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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research (May 1, 2013)

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A broadband out-of-phase power divider for high power applications using through ground via (TGV). Lu, Yunlong; Dai, Gaole; Wei, Xingchang; Li, Erping Report 3601
A cost-effective method for high-quality 60 GHz optical millimeter wave signal generation based on frequency quadrupling. Al-Shareefi, Nael A.; Hassan, Syed I.S.; Malek, Fareq; Ngah, Razali; Abbas, Sura A.; Aljunid, Syed A Report 4394
A miniaturized triple-band metamaterial antenna with radiation pattern selectivity and polarization diversity. Xu, H.-X.; Wang, G.-M.; Qi, M.-Q. Report 4944
A new scheme for the design of balanced frequency tripler with Schottky diodes. Guo, Jian; Xu, Jie; Qian, Cheng Report 4935
A novel quad-band (GSM850 to IEEE 802.11a) PIFA for mobile handset. Li, Pengcheng; Pan, Jin; Yang, Deqiang; Nie, Zaiping; Xing, Jun Report 2355
A novel sparse stepped chaotic signal and its compression based on compressive sensing. Yang, Jiefang; Zhang, Yunhua Report 6054
A novel synthesis technique for microwave bandpass filters with frequency-dependent couplings. Leszczynska, Natalia; Szydlowski, Lukasz; Mrozowski, Michal Report 4640
A novel three-step image formation scheme for unified focusing on spaceborne SAR data. Yang, Wei; Chen, Jie; Zeng, Hongceng; Zhou, Jian; Wang, Pengbo; Li, Chunsheng Report 5531
A novel, high-speed image transmitter for wireless capsule endoscopy. Basar, R.; Malek, Fareq; Saleh, Mohd I.M.; Idris, Mohd S.; Juni, Khairudi M.; Ali, Azuwa; Affendi, N Report 5095
A synchronous wideband frequency-domain method for long-distance channel measurement. Hu, Chufeng; Zhou, Zhou; Guo, Shuxia Report 2999
A theoretical model for the frequency-dependent dielectric properties of corneal tissue at microwave frequencies. Saviz, Mehrdad; Faraji-Dana, Reza Report 5600
An efficient SAR jammer with Direct Radio Frequency Processing (DRFP). Liu, Qingfu; Dong, Jian; Wang, Xuesong; Xing, Shiqi; Pang, Bo Report 3572
An ultra-low loss split ring resonator by suppressing the electric dipole moment approach. Zhu, Lei; Meng, Fanyi; Zhang, Fang; Fu, Jiahui; Wu, Qun; Ding, Xumin; Li, Joshua L.-W. Report 4250
Analysis of propagation and polarization characteristics of electromagnetic waves through nonuniform magnetized plasma slab using propagator matrix method. Yin, Xiong; Zhang, Hou; Sun, Shuji; Zhao, Zhenwei; Hu, Yanli Report 9058
Application of Chiral layers and metamaterials for the reduction of radar cross section. Tehrani, Kimia Nikooei; Abdolali, Ali; Zarifi, Davoud; Hojjat-Kashani, Farrokh Report 3678
Arbitrary loss factors in the wave propagation between RHM and LHM media with constant impedance throughout the structure. Dalarsson, Mariana; Norgren, Martin; Asenov, Tatjana; Doncov, Nebojsa Report 3388
Brain MR image classification using multiscale geometric analysis of Ripplet. Das, Sudeb; Chowdhury, Manish; Kundu, Malay K. Report 5395
Broadband modified rectangular microstrip patch antenna using stepped cut at four corners method. MoradiKordalivand, Alishir; Rahman, Tharek A. Report 5388
Circularly polarized Spidron fractal slot antenna arrays for broadband satellite communications in Ku-band. Trinh-Van, Son; Kim, Han Byul; Kwon, Gina; Hwang, Keum Cheol Report 3616
Compact EBG structure for alleviating mutual coupling between patch antenna array elements. Islam, Mohammad Tariqul; Alam, Md. Shahidul Report 3832
Create a uniform static magnetic field over 50 T in a large free space region. Sun, Fei; He, Sailing Report 2447
Development of pyramidal microwave absorber using sugar cane bagasse (SCB). Zahid, Liyana; Malek, Fareq; Nornikman, Hassan; Affendi, Nur A. Mohd; Ali, Azuwa; Hussin, Nuriziani; Report 4382
