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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research (May 1, 2012)

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A modified Taguchi's optimization algorithm for beamforming applications. Zaharis, Z.D. Report 5695
A novel dual-loop coupler for one-port cylindrical cavity permittivity measurement. Zhang, H.; Zeng, B.-Q.; Ao, L.; Zhang, Z. Report 4195
A novel multilayer dual-mode substrate integrated waveguide complementary filter with circular and elliptic cavities (SICC and SIEC). Zhang, Z.-G.; Fan, Y.; Cheng, Y.-J.; Zhang, Y.-H. Report 4722
Adaptive beamforming with low side lobe level using neural networks trained by Mutated Boolean PSO. Zaharis, Z.D.; Gotsis, K.A.; Sahalos, J.N. Report 5241
An efficient method for computing highly oscillatory physical optics integral. Wu, Y.M.; Jiang, L.J.; Chew, W.C. Report 10334
An electronically controllable method for radar cross section reduction for a microstrip antenna. Shang, Y.P.; Xiao, S.Q.; Li, J.L.; Wang, B.-Z. Report 4032
An extended delay-rational macromodel for electromagnetic interference analysis of mixed signal circuits. Luo, M.; Huang, K. Report 5261
Analytical field calculation for linear tubular magnetic gears using equivalent anisotropic magnetic permeability. Li, W.; Chau, K.T. Report 4077
Applications of compressed sensing for multiple transmitters multiple azimuth beams SAR imaging. Li, J.; Zhang, S.S.; Chang, J.F. Report 4298
Bandwidth improvement of microstrip antenna array using dummy EBG pattern on feedline. Gujral, M.; Li, J.L.-W.; Yuan, T.; Qiu, C.-W. Report 4008
Calculation of shape derivatives with periodic fast multipole method with application to shape optimization of metamaterials. Wang, W.; Nishimura, N. Report 5505
Complex point source for the 3D Laplace operator. Gonzalez-Morales, M.J.; Mahillo-Isla, R.; Dehesa-Martinez, C.; Gago-Ribas, E. Report 4680
Design and analysis of planar ultra-wideband antenna with dual band-notched function. Zhu, F.; Gao, S.; Ho, A.T.S.; See, C.H.; Abd-Alhameed, R.A.; Li, J.; Xu, J. Report 4001
Efficient Geosynchronous Circular SAR raw data simulation of extended 3-D scenes. Liu, Q.; Hong, W.; Tan, W.-X.; Wu, Y.-R. Report 3966
Efficient model order reduction for FEM analysis of waveguide structures and resonators. Fotyga, G.; Nyka, K.; Mrozowski, M. Report 6084
Fabrication of carbon nanotubes on interdigitated metal electrode for switchable nanophotonic devices. Dai, Q.; Butt, H.; Rajasekharan, R.; Wilkinson, T.D.; Amaratunga, G.A.J. Report 3229
Inverse design of dielectric materials by topology optimization. Otomori, M.; Andkjaer, J.; Sigmund, O.; Izui, K.; Nishiwaki, S. Report 6907
Non linear optimization technique for the reduction of the frequency scanning effect in a phased array based on broadband Injection-Locked Third Harmonic Self-Oscillating Mixers. Fernandez, M.; Ver Hoeye, S.; Vazquez, C.; Hotopan, G.; Camblor, R.; Heras, F. Las Report 6102
Optimal design for high-temperature broadband radome wall with symmetrical graded porous structure. Zhou, L.C.; Pei, Y.M.; Zhang, R.B.; Fang, D.N. Report 4159
Principle component analysis and fuzzy logic based through wall image enhancement. Riaz, M.M.; Ghafoor, A. Report 4164
Scattering of electromagnetic plane wave by a circular disk with surface impedance. Jafri, A.D.U.; Naqvi, Q.A.; Hongo, K. Report 5194
Study and simulation of an edge couple split ring resonator (EC-SRR) on truncated pyramidal microwave absorber. Nornikman, H.; Ahmad, B.H.; Aziz, M.Z.A. Abdul; Malek, F.; Imran, H.; Othman, A.R. Report 3970
Synthesis of thinned linear and planar antenna arrays using binary PSO algorithm. Wang, W.-B.; Feng, Q.-Y.; Liu, D. Report 4670
The "slope" effect of coherent transponder in InSAR DEM. Liu, Q.-F.; Xing, S.-Q.; Wang, X.-S.; Dong, J.; Dai, D.-H.; Li, Y.-Z. Report 4339
The application of modified phase extracted basis functions in scattering analysis of dielectric-coated targets. Niu, X.; Nie, Z.; He, S. Report 4802
The real-valued time-domain TE-modes in lossy waveguides. Tretyakov, O.A.; Kaya, M. Report 8033
The reflection and transmission of electromagnetic waves by a uniaxial chiral slab. Dong, J.-F.; Li, J. Report 4266
Theoretical study of superconducting annular ring microstrip antenna with several dielectric layers. Barkat, O. Report 4674
Transpose return relation method for designing low noise oscillators. Jimenez-Martin, J.L.; Gonzalez-Posadas, V.; Parra-Cerrada, A.; Blanco-del-Campo, A.; Segovia-Vargas, Report 5334
Utilization of screen printed low curing temperature cobalt nanoparticle ink for miniaturization of patch antennas. Nelo, M.; Sowpati, A.K.; Palukuru, V.K.; Juuti, J.; Jantunen, H. Report 4822

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