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Articles from Progress In Electromagnetics Research B (September 1, 2011)

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A compact UWB antenna with dual band rejection. Tilanthe, P.; Sharma, P.C.; Bandopadhyay, T.K. Report 4202
A novel ultra-fast ultra-simple adaptive blind beamforming algorithm for smart antenna arrays. Jabbar, A.N. Report 3939
Aerial degrees of freedom of parasitic arrays for single RF front-end MIMO transceivers. Barousis, V.I.; Kanatas, A.G. Report 5975
Analysis and design of universal compact flexible UHF RFID tag antenna. Abo-Elnaga, T.G.; Abdallah, E.A.F.; Hennawy, H. El- Report 4833
Analysis and efficient estimation of random wire bundles excited by plane-wave fields. Xie, H.; Wang, J.; Li, S.; Qiao, H.; Li, Y. Report 4545
Comparison of radar and thermoacoustic techniques in microwave breast imaging. Zhu, G.K.; Popovic, M. Report 4062
Design and implementation of a planar 4 x 4 butler matrix in SIW technology for wide band high power applications. Djerafi, T.; Fonseca, N.J.G.; Wu, K. Report 4857
Design optimization of two synchronous reluctance machine structures with maximized torque and power factor. Tahi, S.; Ibtiouen, R.; Bounekhla, M. Report 5502
Development of novel tunable dual-band negative index metamaterial using open stub-loaded stepped-impedance resonator. Alhawari, A.R.H.; Ismail, A.; Mahdi, M.A.; Abdullah, R.S.A. Raja Report 5303
Effective resistance of grounded humans for whole-body averaged SAR estimation at resonance frequencies. Yanase, K.; Hirata, A. Report 3644
Improved formulation of scattering matrices for semi-analytical methods that is consistent with convention. Rumpf, R.C. Report 6799
Low-frequency scattering analysis and homogenisation of split-ring elements. Sten, J.C.-E.; Sjoberg, D. Report 7784
Numerical and experimental study of the hydrodynamic phenomena in heterogeneous sea surface, EM bistatic scattering. Khadra, S.B.; Khenchaf, A.; Khadhra, K.B. Report 3535
On some optimal mimo antenna coefficients in multipath channels. Glazunov, A. Alayon; Zhang, J. Report 7091
Photonic modes in dispersive and lossy superlattices containing negative-index materials. Kinto-Ramirez, H.; Palomino-Ovando, M.A.; Ramos-Mendieta, F. Report 5440
Planar inductor design for high power applications. Eroglu, A. Report 4225
Rain cell sizing for the design of high capacity radio link systems in South Africa. Akuon, P.O.; Afullo, T.J.O. Report 7782
Reference range correlation (RRcR) ranging and performance bounds for on-body UWB-based body sensor networks. Shaban, H.A.; Nasr, M. Abou El-; Buehrer, R.M. Report 4719
Robust antenna array beamforming under cycle frequency mismatch. Lee, J.-H. Report 6210
Time-domain integral equation solver for radiation from dipole antenna loaded with general bi-isotropic objects. Zhu, H.; Wu, Z.-H.; Zhang, X.-Y.; Hu, B.-J. Report 5678

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