Efficient implementation of the capon beamforming using the Levenberg-Marquardt scheme for two dimensional AOA estimation. Cho, Sung-Woo; Lee, Joon-Ho Report 4489
Efficient neural network approach for 2D DOA estimation based on antenna array measurements. Agatonovic, Marija; Stankovic, Zoran; Milovanovic, Ivan; Doncov, Nebojsa; Sit, Leen; Zwick, Thomas; Report 5573
Electric time domain reflectometry sensors for non-invasive structural health monitoring of glass fiber composites. Pandey, Gaurav; Thostenson, Erik T.; Heider, Dirk Report 3583
Elimination of numerical dispersion from electromagnetic time domain analysis by using resource efficient finite element technique. Kabir, S.M. Raiyan; Rahman, B.M.A.; Agrawal, Arti; Grattan, Ken T.V. Report 8193
Fast estimation of frequency and 2-D DOAs for cylindrical conformal array antenna using state-space and propagator method. Si, Weijian; Wan, Liangtian; Liu, Lutao; Tian, Zuoxi Report 7040
Features extraction of rotationally symmetric ballistic targets based on micro-Doppler. Pan, Xiaoyi; Wang, Wei; Liu, Jin; Feng, Dejun; Liu, Yongcai; Wang, Guoyu Report 4185
FEM-based method for the simulation of dielectric waveguide grating biosensors. Guillod, Thomas; Kehl, Florian; Hafner, Christian Report 5775
Magnetic response and negative refraction at optical frequencies on the basis of electronic transitions in rare-earth ions doped crystals. Fu, Xiaojian; Xu, Yuanda; Zhou, Ji Report 3549
Measurement evaluation of the TGN radio channel models usefulness in predicting WLAN performance. Staniec, Kamil; Kowal, Michal Report 6552
Modeling SAR images based on a generalized gamma distribution for texture component. Gao, Gui; Qin, Xianxiang; Zhou, Shilin Report 4375
Modified differential evolution algorithm for pattern synthesis of antenna arrays. Li, Xin; Li, Wentao; Shi, Xiaowei; Yang, Jing; Yu, Jianfeng Report 4735
Multifrequency monopole antennas by loading metamaterial transmission lines with dual-shunt branch circuit. Xu, He-Xiu; Wang, Guang-Ming; Lv, Yuan-Yuan; Qi, Mei-Qing; Gao, Xi; Ge, Shuo Report 6224
Near infrared filtering properties in photonic crystal containing extrinsic and dispersive semiconductor defect. Liu, Chi-Chung; Wu, Chien-Jang Report 3329
New negative coupling structure for substrate-integrated cavity resonators and its application to design of an elliptic response filter. Lee, Kangho; Lee, Tae-Hak; Kim, Young-Sik; Lee, Juseop Report 2154
Novel in-line microstrip coupled-line bandstop filter with sharp skirt selectivity. Liu, Gui; Wu, Yongle Report 3187
Parallel shooting and bouncing ray method on GPU clusters for analysis of electromagnetic scattering. Gao, Pengcheng; Tao, Yubo; Lin, Hai Report 4253
Recursive implementation of natural frequency-based radar detection using the LRT scheme. Lee, Joon-Ho; Jeong, So-Hee Report 4539
Reduce the hand-effect body loss for LTE mobile antenna in CTIA talking and data modes. Zhao, Kun; Zhang, Shuai; Ying, Zhinong; Bolin, Thomas; He, Sailing Report 3061
Super/zero scattering characteristics of circular SRR arrays. Zhang, Yuan; Forsberg, Erik; He, Sailing Report 4294
TH-UWB receiver based on two PDFs approximation in multiuser systems. Chen, Wang; Gao, Qiang; Xiong, Huagang; Fei, Li; Li, Qiong Report 5606
The influence of human head model wearing metal-frame spectacles to the changes of SAR and antenna gain: simulation of frontal face exposure. Mat, Mohd H.; Malek, Fareq; Whittow, William G.; Ronald, Suzanna H.; Zulkefli, Muhammad S.; Saudin, Report 4647
Two approaches for incoherent propagation of light in rigorous numerical simulations. Campa, Andrej; Krc, Janez; Topic, Marko Report 4954
Use of aligned carbon nanotubes as electric field sensors. Lu, Chieh-Lien; Tsai, Hsin-Jung; Wei, Bee-Yu; Hsu, Wen-Kuang Report 3581

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