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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research M (May 1, 2011)

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A novel design of modified composite right/left-handed unit cell. Ramezanpour, S.; Nikmehr, S.; Poorziad, A. Report 3366
Analysis of the field focused by hyperbolic lens embedded in chiral medium. Kayani, T.M.; Mehmood, M.Q.; Mughal, M.J.; Rahim, T. Report 3199
Beam tracing for fast RCS prediction of electrically large targets. Park, H.-G.; Kim, H.-T.; Kim, K.-T. Report 2780
Breast cancer detection based on differential ultrawideband microwave radar. Byrne, D.; O'Halloran, M.; Glavin, M.; Jones, E. Report 3524
Caustic region fields of a 3D cassegrain system placed in bi-isotropic homogeneous chiral medium. Arshad; Mehmood, M.Q.; Mughal, M.J. Report 3290
Coplanar metamaterial micro-resonator. Nemer, S.; Sauviac, B.; Bayard, B.; Rousseau, J.J.; Nader, C.; Bechara, J.; Khoury, A. Report 1845
Design and optimization of a permanent magnet rotating machine for power cooling generation. Bouchekara, H.R.E.H.; Simsim, M.T.; Berrouche, Y.; Anwari, M. Report 5878
Detection and estimation of multicomponent polynomial phase signals by constructing regular cross terms. Zhang, X.; Cai, J.; Liu, L.; Yang, Y. Report 3052
Diffraction field behavior near the edges of a slot and strip. Serdyuk, V.M. Report 3726
Electrostatic analysis of transmission lines to simulate corona discharge at high voltage. Serteller, N.F. Oyman Report 1832
Fast computation of dipole radiation in stratified background using graphics processing unit. Quinto, M.; Boutami, S.; Hazart, J. Report 3426
Inverse source problem: a comparison between the cases of electric and magnetic sources. Solimene, R.; Mola, C.; Pierri, R.; Soldovieri, F. Report 3955
Microwave transmission of a hexagonal array of triangular metal patches. Stevens, G.; Edmunds, J.D.; Hibbins, A.P.; Sambles, J.R. Report 2911
Near field focusing effect and hyperbolic dispersion in dielectric photonic crystals. Yogesh, N.; Subramanian, V. Report 3233
Numerical analysis of conformal UC-PBG structures. Khaleel, H.R.; Rizzo, H.M. Al-; Rucker, D.G. Report 2707
On the design of concentric ring array for isoflux radiation in MEO satellites based on PSO. Reyna, A.; Panduro, M.A.; del Rio-Bocio, C. Report 4256
Photonic band structures and enhancement of omnidirectional reflection bands by using a ternary 1D photonic crystal including left-handed materials. Gharaati, A.; Zare, Z. Report 2869
Properties of envelope pulses developed in coupled nonlinear composite right- and left-handed transmission lines. Narahara, K. Report 3939
Rectangular ring-slot dielectric resonator antenna with small metallic patch. Madhuri, R.G.; Hadalgi, P.M. Report 1504
Transmission properties of stacked SRR metasurfaces in free space. Aznabet, M.; Navarro-Cia, M.; Beruete, M.; Falcone, F.; Sorolla, M.; Mrabet, O. El; Essaaidi, M. Report 3159

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