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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research (July 1, 2012)

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A compact beam reconfigurable antenna for symmetric beam switching. Kang, W.; Ko, K.H.; Kim, K. Report 3977
A fast 3D imaging technique for near-field circular SAR processing. Yan, W.; Xu, J.-D.; Wei, G.; Fu, L.; He, H.-B. Report 3655
A generalized coupled-line dual-band Wilkinson power divider with extended ports. Li, J.C.; Wu, Y.L.; Liu, Y.A.; Shen, J.Y.; Li, S.L.; Yu, C.P. Report 4026
A wideband CMOS current-mode down-conversion mixer for multi-standard receivers. Wan, Q.Z.; Wang, C.H. Report 5163
Adaptive detection of multiple point-like targets under conic constraints. Hao, C.; Bandiera, F.; Yang, J.; Orlando, D.; Yan, S.; Hou, C. Report 4733
An experimental multi-frequency system for studying dosimetry and acute effects on cell and nuclear morphology in rat tissues. Furelos, A. Lopez; Maiques, M.M. Minana; Leiro, J.M.; Rodriguez-Gonzalez, J.A.; Ares-Pena, F.J.; Lop Report 5062
Analysis of electromagnetic plane wave scattering from 2-D periodic arrangements of posts. Kusiek, A.; Lech, R.; Mazur, J. Report 6222
Bandwidth enhancement of LTE/WWAN printed mobile phone antenna using slotted ground structure. Chen, Z.; Ban, Y.-L.; Chen, J.-H.; Li, J.L.-W.; Wu, Y.-J. Report 3905
Comparative evaluation on power-speed density of portable permanent magnet generators for agricultural application. Norhisam, M.; Ridzuan, S.; Firdaus, R.N.; Aravind, C.V.; Wakiwaka, H.; Nirei, M. Report 5724
Convolution back-projection imaging algorithm for downward-looking sparse linear array three dimensional synthetic aperture radar. Peng, X.M.; Tan, W.X.; Wang, Y.P.; Hong, W.; Wu, Y.R. Report 7067
Designing Asian-sized hand model for SAR determination at GSM900/1800: simulation part. Ronald, S.H.; Malek, M.F.A.; Hassan, S.I.S.; Meng, C.E.; Mat, M.H.; Zulkefli, M.S.; Maharimi, S.F. Report 6160
Equivalent circuit analysis of ridge-loaded folded-waveguide slow-wave structures for millimeter-wave traveling-wave tubes. Hou, Y.; Xu, J.; Yin, H.-R.; Wei, Y.-Y.; Yue, L.-N.; Zhao, G.-Q.; Gong, Y.-B. Report 3636
Field approach in the transformation optics concept. Novitsky, A.V.; Zhukovsky, S.V.; Barkovsky, L.M.; Lavrinenko, A.V. Report 10745
Four dimensional reconstruction using magnetic induction tomography: experimental study. Wei, H.-Y.; Soleimani, M. Report 4375
Fourth stokes parameter in polarimetric passive remote sensing from two-layer rough surfaces. Xu, P.; Tsang, L.; Chen, K.-S. Report 3908
Investigation of multilayer magic-T configurations using novel microstrip-slotline transitions. Marynowski, W.; Mazur, J. Report 4349
Microwave thermotherapy in cancer treatment: evaluation of homogeneity of SAR distribution. Vrbova, Barbora; Vrba, J. Report 3813
Modeling of optical trapping using double negative index fishnet metamaterials. Cao, T.; Cryan, M.J. Report 4502
Multiobjective optimization and design of a luneberg lens antenna with multiband multi-polarized feed-system. Huang, M.; Yang, S.; Teng, J.; Zhu, Q.; Nie, Z. Report 5422
On-body characterization of dual-band all-textile PIFAs. Soh, P.J.; Boyes, S.J.; Vandenbosch, G.A.E.; Huang, Y.; Ooi, S.L. Report 7785
Performance analysis of polarization-space-time three-domain joint processing for clutter suppression in airborne radar. Wu, D.; Xu, Z.; Zhang, L.; Xiong, Z.; Xiao, S. Report 6927
Processing one-stationary bistatic SAR data using inverse scaled fourier transform. Wu, J.; Li, Z.; Huang, Y.; Liu, Q.; Yang, J. Report 4745
Quantitative comparison of flux-modulated interior permanent magnet machines with distributed windings and concentrated windings. Xu, G.; Jian, L.; Gong, W.; Zhao, W. Report 3472
Resolving phase ambiguity in the inverse problem of reflection-only measurement methods. Hasar, U.C.; Barroso, J.J.; Sabah, C.; Kaya, Y. Report 5080
Scattering of electromagnetic spherical wave by a perfectly conducting disk. Hongo, K.; Jafri, A.D.U.; Naqvi, Q.A. Report 6729
Spatial beam compression and effective beam injection using triangular gradient index profile photonic crystals. Yogesh, N.; Subramanian, V. Report 4793
Study of electromagnetic scattering from ship wakes on PEC sea surfaces by the small-slope approximation theory. Sun, R.-Q.; Zhang, M.; Wang, C.; Chen, Y. Report 4926
The use of dielectric mixture equations to analyze the dielectric properties of a mixture of rubber tire dust and rice husks in a microwave absorber. Cheng, E.M.; Malek, F.; Ahmed, M.; You, K.Y.; Lee, K.Y.; Nornikman, H. Report 6096
Triple band-notched planar UWB antenna using parasitic strips. Islam, M.T.; Azim, R.; Mobashsher, A.T. Report 4732
Wideband circularly polarized UHF RFID reader antenna with high gain and wide axial ratio beamwidths. Wang, P.; Wen, G.; Li, J.; Huang, Y.; Yang, L.; Zhang, Q. Report 5039

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