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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research (August 1, 2013)

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A compact microstrip quadruplexer using slotline stepped impedance stub loaded resonators. Li, Zhi Peng; Zhang, Li Juan; Su, Tao; Liang, Chang Hong Report 3538
A leaky wave slot antenna array using single metal layer with azimuthally omnidirectional pattern. Li, Yue; Zhang, Zhijun; Feng, Zhenghe Report 2876
A new EFIE method based on Coulomb gauge for the low-frequency electromagnetic analysis. Xiong, Xiaoyan Y.Z.; Jiang, Li Jun; Sha, Wei E.I.; Lo, Yat Hei Report 5593
A unified fast solution for the single/ interferometer/stereo SAR geolocation equation based on the RDPC model. Huang, Haifeng; Wang, Qingsong Report 6147
An approach for multi-band bandpass filter design based on asymmetric half-wavelength resonators. Li, Xiuping; Wang, Huisheng Report 2746
An integrated simulation approach and experimental research on microwave induced thermo-acoustic tomography system. Song, Jian; Zhao, Zhi Qin; Wang, Jin Guo; Zhu, Xiao Zhang; Wu, Jiang Niu; Nie, Zai Ping; Liu, Qing H Report 4351
Analysis of transient electromagnetic scattering using the multilevel time domain fast dipole method. Ding, J.; Yu, L.; Xu, W.; Gu, C.; Li, Z. Report 4094
Analysis of transmission properties in a photonic quantum well containing superconducting materials. Chang, Tsung-Wen; Liu, Jia-Wei; Yang, Tzong-Jer; Wu, Chien-Jang Report 3526
Analytical design and FEM verification of a novel three-phase seven layers switched reluctance motor. Afjei, Ebrahim; Siadatan, Alireza; Torkaman, Hossein Report 4193
Artificial Magnetic Materials synthesis with generic metallic broken loops. Kabiri, Ali; Ramahi, Omar M. Report 7569
Asymmetric transmission of linearly polarized waves and dynamically wave rotation using chiral metamaterial. Dincer, Furkan; Sabah, Cumali; Karaaslan, Muharrem; Unal, Emin; Bakir, Mehmet; Erdiven, Utku Report 3731
Body-of-revolution-enhanced imaging in ultra-wideband SAR. Liang, Fu Lai; Song, Qian; Zhang, Han Hua; Jin, Tian; Zhou, Zhi Min Report 5308
Circularly arced Koch fractal multiband multimode monopole antenna. Li, Daotie; Mao, Junfa Report 6954
Controlled radiation from dielectric slabs over spoof surface plasmon waveguides. Quevedo-Teruel, Oscar Report 2844
Creation of super-resolution non-diffraction beam by modulating circularly polarized light with ternary optical element. Wei, Jingsong; Zha, Yikun; Gan, Fuxi Report 2860
Degree of depolarization of quantization Hermite-Gaussian beam in a turbulent atmosphere. Zhang, Licheng; Zhang, Yixin; Zhu, Yun Report 4227
Development and calibration of a K-band ground-based hyperspectral microwave radiometer for water vapor measurements. Xie, Yan; Chen, Jingxiong; Liu, Dawei; Lv, Changchun; Liu, Kai; Miao, Jungang Report 6804
Directional antennas for cognitive radio: analysis and design recommendations. Murtaza, Noman; Sharma, Rajesh K.; Thoma, Reiner S.; Hein, Matthias A. Report 7383
Electromagnetic design and FEM analysis of a novel dual-air-gap reluctance machine. Vaithilingam, Chockalingam Aravind; Misron, Norhisam; Aris, Ishak; Marhaban, Mohammad Hamiruce; Nire Report 5242
Electronically reconfigurable beam steering antenna using embedded RF PIN based parasitic arrays (ERPPA). Sabapathy, Thennarasan; Jamlos, Mohd F.; Ahmad, R. Badlishah; Jusoh, Muzammil; Jais, Mohd I.; Kamaru Report 6133
Estimating the reduction of radiated emissions from TFT-LCD panel using network analyzer with a bulk current injection probe. Ho, Cheng-Yu; Chen, Kai-Syuan; Horng, Tzyy-Sheng; Wu, Jian-Ming Report 4640
Experimental determination of the performance of rice husk-carbon nanotube composites for absorbing microwave signals in the frequency range of 12.4-18 GHz. Lee, Yeng S.; Malek, Fareq; Cheng, Ee M.; Liu, Wei-Wen; You, Kok Y.; Iqbal, Muhammad N.; Wee, Fwen H Report 4620
