; Takhedmit, Hakim; Luk, Jean-Daniel Lan Sun; Adami, Salah-Eddine; Allard, Bruno; Cost 3971
Analysis of Moving Human Micro-Doppler Signature in Forest Environments. Garcia-Rubia, Jose M.; Kilic, Ozlem; Dang, Vinh; Nguyen, Quang; Tran, Nghia 6447
Antenna Pattern Retrieval from Reflection Coefficient Measurements with Reflective Loads. Du, Zhou; Viikari, Ville; Ala-Laurinaho, Juha; Tamminen, Aleksi; Raisanen, Antti V. 3824
Circular Polarized Patch Antenna Generating Orbital Angular Momentum. Barbuto, Mirko; Trotta, Fabrizio; Bilotti, Filiberto; Toscano, Alessandro 3176
Differential Forms and Electromagnetic Field Theory. Warnick, Karl F.; Russer, Peter 12121
Energy Transfer for Implantable Electronics in the Electromagnetic Midfield. Ho, John S.; Poon, Ada S.Y. 4095
Human Body as Antenna and Its Effect on Human Body Communications. Kibret, Behailu; Teshome, Assefa K.; Lai, Daniel T.H. 7157
Hybrid Simulation of Maxwell-Schrodinger Equations for Multi-Physics Problems Characterized by Anharmonic Electrostatic Potential. Takeuchi, Takashi; Ohnuki, Shinichiro; Sako, Tokuei 3902
Inhomogeneous Microwave Lens Based on Periodically Loaded Transmission Lines. Vehmas, Joni; Alitalo, Pekka; Tretyakov, Sergei 4958
Investigation of Wireless Power Transfer Using Planarized, Capacitor-Loaded Coupled Loops. Li, Chenchen Jimmy; Ling, Hao 3856
Lattice Maxwell's Equations. Teixeira, Fernando L. 7604
Microwave Resonators for Weak Light Detection at Telecom Wavelength. Zhou, Pin-Jia; Wang, Yiwen; Wei, Qiang; Wei, Lian-Fu 4654
Mixed Finite Element Method for 2D Vector Maxwell's Eigenvalue Problem in Anisotropic Media. Jiang, Wei; Liu, Na; Tang, Yifa; Liu, Qing Huo 6297
Multiband Frequency Reconfigurable 4G Handset Antenna with MIMO Capability. Ilvonen, Janne; Valkonen, Risto; Holopainen, Jari; Viikari, Ville 5497
Novel Short Tapered Leaky Wave Antennas with Complementary Split Ring Resonator for Back Lobe Suppression. Huang, Jie-Huang; Huang, Chien-Rung; Jou, Christina F. 5154
Robust Cylindrical Plasmonic Nano-Antennas for Light-Matter Interaction. Choonee, Kaushal; Syms, Richard R.A. 5162
Snowfall Detectability of NASA's CloudSat: The First Cross-Investigation of Its 2C-Snow-Profile Product and National Multi-Sensor Mosaic QPE (NMQ) Snowfall Data. Cao, Qing; Hong, Yang; Chen, Sheng; Gourley, Jonathan J.; Zhang, Jian; Kirstetter, P.E. 3931

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