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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research (July 1, 2011)

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A holly-leaf-shaped monopole antenna with low RCS for UWB application. Xu, H.-Y.; Zhang, H.; Lu, K.; Zeng, X.-F. Report 3147
A late-time analysis procedure for extracting weak resonances. Application to the Schumann resonances obtained with the TLM method. Morente, J.A.; Navarro, E.A.; Porti, J.A.; Salinas, A.; Morente-Molinera, J.A.; Toledo-Redondo, S.; Report 5733
A miniature CPW balun constructed with length-reduced 3 db couples and a short redundant transmission line. Yeh, Z.-Y.; Chiang, Y.-C. Report 3619
A multichanneled filter in a photonic crystal containing coupled defects. Hsu, H.-T.; Lee, M.-H.; Yang, T.-J.; Wang, Y.-C.; Wu, C.-J. Report 4118
A novel adaptive beamforming technique applied on linear antenna arrays using adaptive mutated Boolean PSO. Zaharis, Z.D.; Yioultsis, T.V. Report 5103
A novel quasi-elliptic waveguide transmit reject filter for Ku-band VSAT transceivers. Xu, Z.-B.; Guo, J.; Qian, C.; Dou, W.-B. Report 4219
A printed 2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz dual-band monopole antenna with a protruding stub in the ground plane for WLAN and RFID applications. Panda, J.R.; Kshetrimayum, R.S. Report 2673
A unequal coupled-line Wilkinson power divider for arbitrary terminated impedances. Wu, Y.; Liu, Y. Report 3179
An improved cubic polynomial method for Interpolating/extrapolating MoM matrices over a frequency band. Li, W.-D.; Miao, J.-X.; Hu, J.; Song, Z.; Zhou, H.-X. Report 3811
Compact dual-band bandpass filter using folded SIR with two stubs for WLAN. Ma, D.-C.; Xiao, Z.-Y.; Xiang, L.-L.; Wu, X.-H.; Huang, C.-Y.; Kou, X. Report 1788
Coupling matrix decomposition in designs and applications of microwave filters. K. Xiao; Ye, L.F.; Zhao, F.; Chai, S.L.; Li, L.-W. Report 3845
Efficient cluster identification for measured ultra-wideband channel impulse response in vehicle cabin. Li, B.; Zhou, Z.; Li, D.; Zhai, S. Report 8520
Embroidered fully textile wearable antenna for medical monitoring applications. Osman, M.A.R.; Rahim, M.K.A.; Samsuri, N.A.; Salim, H.A.M.; Ali, M.F. Report 4668
Enhancement of a Microwave Radiometry Imaging System's performance using left handed materials. Giamalaki, M.I.; Karanasiou, I.S. Report 3883
Evaluation of electromagnetic fields associated with inclined lightning channel using second order FDTD-Hybrid methods. Izadi, M.; Kadir, M.Z.A.A.; Gomes, C. Report 5558
Impedance measurements of nonuniform transmission lines in time domain using an improved recursive multiple reflection computation method. Liu, Y.; Tong, L.; Zhu, W.-X.; Tian, Y.; Gao, B. Report 4700
Improving silicon integrated antennas by substrate micromachining: a study of etching patterns. Gemio, J.; Parron, J.; De Paco, P.; Sacristan, J.; Baldi, A. Report 3504
Iterative hybrid method for electromagnetic scattering from a 3-D object above a 2-D random dielectric rough surface. Yang, W.; Zhao, Z.Q.; Qi, C.H.; Liu, W.; Nie, Z.P. Report 4457
Iterative time-reversal mirror method for imaging the buried object beneath rough ground surface. Zhu, X.; Zhao, Z.; Yang, W.; Zhang, Y.; Nie, Z.; Liu, Q.-H. Report 4411
Linear array SAR imaging via compressed sensing. Wei, S.-J.; Zhang, X.-L.; Shi, J. Report 6486
Non-invasive microwave radiometric system for intracranial applications: a study using the conformal L-notch microstrip patch antenna. Asimakis, N.P.; Karanasiou, I.S.; Uzunoglu, N.K. Report 5020
On the analytic-numeric treatment of weakly singular integrals on arbitrary polygonal domains. Lopez-Pena, S.; Polimeridis, A.G.; Mosig, J.R. Report 5108
On the influence of coupling AMC resonances for RCS reduction in the SHF band. de Cos, M.E.; Alvarez, Y.; Las-Heras, F. Report 4638
Pattern synthesis of conformal arrays by a modified particle swarm optimization. Li, W.-T.; Hei, Y.-Q.; Shi, X.-W. Report 4408
Periodic time-varying noise in current-commutating CMOS mixers. Guo, B.; Wen, G. Report 4582
Second-order scattering induced reflection divergence and nonlinear depolarization on randomly corrugated semiconductor nano-pillars. Lin, G.-R.; Meng, F.-S.; Lin, Y.-H. Report 4380
The effects of compression on Ultra Wideband Radar signals. McGinley, B.; O'Halloran, M.; Conceicao, R.; Higgins, G.; Jones, E.; Glavin, M. Report 4540

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