Far-field reconstruction from near-field data acquired via a fast spherical spiral scan: experimental evidences. D'Agostino, Francesco; Ferrara, Flaminio; Gennarelli, Claudio; Guerriero, Rocco; Migliozzi, Massimo Report 4659
Features of the Gouy phase of nondiffracting beams. Vaveliuk, Pablo; Matos, Oscar Martinez; Torchia, Gustavo A. Report 4913
Finite ground CPW-fed UWB antenna over the metallic cylindrical surfaces. Lech, Rafal; Marynowski, Wojciech; Kusiek, Adam Report 3150
Fractal Koch multiband textile antenna performance with bending, wet conditions and on the human body. Jalil, Mohd E.; Rahim, Mohamad K.A.; Samsuri, Noor A.; Murad, Noor A.; Majid, Huda A.; Kamardin, Kam Report 5120
Frequency dependent model of sheet resistance and effect analysis on shielding effectiveness of transparent conductive mesh coatings. Liu, Yongmeng; Tan, Jiubin Report 4524
Imaging enhancement of stepped frequency radar using the sparse reconstruction technique. Pang, Bo; Dai, Da-Hai; Xing, Shi-Qi; Li, Yong-Zhen; Wang, Xue-Song Report 6844
Millimeter wave subharmonic mixer implementation using graphene film coating. Hotopan, George; Hoeye, Samuel Ver; Vazquez, Carlos; Hadarig, Andreea; Camblor, Rene; Fernandez, Mig Report 3648
Modeling and optimization research for dynamic transmission process of balise tele-powering signal in high-speed railways. Zhao, Lin-Hai; Jiang, Ying Report 7588
Multi-band negative refractive index in ferrite-based metamaterials. Bi, Ke; Zhou, Ji; Liu, Xiaoming; Lan, Chuwen; Zhao, Hongjie Report 3738
Nanoparticles with aggregation-induced emission for monitoring long time cell membrane interactions. Cheng, Hao; Qin, Wei; Zhu, Zhenfeng; Qian, Jun; Qin, Anjun; Tang, Ben Zhong; He, Sailing Report 3435
Non-linear optimization of an injection locked high efficiency VCO with arbitrarily width modulated microstrip line networks. Gonzalez, Marta; Hoeye, Samuel Ver; Fernandez, Miguel; Vazquez, Carlos; Hotopan, George R.; Camblor, Report 4588
Novel symmetrical coupled-line directional coupler based on resonant-type composite right-/left-handed transmission lines. Ma, Yanbing; Zhang, Huaiwu; Li, Yuanxun Report 3561
Numerically efficient technique for metamaterial modeling (invited paper). Arya, Ravi K.; Pelletti, Chiara; Mittra, Raj Report 3559
Optimization for brain activity monitoring with near infrared light in a four-layered model of the human head. Guo, Zefei; Cai, Fuhong; He, Sailing Report 5258
Robust adaptive beamforming against array calibration errors. Yang, Kai; Zhao, Zhiqin; Liu, Qing Huo Report 3749
Second-order formulation for the quasi-static field from a horizontal electric dipole on a lossy half-space. Parise, Mauro Report 5004
Simple, Taylor-based worst-case model for field-to-line coupling. Op 't Land, Sjoerd T.; Ramdani, Mohamed; Perdriau, Richard; Leone, Marco; Drissi, M'hamed Report 4060
Sparse autofocus recovery for under-sampled linear array SAR 3-D imaging. Wei, Shun-Jun; Zhang, Xiao-Ling Report 6109
The accurate fourth-order Doppler parameter calculation and analysis for Geosynchronous SAR. Zhao, Bingji; Qi, Xiangyang; Song, Hongjun; Gao, Wenjun; Han, Xiaolei; Chen, Runpu Report 3867
The design of an Optical Time Steered Antenna based on a new integrated True Time Delay unit. Capozzoli, Amedeo; Curcio, Claudio; D'Elia, Giuseppe Report 11669
The improvement of array antenna performance with the implementation of an artificial magnetic conductor (AMC) ground plane and in-phase superstrate. Dewan, Raimi; Rahim, Sharul K.A.; Ausordin, Siti F.; Purnamirza, Teddy Report 5155
The influence of light beam convergence on the stop-bands of a one-dimensional photonic crystal. Tolmachev, Vladimir A.; Berwick, Kevin; Perova, Tatiana S. Report 4905
Three-dimensional micromotion signature extraction of rotating targets in OFDM-LFM MIMO radar. Luo, Ying; Zhang, Qun; Qiu, Chengwei; Li, Song; Yeo, Tat Soon Report 9117

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