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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research M (March 1, 2013)

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A dual-band Terahertz metamaterial based on a hybrid 'H'-shaped cell. Guo, Wanyi; He, Lianxing; Sun, Hao; Zhao, Hongwei; Li, Biao; Sun, Xiao-Wei Report 3195
A fast tuning method for microwave filter using VF-ASM technology. Zhang, Yongliang; Su, Tao; Li, Zhipeng; Liang, Changhong Report 3247
A support vector machine for identification of monitors based on their unintended electromagnetic emanation. Mo, Fan; Lu, Yinghua; Zhang, Jinling; Cui, Qiang; Qiu, Sihai Report 3322
A way to improve the accuracy of displacement measurement by a two-probe implementation of microwave interferometry. Doronin, Aleksei V.; Gorev, Nikolai B.; Kodzhespirova, Inna F.; Privalov, Evgeny N. Report 3769
An analytic expression for near-field angular glint prediction of radar sensor using far-field scattering centers models. Fan, Jianpeng; Fan, Shijie; Fan, Hongqi; Xiao, Huaitie Report 3316
An exact formulation for the reflection coefficient from anisotropic multilayer structures with arbitrary backing. Abdolali, Ali; Heidary, Maryam; Salary, Mohammad M. Report 3338
Analytical investigation of periodic coplanar waveguides. Chen, Teng-Kai; Huff, Gregory H. Report 4194
Collocated SIBC-FDTD method for coated conductors at oblique incidence. Shi, Lijuan; Yang, Lixia; Ma., Hui; Ding, Jianning Report 3449
Design of metaparticles as sharp frequency-selective obscurant aerosols. Alyones, Sharhabeel; Jelinek, Al V.; Granado, Michael; Bruce, Charles W. Report 2915
Electromagnetic wave propagation in soil for wireless underground sensor networks. Yu, Xiaoqing; Wu, Pute; Zhang, Zenglin; Wang, Ning; Han, Wenting Report 4240
Materials' insertion loss at 2.4, 3.3 and 5.5 GHz bands. Ahmed, Bazil Taha; Calvo, Ignacio Alvarez; Masa Campos, Jose Luis Report 2154
Modeling of the direct lightning strike on a towers cascade equipped with its protections. Boufenneche, Lotfi; Nekhoul, Bachir; Kerroum, Kamal; Drissi, Khalil El Khamlichi; Poljak, Dragan Report 3697
Multi-output least square support vector machine for the reconstruction of perfect electric conductor below rough surface. Cai, Jiliang; Tong, Chuangming; Ji, Weijie Report 3466
Retrieving evaporation duct heights from power of ground-based GPS occultation signal. Wang, Hong-Guang; Wu, Zhen-Sen; Lin, Le-Ke; Kang, Shi-Feng; Zhao, Zhen-Wei Report 3386
Scintillation index of a Gaussian Schell-model beam on slant atmospheric turbulence. Xiang, Ning-Jing; Wu, Zhen-Sen Report 3791
Stub based equivalent circuit models for even/odd mode dual CRLH unit cells. Safwat, Amr M.E.; Ibrahim, Amr A.; Othman, Mohamed A.; Shafee, Marwah; Abuelfadl, Tamer M. Report 3720
The ADI-FDTD method including lumped networks using piecewise linear recursive convolution technique. Xia, Fen; Chu, Qing-Xin; Kong, Yong-Dan; Kang, Zhi-Yong Report 2843
Theoretical and experimental studies of magnetic field on electromagnetic wave propagation in plasma. Xing, Xiao Jun; Zhao, Qing; Zheng, Ling Report 2636
Thermo-mechanical analysis of an improved thermal through silicon via (TTSV) structure. Huang, Lin-Juan; Zhao, Wen-Sheng Report 4589
Using spherical shells for gain enhancement of compact wideband phased arrays. Eldek, Abdelnasser A. Report 2802

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