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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research C (August 1, 2013)

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A 6.0 GHz small printed monopole antenna for wireless implantable body area network applications. Ramli, Nur H.; Kamarudin, Muhammad R.; Samsuri, Noor A.; Ahyat, Ezla N.; Abdulrahman, Amuda Y.; Jaml Abstract 2989
A compact dual-band band-pass filter with wide stop-band using two resonators combined by via-hole. Xu, Fang; Wang, Zongjie; Xiao, Mi; Duan, Jizong; Cui, Jiayang; Zhu, Zhe; Ju, Mu; Liu, Yang Abstract 2800
A compact wideband bandpass filter using novel CSRR loaded QMSIW resonator with high selectivity. Cao, Hailin; He, Sijia; Li, Hao; Yang, Shizhong Abstract 3795
A corner-fed square ring antenna with an L-shaped slot on ground plane for GPS application. Lee, Bau-Yi; Chen, Wen-Shan; Su, Yu-Ching; Chang, Fa-Shian Abstract 2207
A functional antenna tuner for slot patch antenna. Chu, Chia-Ching; Chen, Lih-Shan; Teng, Hsien-Chiao; Cherng, Shen Abstract 3175
A homogenous reference cells selector for CFAR detector in highly heterogeneous environment. Kong, Ling Jiang; Peng, Xin Yi; Zhang, Tian Xian Abstract 3450
A microstrip-fed multiband spiral ring monopole antenna with improved radiation characteristics at higher resonant frequencies. Zhang, Fu-Shun; Wan, Yang-Tao; Yu, Dan; Ye, Bing Abstract 3452
A wideband magneto-electric dipole antenna using CPW structure. Xie, Jiao-Jiao; Deng, Sheng-Liang; Yin, Ying-Zeng Abstract 2198
Asymmetric coplanar waveguide (ACPW)-fed zeroth-order resonant antenna with monopole resonator loading. Li, Yan; Feng, Quan-Yuan Abstract 3257
Bandwidth improvement of a compact quadrature hybrid coupler with harmonic rejection using lumped elements. Ye, Yu; Li, Ling-Yun; Gu, Jian-Zhong; Sun, Xiao-Wei Abstract 3789
Candidate for tissue mimicking material made of an epoxy matrix loaded with alginate microspheres. Zivkovic, Irena; Mahou, Redouan; Scheffler, Klaus; Wandrey, Christine Abstract 2943
Compact dual band-notched UWB antenna with parasitic micro-strip lines and T-shape stub. Liu, Xiang Long; Yin, Ying Zeng; Wang, Jun Hui; Xie, Jiao Jiao Abstract 2951
Compact microstrip dual-mode dual-band band-pass filters using stubs loaded coupled line. Xu, Jin; Wu, Wen Abstract 5065
Design and investigation of closely-packed diversity UWB slot-antenna with high isolation. Mao, Chun-Xu; Chu, Qing-Xin; Wu, Yu-Ting; Qian, Ya-Hui Abstract 2692
Design of a compact tri-band power divider with unequal outputs. Zhou, Hai Jin; Wu, Hua Feng; Lei, Guo Zhong; Ma, Yun Zhu Abstract 2817
Design of a compact wideband MIMO antenna for mobile terminals. Xia, Xing-Xing; Chu, Qing-Xin; Li, Jian-Feng Abstract 3642
Design of a printable, compact parasitic array with dual notches. Yu, Jay J.; Lim, Sungkyun Abstract 2996
Knowledge-aided (potentially cognitive) sidelobe nulling on transmit for mechanical distortions of phased array antennas. Sun, Ying; He, Zishu; Li, Jun Abstract 3410
Novel method to detect and recover the keystrokes of PS/2 keyboard. Du, Yulei; Lu, Yinghua; Zhang, Jinling Abstract 3077
Ultra-wideband multi-stub loaded ring resonator bandpass filter with a notched-band. Li, Zhi-Peng; Su, Tao; Zhang, Yong-Liang; Wang, Sheng-Jie; Liang, Chang-Hong Abstract 3706

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