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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research (December 1, 2011)

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A 3D target imaging algorithm based on two-pass circular SAR observations. Yu, L.J.; Zhang, Y.H. Report 4438
A circular synthetic aperture radar for on-the-ground object detection. Mohammadpoor, M.; Abdullah, R.S.A. Raja; Ismail, A.; Abas, A.F. Report 6445
A compact multilayer dual-mode substrate integrated circular cavity (SICC) filter for X-band application. Zhang, Z.-G.; Fan, Y.; Cheng, Y.-J.; Zhang, Y.-H. Report 3912
A fast inverse polynomial reconstruction method based on conformal Fourier transformation. Liu, Z.; Liu, Q.H.; Zhu, C.H.; Yang, J.Y. Report 5627
A hybrid method based on differential evolution and continuous ant colony optimization and its application on wideband antenna design. Chang, L.; Liao, C.; Lin, W.B.; Chen, L.-L.; Zheng, X. Report 3891
A mixing vector based an affine combination of two adaptive filters for sensor array beamforming. Lu, S.T.; Sun, J.P.; Wang, G.H.; Lu, Y.L. Report 8695
A new unmanned aerial vehicle synthetic aperture radar for environmental monitoring. Koo, V.C.; Chan, Y.K.; Gobi, V.; Chua, M.Y.; Lim, C.H.; Lim, C.S.; Thum, C.C.; Lim, T.S.; Ahmad, Z.; Report 5930
A novel non-interpolation polar format algorithm using non-lineal flight trajectories and auto-adaptive PRF technique. Wang, Y.; Li, J.W.; Chen, J.; Xu, H.P.; Sun, B. Report 5112
A PCB noise analysis regarding EMP penetration using an Electromagnetic Topology method. Han, S.M.; Bang, J.J.; Huh, C.S.; Choi, J.S. Report 3866
A time-domain approach to the synthesis of UWB antenna system. Lizzi, L.; Oliveri, G.; Massa, A. Report 4977
An ANN-based small-signal equivalent circuit model for MOSFET device. Li, N.; Li, X.P.; Quan, S.G. Report 3546
Analysis of topological derivative function for a fast electromagnetic imaging of perfectly conducing cracks. Ma, Y.-K.; Kim, P.-S.; Park, W.-K. Report 3912
Axial-flux permanent-magnet motor design for electric vehicle direct drive using sizing equation and finite element analysis. Mahmoudi, A.; Rahim, N.A.; Ping, H.W. Report 7389
Compact hybrid coaxial architecture for 3-10 GHz UWB quasi-optical power combiners. Russo, I.; Boccia, L.; Amendola, G.; Schumacher, H. Report 4796
Design and optimization of low RCS patch antennas based on a genetic algorithm. Zhu, X.; Shao, W.; Li, J.-L.; Dong, Y. Report 3257
Dual circular polarized steering antenna for satellite communications in X band. Exposito-Dominguez, G.; Fernandez-Gonzalez, J.M.; Padilla, P.; Sierra-Castaner, M. Report 3449
Electrically tunable Fabry-Perot resonator based on microstructured SI containing liquid crystal. Tolmachev, V.A.; Melnikov, V.A.; Baldycheva, A.V.; Berwick, K.; Perova, T.S. Report 5492
Electromagnetic optimal design for dual-band radome wall with alternating layers of staggered composite and Kagome lattice structure. Pei, Y.M.; Zeng, A.M.; Zhou, L.C.; Zhang, R.B.; Xu, K.X. Report 4729
Experimental and theoretical studies of a broadband superluminality in Fabry-Perot interferometer. Yao, H.Y.; Chang, T.H. Report 3795
Extraction of internal spatial features of inhomogeneous dielectric objects using near-field reflection data. Kurrant, D.; Fear, E. Report 8444
Improving the reliability of frequency domain simulators in the presence of homogeneous metamaterials--a preliminary numerical assessment. Oliveri, G. Report 6834
Mapping the SBR and TW-ILDCs to heterogeneous CPU-GPU architecture for fast computation of electromagnetic scattering. Gao, P.C.; Tao, Y.B.; Bai, Z.H.; Lin, H. Report 5214
Matrix structure of metamaterial absorbers for multispectral terahertz imaging. Kuznetsov, S.A.; Paulish, A.G.; Gelfand, A.V.; Lazorskiy, P.A.; Fedorinin, V.N. Report 2693
Numerical and experimental analysis of EMI-induced noise in RC phase shift oscillator. Tsai, H.-C. Report 6080
Optimized local superposition in wireless sensor networks with T-average-mutual-coherence. Guo, D.; Qu, X.; Huang, L.; Yao, Y. Report 6360
Point-point fixed wireless and broadcasting services coexistence with IMT-Advanced system. Shamsan, Z.A.; Rahman, T.A.; Al-hetar, A.M. Report 5473
Reduction of numerical dispersion of the six-stages split-step unconditionally-stable FDTD method with controlling parameters. Kong, Y.-D.; Chu, Q.-X. Report 6500
Suspended substrate stripline bandpass filters with source-load coupling structure using lumped and full-wave mixed approach. Ho, M.-H.; Chen, P.-F. Report 5487
Target detection in pulse-train MIMO radars applying ICA algorithms. Hatam, M.; Sheikhi, A.; Masnadi-Shirazi, M.A. Report 7665
Three-dimensional magnetic induction tomography imaging using a matrix free Krylov subspace inversion algorithm. Wei, H.Y.; Soleimani, M. Report 5044

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