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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research C (August 1, 2020)

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A Dual Circularly Reconfigurable Polarization Patch Antenna for Fifth Generation Mobile Communication Systems. Mallat, Nazih K.; Nouri, Mahdi; Aghdam, Sajjad A.; Zia, Muhammad T.; Harb, Bassam; Jafarieh, Alireza Report 4575
A Grating-Coupled Plasmon Index Sensor Observing the 0th Reflection Carefully and Sensibly for Recognizing the Resonance Curve with the Absorption Center: The Existing State of Affairs Aiming for Seven-Digit Resolution. Xu, Xun; Zheng, Miaoning; Okuno, Yoichi Report 5751
A High-Gain Polarization Reconfigurable Antenna Using Polarization Conversion Metasurface. Zhang, Xiang; Chen, Chang; Jiang, Shan; Wang, Yangyang; Chen, Weidong Report 2942
A Loop Antenna with Enlarged Bandwidth of Circular Polarization --Its Application in a Comb-Line Antenna. Hirose, Kazuhide; Nakatsu, Motoshi; Nakano, Hisamatsu Report 2634
A New Non-Convex Approach for Compressive Sensing MRI. Yue, Huihui; Yin, Xiangjun Report 5148
Band Notched UWB MIMO/Diversity Antenna Design with Inductance Boosted Compact EBG Structures. Jaglan, Naveen; Dalai, Priyanka; Gupta, Samir D.; Abdalla, Mahmoud A. Report 5906
Compact Triple-Band CPW-Fed Square Slot Antenna with Dual-Polarization Characteristics for Wireless Applications. Wu, Ting; Chen, Juan; Wu, Peng-Fei Report 3033
Differentially Fed Dual-Polarized SIW Cavity-Backed Patch Antenna with Wide Bandwidth under Multimode Resonance. Xie, Jiao-Jiao; Chen, Zi Report 3812
Dual Band Circular Polarized Printed Dipole Antenna for S and C Band Wireless Applications. Deegwal, Gunaram; Jitendra, K.; Sharma, Vijay Report 5241
High Efficiency X-Band Series-Fed Microstrip Array Antenna. Shirkolaei, M. Mohammadi Report 3684
Parallel Hardware Architecture of the 3D FDTD Algorithm with Convolutional Perfectly Matched Layer Boundary Condition. Kong, Chang; Su, Tao Report 5998
Performance Evaluation of a Neural Network Model and Two Empirical Models for Estimating Soil Moisture Based on Sentinel-1 SAR Data. Li, Yan; Yan, Songhua; Chen, Nengcheng; Gong, Jianya Report 5720
Small Signal Bi-Period Harmonic Undulator Free Electron Laser. Mishra, Ganeswar; Sharma, Avani; Khan, Saif M. Report 3699
Sparse Self-Calibration for Microwave Staring Correlated Imaging with Random Phase Errors. Yuan, Bo; Jiang, Zheng; Zhang, Jianlin; Guo, Yuanyue; Wang, Dongjin Report 6065
Specific Action as a Metric to Determine Thermal Degradation of Conductive Fabrics Exposed to High Current Impulses. Pantoja, John J.; Cristancho, Jorge A.; Rodriguez, Jorge E.; Rivera, Carlos A.; Roman, Francisco; Ve 5326
Study of Resistive Thin-Film Coatings for Application in Millimeter-Band Vacuum Power Amplifiers. Starodubov, Andrey V.; Makarkin, Stanislav A.; Serdobintsev, Alexey A.; Pavlov, Anton M.; Galushka, Report 4865
Surface Fault Detection in Pipelines Using CSRR Microwave-Based Sensor. Chuma, Euclides L.; Lano, Yuzo; Barcelos, Sergio; Herrera, Luis Ernesto Ynoquio; Filho, Laez Barbosa 2985
Surface Magnetic Resonance Tomography for Three-Dimensional Groundwater Using a Complex Model. Chen, Jian; Yang, Yujing; Wan, Ling; Lin, Tingting Report 5152
Three-Dimensional Magnetic Resonance Electrical Properties Tomography Based on Linear Integral Equation Derived from the Generalized Cauchy Formula. Fushimi, Motofumi; Nara, Takaaki Report 4775
Wideband Metasurface Polarization Converter with Double-Square-Shaped Patch Elements. Noishiki, Takashi; Kuse, Ryuji; Fukusako, Takeshi Report 3905

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