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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research (August 1, 2011)

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A bimodal reconstruction method for breast cancer imaging. Flores-Tapia, D.; O'Halloran, M.; Pistorius, S. Report 8319
A compact dual-polarized broadband antenna with hybrid beam-forming capabilities. Peng, H.-L.; Yin, W.-Y.; Mao, J.-F.; Huo, D.; Hang, X.; Zhou, L. Report 4739
A grating-based plasmon biosensor with high resolution. Luo, Z.; Suyama, T.; Xu, X.; Okuno, Y. Report 4604
A higher order analysis of a class of inhomogeneously filled conducting waveguides. Khodapanah, E.; Nikmehr, S. Report 6185
A quasi three-dimensional ray tracing method based on the virtual source tree in urban microcellular environments. Liu, Z.-Y.; Guo, L.-X. Report 4882
A slow light fishnet-like absorber in the millimeter-wave range. Navarro-Cia, M.; Torres, V.; Beruete, M.; Sorolla, M. Report 4363
Analysis of dependence of resonant tunneling on static positive parameters in a single-negative bilayer. Lin, W.-H.; Wu, C.-J.; Yang, T.-J.; Chang, S.-J. Report 5142
Analysis of reflection gratings by means of a matrix method approach. Frances, J.; Neipp, C.; Marquez, A.; Belendez, A.; Pascual, I. Report 5047
ANN-based pad modeling technique for MOSFET devices. Li, X.; Li, Y.; Zhao, J. Report 3141
Attenuation in extended structures coated with thin magneto-dielectric absorber layer. Koledintseva, M.Y.; Razmadze, A.G.; Gafarov, A.Y.; Khilkevich, V.V.; Drewniak, J.L.; Tsutaoka, T. Report 4792
Comparison of surface integral equations for left-handed materials. Araujo, M.G.; Taboada, J.M.; Rivero, J.; Obelleiro, F. Report 4653
Design and optimization of equal split broadband microstrip Wilkinson power divider using enhanced particle swarm optimization algorithm. Wang, D.; Zhang, H.; Xu, T.; Wang, H.; Zhang, G. Report 3758
Efficient proper orthogonal decomposition for backscatter pattern reconstruction. Wang, C.-F. Report 2294
Electric field Discontinuity-Considered Effective-Permittivities and Integration-Tensors for the three-dimensional Finite-Difference Time-Domain method. Lee, Y.-G. Report 4849
Field synthesis in inhomogeneous media: joint control of polarization, uniformity and SAR in MRI [B.sub.1]-field. Attardo, E.A.; Isernia, T.; Vecchi, G. Report 6741
Frequency domain dynamic thermal analysis in GaAs HBT for power amplifier applications. Thein, T.T.; Law, C.L.; Fu, K. Report 4460
Fuzzy-control-based particle filter for maneuvering target tracking. Wang, X.F.; Chen, J.F.; Shi, Z.G.; Chen, K.S. Report 4437
Impedance-mismatched hyperlens with increasing layer thicknesses. Li, X.; Ye, Y.Q.; Jin, Y. Report 5377
Millimeter wave microstrip mixer based on graphene. Hotopan, G.; Ver Hoeye, S.; Vazquez, C.; Camblor, R.; Fernandez, M.; Las Heras, F.; Alvarez, P.; Men Report 2695
Multifolded bandwidth banch line coupler with filtering characteristic using coupled port feeding. Wong, Y.S.; Zheng, S.Y.; Chan, W.S. Report 5561
On the dispersion relations of tapered core optical fibers with liquid crystal clad. Choudhury, P.K.; Ping, P.T.S. Report 4341
On the feasibility of the linear sampling method for 3D GPR surveys. Catapano, I.; Soldovieri, F.; Crocco, L. Report 5373
Oscillator accurate linear analysis and design. Classic linear methods review and comments. Gonzalez-Posadas, V.; Jimenez-Martin, J.L.; Parra-Cerrada, A.; Segovia-Vargas, D.; Garcia-Munoz, L.E Report 6867
Polarization-invariant directional cloaking by transformation optics. Agarwal, K.; Chen, X.; Hu, L.; Liu, H.; Uhlmann, G. Report 2620
RCS computation using a parallel in-core and out-of-core direct solver. Garcia-Donoro, D.; Martinez-Fernandez, I.; Garcia-Castillo, L.E.; Zhang, Y.; Sarkar, T.K. Report 6035
Study of nonreciprocal devices using three-strip ferrite coupled line. Marynowski, W.; Mazur, J. Report 4301
Synthesis of unequally spaced antenna arrays by using inheritance learning particle swarm optimization. Liu, D.; Feng, Q.-Y.; Wang, W.-B.; Yu, X. Report 5371
Theoretical investigation of rectangular patch antenna miniaturization based on the DPS-ENG bi-layer super-slow TM wave. Xiong, J.; Li, H.; Wang, B.Z.; Jin, Y.; He, S. Report 5651
Transient wave propagation in a general dispersive media using the Laguerre functions in a marching-on-in-degree (MOD) methodology. Jung, B.H.; Mei, Z.; Sarkar, T.K. Report 4322
Transport and electronic properties of the GaAs ALD-FET. Oubram, O.; Gaggero-Sager, L.M.; Navarro, O.; Ouadou, M. Report 5615

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