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Programmable DC Supplies Cover Range to 1560 W.

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the PSU-HV Series of single output programmable switching DC power supplies that can provide up to 15 A current and cover a power range up to 1560 W. These high efficiency, high power density 1 U-height supplies include five models from 100 V to 600 V output. More than one unit can be combined for increased power capacity. Made by GW Instek, the PSU-HV series has five models (100 V/15 A, 150 V/10 A, 300 V/5 A, 400 V/3.8 A, and 600 V/2.6 A) to satisfy many high voltage application demands.

Features include:

* Constant Voltage / Constant Current selection limits current spikes, protecting the DUT from inrush current damage

* Over-Voltage Protection (OVP) and Over-Current Protection (OCP) levels can be selected from 10 percent to 110 percent, with the default level set at 110 percent of the power supply's rated voltage/ current

* Adjustable slew rate of the PSU-HV Series allows users to set either output voltage or output current with a specific rise time for low to high level transition, and a specific fall time for high to low level transition

* Flexible settings of High/Low Level or Trigger input /Trigger output signals with pulse width of 1-60 ms

* Comes with USB Host, USB Device, LAN, RS-232 with RS-485, and isolated analog control interface as standard

* LabView driver also available for rear-panel external control of Power On/Off and external monitoring of the power output voltage and current

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Date:Oct 1, 2017
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