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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research C (February 1, 2013)

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A band-notched UWB printed half elliptical ring monopole antenna. Kang, Xiaole; Zhang, Hui; Li, Zengrui; Guo, Qingxin; Zhang, Xueqin; Wang, Junhong; Yang, Yaoqing Abstract 2475
A class E power amplifier with coupling coils for a wireless power transfer system. Yang, Jong-Ryul; Son, Hyeon-Chang; Park, Young-Jin Abstract 2416
A compact CPW-FED UWB antenna with GSM, GPS, bluetooth and dual notch bands applications. Luo, Yonglun; Xu, Liang; Xin, Zhengyu; He, Shuang 3144
A minimized wideband antenna array with decoupling networks for UHF RFID applications. Jia, Tianyu; Zhu, Hua; Li, Xiuping 3504
A new compensating method for the mutual coupling effect in adaptive antenna arrays composed of wire elements. Huang, Qiulin; Zhou, Hongxing; Shi, Xiaowei 5253
A novel interacting multiple model particle filter for maneuvering target tracking in clutter. Wang, Jiantao; Fan, Bo; Li, Yanpeng; Zhuang, Zhaowen 4652
A planar self-complementary bow-tie antenna for UWB applications. Sayidmarie, Khalil H.; Fadhel, Yasser A. 3203
An optimal design of CPW-fed UWB aperture antennas with WiMAX/WLAN notched band characteristics. Mandal, Tapan; Das, Santanu 3272
Broadband substrate integrated coaxial line to CBCPW transition for rat-race couplers and dual-band couplers design. Liu, Qiang; Liu, Yuanan; Wu, Yongle; Li, Shulan; Yu, Cuiping; Su, Ming 3795
Design of novel reconfigurable frequency selective surfaces with two control techniques. ElMahgoub, Khaled; Yang, Fan; Elsherbeni, Atef Z. Abstract 3114
Dual-band Sierpinski pre-fractal antenna for 2.4 GHz-WLAN and 800 MHz-LTE wireless devices. Viani, Federico Abstract 2489
FPGA implementation of space-time adaptive processing (STAP) algorithm for target detection in passive radars. Mahmood, Zia Ul; Alam, Mubashir; Jamil, Khalid; Al-Hekail, Zeyad O. Abstract 3310
High performances local oscillator signal driver for 60 GHz I/Q systems in 65 nm CMOS technology. Ercoli, Mariano; Dragomirescu, Daniela; Plana, Robert Abstract 3118
Human body effects on inkjet-printed flexible RF interconnections. Alam, Shahed; Sillanpaa, Hannu P.; Makinen, Riku M. Abstract 3705
Novel design of stacked dual layer strip lines fed wideband patch antenna for GNSS application. Li, Xi; Yang, Lin; Chen, Qiong 2269
Planar microstrip bandpass filter with Wide dual bands using parallel-coupled lines and stepped impedance resonators. Marimuthu, Jayaseelan; Abbosh, Amin M.; Henin, Bassem Abstract 3991
Quasi-elliptic microstrip bandstop filter using tap coupled open-loop resonators. Yeo, Kenneth S.K.; Vijaykumar, Punna Abstract 2576
Selection of ideal feed profile for asymptotic conical dipole fed impulse radiating antenna. Singh, Dhiraj K.; Pande, Devendra C.; Bhattacharya, Amithabha Abstract 3568
Visualization of water transport pathways in plants using diffusion tensor imaging. Gruwel, Marco L.H.; Latta, Peter; Sboto-Frankenstein, Uta; Gervai, Patricia Abstract 2796
Wideband shorted annular stacked patch antenna for global navigation satellite system application with compact size and broad beamwidth characteristics. Li, Xi; Yang, Lin; Wang, Min; Wang, Yi; Chen, Xi; Lei, Juan Abstract 2173

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