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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research (February 1, 2014)

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A Compact and Wideband Circularly Polarized Rectenna with High Efficiency at X-Band. Shin, Jinwoo; Seo, Mihui; Choi, Junho; So, Joonho; Cheon, Changyul 4028
A General Approach for Brushed DC Machines Simulation Using a Dedicated Field/Circuit Coupled Method. Andreux, Raphael; Fontchastagner, Julien; Takorabet, Noureddine; Labbe, Nicolas; Metral, Jean-Sebast 5763
A General Method for Designing a Radome to Enhance the Scanning Angle of a Phased Array Antenna. Sun, Fei; Zhang, Shuai; He, Sailing 4999
A Hybrid Optimization for Pattern Synthesis of Large Antenna Arrays. Liu, Jiazhou; Zhao, Zhiqin; Yang, Kai; Liu, Qing-Huo 5330
A Method for Designing Broadband Doherty Power Amplifiers. Piazzon, Luca; Giofre, Rocco; Colantonio, Paolo; Giannini, Franco 5635
A Novel Array Error Estimation Method for Azimuth Multichannel SAR. Ma, Xile; Dong, Zhen; Sun, Zaoyu; He, Feng; Liang, Diannong 3293
A Rapid Accurate Technique to Calculate the Group Delay, Dispersion and Dispersion Slope of Arbitrary Radial Refractive Index Profile Weakly-Guiding Optical Fibers. Mussina, Raushan; Selviah, David R.; Fernandez, F. Anibal; Tijhuis, Anton G.; de Hon, Bastiaan P. 9383
An Improved Quality Guided Phase Unwrapping Method and Its Applications to MRI. Zhang, Yudong; Wang, Shuihua; Ji, Genlin; Dong, Zhengchao 4961
Analytical, Simulation and Measurement Studies of a Dual-Band Open-Sleeve Curved Meander Line Antenna on a Flexible Substrate. Georget, Elodie; Abdeddaim, Redha; Sabouroux, Pierre 3330
Channel Characterization and Finite-State Markov Channel Modeling for Time-Varying Plasma Sheath Surrounding Hypersonic Vehicles. He, Guolong; Zhan, Yafeng; Ge, Ning; Pei, Yukui; Wu, Bin; Zhao, Yuan 4152
Complex Resonances of a Rectangular Patch in a Multilayered Medium: A New Accurate and Efficient Analytical Technique. Lucido, Mario 4580
Design of Filtering Microstrip Antenna Using Filter Synthesis Approach. Mansour, Ghaith; Lancaster, Michael J.; Hall, Peter S.; Gardner, Peter; Nugoolcharoenlap, Ekasit 2318
Dual-band Circular Polarizer and Linear Polarization Transformer Based on Twisted Split-Ring Structure Asymmetric Chiral Metamaterial. Cheng, Yong Zhi; Nie, Yie; Cheng, Zheng Ze; Gong, Rong Zhou 4986
GPR Signal Enhancement Using Sliding-Window Space-Frequency Matrices. Yavuz, Mehmet E.; Fouda, Ahmed E.; Teixeira, Fernando L. 4754
Investigation on Microwave Polarimetric Scattering from Two-Dimensional Wind Fetch- and Water Depth-Limited Nearshore Sea Surfaces. Nie, Ding; Zhang, Min; Li, Ning 4840
Micro-Air-Vehicle-Borne Near-Range SAR with Motion Compensation. Wu, Huaming; Zwick, Thomas 3274
MIMO Reference Antennas with Controllable Correlations and Total Efficiencies. Zhang, Shuai; Zhao, Kun; Zhu, Bangguo; Ying, Zhinong; He, Sailing 2820
Miniaturization of Antenna for Wireless Application with Difference Metamaterial Structures. Rahimi, Maryam; Zarrabi, Ferdows B.; Ahmadian, Rahele; Mansouri, Zahra; Keshtkar, Asghar 3573
Optimal Design of Graded Refractive Index Profile for Broadband Omnidirectional Antireflection Coatings Using Genetic Programming. Zhao, Yongxiang; Chen, Fei; Shen, Qiang; Zhang, Lianmeng 4590
Performance of an Implanted Electrically Coupled Loop Antenna inside Human Body. Ibraheem, Ali; Manteghi, Majid 3099
Planar Elliptic Broadband Antenna with Wide Range Reconfigurable Narrow Notched Bands for Multi-Standard Wireless Communication Devices. Trad, Imen Ben; Floch, Jean Marie; Rmili, Hatem; Laadhar, Lotfi; Drissi, Mhamed 4319
Polarization-insensitive Triple-Band Microwave Metamaterial Absorber Based on Rotated Square Rings. Wang, Guo-Dong; Chen, Jun-Feng; Hu, Xi-Wei; Chen, Zhao-Quan; Liu, Ming-Hai 3801
Radar Automatic Target Recognition Based on Sequential Vanishing Component Analysis. Liu, Shengqi; Zhan, Ronghui; Zhang, Jun; Zhuang, Zhaowen 5072
Setup for Simultaneous Microwave Heating and Real-Time Spectrofluorometric Measurements in Biological Systems. Kohler, Sophie; Ticaud, Nicolas; Iordache, Maria-Minodora; Moisescu, Mihaela G.; Savopol, Tudor; Lev 5851
Space-Borne Multibeam Array Pattern Synthesis for Increasing Capacity. Song, Haiwei; Liang, Guang; Gong, Wenbin; Yu, Jinpei 4948
Surface Plasmon Resonance Phase-Sensitive Imaging (SPR-PI) Sensor Based on a Novel Prism Phase Modulator. Ye, Gaoao; Yang, Wei; Jiang, Li; He, Sailing 4884
The Effect of Antenna Incident Field Distribution on Microwave Tomography Reconstruction. Bayat, Nozhan; Mojabi, Puyan 3561
Thick Metal EBG Cells with Narrow Gaps and Application to the Design of Miniaturized Antennas. Hosseini, Mehdi; Klymyshyn, David M.; Wells, Garth; Liu, Xun 3997
Travelling Wave Mechanism and Novel Analysis of the Planar Archimedean Spiral Antenna in Free Space. Chen, Teng-Kai; Huff, Gregory H. 5734
Two-Strip Narrow-Frame Monopole Antenna with a Capacitor Loaded for Hepta-Band Smartphone Applications. Chen, Zhong-Xiang; Ban, Yong-Ling; Chen, Zhi; Kang, Kai; Li, Joshua Le-Wei 3242

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