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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research (November 1, 2011)

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3D bistatic Omega-K imaging algorithm for near range microwave imaging systems with bistatic planar scanning geometry. Qi, Y.L.; Tan, W.X.; Wang, Y.P.; Hong, W.; Wu, Y.R. Report 6068
A compact bandstop filter based on two meandered parallel-coupled lines. Cui, D.; Liu, Y.; Wu, Y.; Li, S.; Yu, C. Report 1902
A coplanar-strip dipole antenna for broadband circular polarization operation. Tsai, C.-L. Report 3612
A new triple band circularly polarized square slot antenna design with crooked T and F-shape strips for wireless applications. Rezaeieh, S.A.; Kartal, M. Report 4036
A novel low-profile wideband UHF antenna. Chen, A.; Jiang, T.; Chen, Z.; Su, D. Report 3110
Automated SAR reference image preparation for navigation. Ren, S.; Chang, W.; Jin, T.; Wang, Z. Report 6863
Bandwidth enhancement of microstrip patch antenna using Jerusalem cross-shaped frequency selective surfaces by invasive weed optimization approach. Monavar, F. Mohamadi; Komjani, N. Report 4601
Concentration of the specific absorption rate around deep brain stimulation electrodes during MRI. Mohsin, S.A. Report 5261
Crosstalk and discontinuities reduction on multi-module memory bus by particle swarm optimization. Lin, D.-B.; Wu, F.-N.; Liu, W.-S.; Wang, C.-K.; Shih, H.-Y. Report 5181
Evolution and collapse of a Lorentz beam in Kerr medium. Chen, R.-P.; Ooi, C.H. Raymond Report 4170
Experimental demonstration of double-negative metamaterials partially filled in a circular waveguide. Duan, Z.Y.; Wang, Y.S.; Mao, X.T.; Wang, W.X.; Chen, M. Report 2747
Implicit boundary conditions in transformation-optics cloaking for electromagnetic waves. Chen, X. Report 6437
Integral-equation analysis of frequency selective surfaces using Ewald transformation and lattice symmetry. Su, J.X.; Xu, X.W.; He, M.; Zhang, K. Report 5023
Integrated waveguide structure for highly sensitive THz spectroscopy of nano-liter liquids in capillary tubes. Matvejev, V.; de Tandt, C.; Ranson, W.; Stiens, J.; Vounckx, R.; Mangelings, D. Report 3685
Interaction of an asymmetric scanning near field optical microscopy probe with fluorescent molecules. Lotito, V.; Sennhauser, U.; Hafner, C.V.; Bona, G.-L. Report 5625
Investigation of the characteristics of barium strontium titanate (BST) dielectric resonator ceramic loaded on array antennas. Wee, F.H.; Malek, F.; Sreekantan, S.; Amani, A.U. Al-; Ghani, F.; You, K.Y. Report 8739
Low-profile directional ultra-wideband antenna for see-through-wall imaging applications. Zhu, F.; Gao, S.; Ho, A.T.S.; Brown, T.W.C.; Li, J.Z.; Xu, J.D. Report 4604
MIMO-TOPS mode for high-resolution ultra-wide-swath full polarimetric imaging. Xu, W.; Huang, P.P.; Deng, Y.K. Report 5359
Miniaturization design of full differential bandpass filter with coupled resonators using embedded passive device technology. Wu, S.-M.; Kuo, C.-T.; Lyu, P.-Y.; Shen, Y.-L.; Chien, C.-I. Report 3958
Molecular EM fields and dynamical responses in solids with magnetic charges. Costa-Quintana, J.; Lopez-Aguilar, F. Report 7609
Optical response of a perfect conductor waveguide that behaves as a photonic crystal. Mendoza-Suarez, A.; Perez-Aguilar, H.; Villa-Villa, F. Report 5544
Optimal design of MFL sensor for detecting broken steel strands in overhead power line. Jiang, X.L.; Xia, Y.F.; Hu, J.L.; Yin, F.H.; Sun, C.X.; Xiang, Z. Report 4200
Parallel implementation of MLFMA for homogeneous objects with various material properties. Ergul, O. Report 4526
Polarization characteristics of a partially coherent Gaussian Schell-model beam in slant atmospheric turbulence. Li, Y.-Q.; Wu, Z.-S.; Wang, L.-G. Report 4600
Rigorous analysis of electromagnetic scattering by cylindrical EBG structures. Jandieri, V.; Yasumoto, K.; Cho, Y.-K. Report 6723
Signal constellation distortion and BER degradation due to hardware impairments in six-port receivers with analog I/Q generation. Moscoso-Martir, A.; Molina-Fernandez, I.; Ortega-Monux, A. Report 6766
Time domain analytical modeling of a straight thin wire buried in a lossy medium. Sesnic, S.; Poljak, D.; Tkachenko, S. Report 4661
Time-domain iterative physical optics method for analysis of EM scattering from the target half buried in rough surface: PEC case. Li, J.; Wei, B.; He, Q.; Guo, L.; Ge, D. Report 5333
Ultrathin cylindrical cloak. Zhang, J.; Mortensen, N.A. Report 2525
Using nanoparticles for enhancing the focusing heating effect of an external waveguide applicator for oncology hyperthermia: evaluation in muscle and tumor phantoms. Trujillo-Romero, C.J.; Garcia-Jimeno, S.; Vera, A.; Leija, L.; Estelrich, J. Report 6403

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