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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research (October 1, 2013)

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A 23-GHz bandwidth automatic gain control amplifier with wide dynamic range for high speed communication. Zhang, Bo; Xiong, Yong-Zhong; Wang, Lei; Hu, Sanming; Li, Le-Wei Report 3560
A dispersive conformal FDTD technique for accurate modeling electromagnetic scattering of THZ waves by inhomogeneous plasma cylinder array. Ai, Xia; Tian, Yuan; Cui, Zhi Wei; Han, Yi Ping; Shi, Xiao Wei Report 4301
A hybrid deterministic/metaheuristic synthesis technique for non-uniformly spaced linear printed antenna arrays. Caratelli, Diego; Vigano, Maria C.; Toso, Giovanni; Angeletti, Piero; Shibelgut, Alexander; Cicchett Report 3895
A novel double-winding permanent magnet flux modulated machine for stand- alone wind power generation. Jian, Linni; Liang, Jianing; Shi, Yujun; Xu, G. Report 3155
A novel SAR target detection algorithm based on contextual knowledge. Gao, Fei; Ru, Achang; Sun, Jinping; Hussain, Amir Report 5335
A novel technique for broadband circular polarized PIFA and diversity PIFA systems. Lai, Xiao-Zheng; Xie, Ze-Ming; Cen, Xuan-Liang; Zheng, Zhi-Yong Report 3353
A solar cell stacked slot-loaded suspended microstrip patch antenna with multiband resonance characteristics for WLAN and WiMAX systems. Yurduseven, Okan; Smith, David; Pearsall, Nicola; Forbes, Ian Report 3114
A spectral volume integral method using geometrically conforming normal-vector fields. Coenen, Teis J.; van Beurden, Martijn C. Report 4667
An impulse sampling approach for efficient 3D TLM-based adjoint sensitivity analysis. Ahmed, Osman S.; Bakr, Mohamed H.; Li, Xun Report 4447
Analytical calculation of the inductance of planar zig-zag spiral inductors. Sandrolini, Leonardo; Reggiani, Ugo; Puccetti, Giovanni Report 3723
Application of interval analysis on error analysis of reflection-only material characterization methods. Fenner, Raenita A.; Rothwell, Edward J.; Frasch, Lydell L. Report 3826
Attenuation constants of radio waves in lossy-walled rectangular waveguides. Zhou, Chenming; Waynert, Joseph; Plass, Timothy; Jacksha, Ronald Report 8866
Complete complementary sequence coding waveform based azimuth multi-channel space-borne SAR with ultra-low range sidelobe ratio performance. Chen, Jie; Zhu, Yan Qing; Wang, Peng Bo; Yang, Wei Report 4545
Contribution to the development of flat Fresnel reflectors in W band for new imaging applications. Zeljami, Kaoutar; Vassallo, Juan; Tazon, Antonio; Fernandez, Tomas; Mediavilla, Angel; Vegas, Angel Report 3715
Dipole radiation near anisotropic low-permittivity media. Memarian, Mohammad; Eleftheriades, George V. Report 7850
Electromagnetic design and analysis of magnetless double-rotor dual-mode machines. Lee, Christopher H.T.; Chau, K.T.; Liu, Chunhua Report 5202
Electromagnetic isolation of a microstrip by embedding in a spatially variant anisotropic metamaterial. Rumpf, Raymond C.; Garcia, Cesar R.; Tsang, Harvey H.; Padilla, Julio E.; Irwin, Michael D. Report 4881
Extended high resolution range profile-jet engine modulation analysis with signal eccentricity. Park, Ji Hoon; Yang, Woo Yong; Bae, Jun Woo; Kang, Seong Cheol; Myung, Noh Hoon Report 4219
Fast parameter estimation algorithm for cubic phase signal based on quantifying effects of doppler frequency shift. Zheng, Jibin; Su, Tao; Liu, Qing Huo; Zhang, Long; Zhu, Wentao Report 4472
Four-band polarization-insensitive metamaterial absorber based on flower-shaped structures. Zheng, Donghao; Cheng, Yongzhi; Cheng, Dongfang; Nie, Yan; Gong, Rongzhou Report 2332
Full-vectorial parallel finite-element contrast source inversion method. Zakaria, Amer; Jeffrey, Ian; LoVetri, Joe Report 6134
Horn-based circular polarized antenna array with a compact feeding for Ka-band monopulse antenna. Ren, Yong Li; Wang, Jian; Hu, Da Cheng; Zhang, Ning Report 4447
HP-FEM and PML analysis of plasmonic particles in layered media. Wang, Mengyu; Schmidt, Kersten; Alparslan, Aytac; Hafner, Christian Report 7078
Lasso based performance evaluation for sparse one-dimensional radar problem under random sub-sampling and Gaussian noise. Xiang, Yin; Zhang, Bingchen; Hong, Wen Report 6394
NMR detection at 8.9 mT with a GMR based sensor coupled to a superconducting Nb flux transformer. Sinibaldi, Raffaele; De Luca, Cinzia; Nieminen, Jaakko O.; Galante, Angelo; Pizzella, Vittorio; Seba Report 7104
Novel design of a compact triple-band bandpass filter using short stub-loaded sirs and embedded sirs structure. Xu, Kaida; Zhang, Yonghong; Li, Daotong; Fan, Yong; Li, Joshua Le-Wei; Joines, William T.; Liu, Qing Report 3220
Novel energy harvesting antenna design using a parasitic radiator. Moon, Jung-Ick; Jung, Young-Bae Report 3684
Radio interface design for inkjet-printed biosensor applications. Jalo, Janne; Sillanpaa, Hannu; Makinen, Riku Report 3483
Reconfigurable SIW antenna based on RF-MEMS switches. Khalichi, Bahram; Nikmehr, Saied; Pourziad, Ali Report 3743
Semi-analytical solutions of the 3-D homogeneous helmholtz equation by the method of connected local fields. Chang, Hung-Wen; Mu, Sin-Yuan Report 6912
Sparsity of the field signal-based method for improving spatial resolution in antenna sensor array processing. Vergallo, Patrizia; Lay-Ekuakille, Aime; Caratelli, Diego Report 5611
Static magnetic field concentration and enhancement using magnetic materials with positive permeability. Sun, Fei; He, Sailing Report 3414
Three-dimensional polyhedral invisible cloak consisting of homogeneous materials. Yang, Yi Hao; Lin, Shi Sheng; Wang, Zuo Jia; Chen, Hong Sheng; Wang, Hua Ping; Li, Er Ping Report 3006
Vertical cascaded planar EBG structure for SSN suppression. Shi, Ling-Feng; Jiang, Hong-Feng Report 3053

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