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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters (April 1, 2013)

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A compact CPW-FED monopole antenna with triple bands for WLAN/WiMAX applications. Dong, Liang; Zhang, Zhiya; Li, Wang; Fu, Guang Abstract 2653
A compact frequency reconfigurable unequal U-slot antenna with a wide tunability range. Ren, Zhen; Li, Wentao; Xu, Le; Shi, Xiaowei Abstract 1938
A comparison of ultra wide band conventional and direct detection radar for concealed human carried explosives detection. Harmer, Stuart W.; Bowring, Nicholas J.; Rezgui, Nacer D.; Andrews, David Abstract 2974
A folded slot antenna with pre-etched cavity and BCB support membrane on silicon wafer. Wang, Tian Xi; Han, Mei; Luo, Le Abstract 1422
A kind of coaxial resonator structure with low multipactor risk. Yu, Xumin; Tang, Xiaohong; Wang, Juan; Tang, Dan; He, Xinyang Abstract 1591
A new quality indicator for wideband untermination by using reflective standards. Fayos-Fernandez, Jose; Lozano-Guerrero, Antonio; Monzo-Cabrera, Juan Abstract 3364
A simple filtering-antenna with compact size for WLAN application. Zuo, Shao-Li; Wu, Wei-Jun; Zhang, Zhi-Ya Abstract 2284
Compact multiport array with reduced mutual coupling. Yu, Yantao; Jiang, Ying; Feng, Wenjiang; Mbayo, Sahr; Chen, Shiyong Abstract 2087
Compact wide stopband quasi-elliptic function lowpass filter using quasi-lumped elements. Miao, Chen; Xu, Jin; Wu, Wen Abstract 2719
Comparative evaluation of uncertainty transformation for measuring complex-valued quantities. Meng, Yu Song; Shan, Yueyan Abstract 2763
Conical beam windmill-shaped array antenna design based on quarter-mode substrate integrated waveguide. Jin, Cheng; Li, Rui; Alphones, Arokiaswami Abstract 1851
Design of an s-band two-way inverted asymmetrical Doherty power amplifier for long term evolution applications. Zhou, Hai-Jin; Wu, Hua Feng Abstract 2027
Electrostatics of a nanowire including nonlocal effects. Hewageegana, Prabath Abstract 3368
Experimental verification of a triple band thin radar absorber metamaterial for oblique incidence applications. Abdalla, Mahmoud A. Abstract 2838
Integrated compact circular polarization annular ring slot antenna design for RFID reader. Zhang, Jun Lin; Yang, Xiao Qing Abstract 1687
Materials' insertion loss in three frequency bands. Ahmed, Bazil Taha; Calvo, Ignacio Alvarez; Campos, Jose Luis Masa Abstract 1293
Miniaturized crossed-dipole circularly polarized fractal antenna. Liu, Guo; Xu, Liang; Wu, Zhensen Abstract 3662
Multiband slot antennas for metal back cover mobile handsets. Zhong, Jiangwei; Edwards, Robert M.; Ma., Lei; Sun, Xiaowei Abstract 2660
Truncated rhombus-like slotted antennas with aperture coupling technique. Muhamud-Kayat, Suzilawati; Tarmizi Ali, Mohd; Salleh, Mohd Khairul Mohd; Rusli, Mohd Hazri Mohd; Ram Abstract 4378
Vector clustering of passive millimeter wave images with linear polarization for concealed object detection. Yeom, Seokwon; Lee, Dong-Su; Lee, Hyoung; Son, Jung-Young; Guschin, Vladimir P. Abstract 2270

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