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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research M (May 1, 2013)

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A duality between metamaterials and conventional materials in multilayered anisotropic planar structures. Heidary, Maryam; Abdolali, Ali; Salary, Mohammad M.; Mirzaei, Hossein 2734
A simple technique for improving the anechoic performance of a pyramidal absorber. Iqbal, Muhammad N.; Malek, Fareq; Lee, Yeng S.; Zahid, Liyana; Hussain, Muhammad I.; Malek, Mohd F.H 4386
An efficient scheme for analysis of electromagnetic scattering from target and environment composite model. Wang, Min; Chen, Jialin; Cao, Yanjie 3059
Analysis of novel fractal optical antenna arrays--a conceptual approach. Levy, Mounissamy; Kumar, Dhamodharan S.; Dinh, Anh 3128
Analysis of shielding effectiveness of enclosures with apertures and inner windows with TLM. Hao, Jian-Hong; Qi, Pei-Hua; Fan, Jie-Qing; Guo, Yongqing 2176
Complex permittivity logging tool excited by transient signal for MWD/LWD. Wang, Bin; Li, Kang; Kong, Fan Min; Sheng, Shi Wei 5222
Design of optical devices based on hybrid periodic/Fibonacci Photonic Crystal in the visible and the near infrared domains. Mouldi, Abir; Kanzari, Mounir 3205
Design of spiral circular coils in wet and dry tissue for bio-implanted micro-system applications. Mutashar, Saad; Hannan, M.A.; Samad, Salina A.; Hussain, Aini 5901
Extension of the transmission line theory application with modified enhanced per-unit-length parameters. Chabane, Sofiane; Besnier, Philippe; Klingler, Marco 3667
Interference interaction of counter-propagating pulses on a magneto-dielectric slab. Kochetov, Bogdan A. 3010
Magnetic guiding of a moving ferromagnetic sphere. Jessie, Darryl S.; Bradley, Michael P. 3555
Magneto-kinematical and electro-kinematical fields. Leus, Vladimir A. 3695
Multiresolution time domain scheme using symplectic integrators. Sun, Zheng; Shi, Li Hua; Zhang, Xiang; Zhou, Ying Hui 2805
Quasi-optical Frequency Selective Surface for atmospheric remote sensing application. Xia, Bu Gang; Zhang, De Hai; Huang, Jian; Meng, Jin 3883
Radiation from axial slot on an infinitely long conducting circular cylinder eccentrically coated with dielectric and partly embedded in a ground plane. Ragheb, Hassan A.; Hassan, Essam E. 2778
Reconstruction of microwave absorption of multiple tumors in heterogeneous tissue for microwave-induced thermo- acoustic tomography. Wang, Jin-Guo; Zhao, Zhi-Qin; Song, Jian; Nie, Zai-Ping; Liu, Qing-Huo 4314
Single-nanoweb suspended twin-core fiber for optical switching. Ma, Xiaowei; Chen, Daru 4290
Study of ionospheric effects on azimuth imaging for Medium-Earth-Orbit SAR. Li, Liang; Hong, Jun 4122
Surface electromagnetic waves in finite semiconductor-dielectric periodic structure in an external magnetic field. Baibak, Vladislava V.; Fedorin, Illia V.; Bulgakov, Aleksey A. 5098
Time-reversal focus-gain flatness of polarization-varying electromagnetic fields in rectangular resonant cavity. Chen, Yingming; Wang, Bing-Zhong; Zhou, Hong-Cheng 2770

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