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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research (January 1, 2012)

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A class of polarization-invariant directional cloaks by concatenation via transformation optics. Li, J.Z.; Liu, H.Y. Report 3619
A comprehensive facet model for bistatic SAR imagery of dynamic ocean scene. Zhao, Y.-W.; Zhang, M.; Geng, X.-P.; Zhou, P. Report 4937
A dual-band dual-polarized microstrip array antenna for base stations. Moradi, K.; Nikmehr, S. Report 3717
A hybrid NFM/MoM full-wave analysis of layered prolate head model exposed to handset antenna. Zhao, L.; Wu, K.-L. Report 5415
A novel estimation approach of dynamic and coupling baseline for distributed satellite SAR. Feng, L.; Xu, H.P.; Li, C.S.; Li, S.; Gao, H. Report 5216
A novel imaging approach for high resolution squinted spotlight SAR based on the deramping-based technique and azimuth NLCS principle. An, D.-X.; Zhou, Z.-M.; Huang, X.-T.; Jin, T. Report 7518
A simple and compact planar ultra wideband antenna with single or dual band-notched characteristics. Zhou, D.; Gao, S.; Zhu, F.; Abd-Alhameed, R.A.; Xu, J.D. Report 4639
Characteristic of plasma sheath channel and its effect on communication. Shi, L.; Guo, B.L.; Liu, Y.M.; Li, J.T. Report 4829
Composite scattering of ship on sea surface with breaking waves. Zhang, M.; Luo, W.; Luo, G.; Wang, C.; Yin, H.-C. Report 4539
Deformable, time-varying boundary problems in electrodynamics. Mehler, M.J.; Constantinou, C.C.; Neve, M.J. Report 4852
Design and optimization of a logo-type antenna for multiband applications. Weng, W.-C.; Hung, C.-L. Report 4956
Design of a V-band high-power sheet-beam coupled-cavity traveling-wave tube. Liu, Y.; Xu, J.; Wei, Y.; Xu, X.; Shen, F.; Huang, M.; Tang, T.; Wang, W.; Gong, Y.; Feng, J. Report 3450
Electromagnetic field transmitted by dielectric plano convex lens placed in chiral medium. Ghaffar, A.; Naz, M.Y.; Naqvi, Q.A. Report 4402
Experimental comparison of remedial single-channel operations for redundant flux-switching permanent-magnet motor drive. Zhao, W.; Cheng, M.; Cao, R.; Ji, J. Report 3490
Facet-based treatment on microwave bistatic scattering of three-dimensional sea surface with electrically large ship. Chen, H.; Zhang, M.; Yin, H.-C. Report 6553
Fourier based combined techniques to design novel sub-wavelength optical integrated devices. Zavargo-Peche, L.; Ortega-Monux, A.; Wanguemert-Perez, J.G.; Molina-Fernandez, I. Report 5680
Generalized equivalent cable bundle method for modeling EMC issues of complex cable bundle terminated in arbitrary loads. Li, Z.; Liu, L.L.; Gu, C.Q. Report 4917
Gradual thinning synthesis for linear array based on iterative Fourier techniques. Wang, X.-K.; Jiao, Y.-C.; Tan, Y.-Y. Report 6726
Improved performance of circularly polarized antenna using semi-planar chiral metamaterial covers. Zarifi, D.; Oraizi, H.; Soleimani, M. Report 4455
Improvement of RCS prediction using modified angular division algorithm. Park, H.-G.; Park, K.-K.; Kim, H.-T.; Kim, K.-T. Report 4933
Methods and designs for improving the signal integrity of vertical interconnects in high performance packaging. Wu, B.; Lo, H.L. Report 2178
New dual-band bandpass filter with wide upper rejection band. Kuo, J.-T.; Lai, S.-W. Report 5014
New Wilkinson power dividers based on compact stepped-impedance transmission lines and shunt open stubs. Deng, P.-H.; Guo, J.-H.; Kuo, W.-C. Report 5200
Nondestructive complex permittivity and permeability extraction using a two-layer dual-waveguide probe measurement geometry. Seal, M.D.; Hyde, M.W.; Havrilla, M.J. Report 5811
On linear mapping of filter characteristic to position of tuning elements in filter tuning algorithm. Michalski, J.J. Report 6178
Planar grating multiplexers using silicon nanowire technology: numerical simulations and fabrications. Song, J.; Li, Y.; Zhou, X.; Li, X. Report 4864
Reduced PEEC modeling of wire-ground structures using a selective mesh approach. Song, Z.F.; Dai, F.; Su, D.L.; Xie, S.G.; Duval, F. Report 4305
Study of an extremely wideband monopole antenna with triple band-notched characteristics. Liu, J.; Esselle, K.P.; Hay, S.G.; Zhong, S.S. Report 3529
The far field transformation for the antenna modeling based on spherical electric field measurements. Li, P.; Jiang, L. Report 4394
TM-TE decomposition of power losses in multi-stranded litz-wires used in electronic devices. Carretero, C.; Acero, J.; Alonso, R. Report 7587

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