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Experts fear diabetes timebomb with millions of UK cases still undiagnosed. May 30, 2021 170
Radical nephrectomy with resection of vena cava thrombus using extracorporeal circulation and deep hypothermic circulatory arrest. Nason, Gregory J.; Ajib, Khaled; Tan, Guan Hee; Woon, Dixon T.S.; Christakis, George T.; Nam, Robert Report Mar 2, 2021 3601
Analysis of the effect of Lyophilized Recombinant Human Brain Natriuretic Peptide on Endothelial Function in patients with acute myocardial infarction. Bosong Wang, Hong Xu, Chengqin Li, Xiaoding Wang, Weidong Sun and Jinlong Li Feb 24, 2021 2486
Effects of etibatide combined with emergency percutaneous coronary intervention on blood perfusion and cardiac function in patients with acute myocardial infarction. Ying Hu, Fan-xing Qi, Li-na Yu and Wei Geng Clinical report Feb 24, 2021 3529
A severe COVID-19 case with schizophrenia as well as other chronic diseases. Zeng, Lizhu; Zhang, Huagen; He, Yongjun; Lai, Bifa; Huang, Zhen; Lin, Li; Zhong, Zhixiong; Guo, Xuem Feb 19, 2021 2602
Long-Term Outcome in Adhesive Capsulitis Associated with Type 2 Diabetes. Pushpa, Chithra; Saradakutty, Geetha; Das, Sunil; Iype, Thomas Dec 14, 2020 2797
Diabetics at higher risk of dying from COVID-19. Oct 27, 2020 744
How the strength of your grip says a lot about your health; Grip strength may also be useful for predicting survival from cancer. By, Adam Taylor, Lancaster University & Daniel Smith Oct 18, 2020 926
Heightened ACE Activity and Unfavorable Consequences in COVID-19 Diabetic Subjects. Sandooja, Rashi; Vura, Naga Venkata Rama Krishna; Morocco, Michael Jul 31, 2020 3459
Fournier Gangrene Associated with Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter-2 Inhibitors: A Pharmacovigilance Study with Data from the U.S. FDA Adverse Event Reporting System. Hu, Yang; Bai, Ziyu; Tang, Yan; Liu, Rongji; Zhao, Bin; Gong, Jian; Mei, Dan Report Jul 31, 2020 5412
Comparison of Machine Learning Methods and Conventional Logistic Regressions for Predicting Gestational Diabetes Using Routine Clinical Data: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Ye, Yunzhen; Xiong, Yu; Zhou, Qiongjie; Wu, Jiangnan; Li, Xiaotian; Xiao, Xirong Report Jun 30, 2020 7090
Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Ratio Predicts Adverse Cardiovascular Outcome in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients Younger than 60 Years Old. Zeng, Yingsi; Chen, Zijun; Chen, Qinkai; Zhan, Xiaojiang; Long, Haibo; Peng, Fenfen; Zhang, Fengping Jun 30, 2020 7625
Clinical Features of Painful Ophthalmoplegia with a High-Intensity Ring Appearance around the Optic Nerve on MRI: A Case Series. Nosaki, Yasunobu; Ohyama, Ken; Watanabe, Maki; Yokoi, Takamasa; Iwai, Katsushige Apr 30, 2020 3295
Effects of Glucose Fluctuation Targeted Intervention on the Prognosis of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes following the First Episode of Cerebral Infarction. Lou, Qingqing; Yuan, Xiaodan; Hao, Shujie; Miller, Joshua D.; Yan, Juan; Zuo, Panpan; Li, Jianing; Y Mar 1, 2020 7335
Anaerobic Bacteremias in Left Ventricular Assist Devices and Advanced Heart Failure. Murillo-Garcia, David R.; Galindo, Julian; Pinto, Natalia; Motoa, Gabriel; Benamu, Esther; Franco-Pa Dec 31, 2019 3392
Development of an Evidence-Based Practice Standard: Timing of Preprandial Blood Glucose Monitoring in the Inpatient Setting. Eichmiller, Brianne B.; Horner, Margaret; Sanjurjo, Veronica G. Nov 1, 2019 2462
Lack of sleep linked to early death. Oct 3, 2019 217
Lack of sleep linked to early death. Oct 3, 2019 217
Evaluating the Association of Red Blood Cell Parameters and Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetic Patients at Tien Giang General Hospital. Van Ta, Tram; Nguyen, Huyen Bich Thi; Tran, Hai Thanh; Pham, Hien The Report Oct 1, 2019 4338
Metabolic Comorbidities and Risk of Development and Severity of Drug-Induced Liver Injury. Li, Xu; Gao, Pujun; Niu, Junqi Clinical report Sep 30, 2019 7665
Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy--An ECG Correlation in Type 2 Diabetes. Vijayan, Subashini; Ganesamoorthy, K.; Padmini, Usha; Ravikumar. T. Sep 2, 2019 2870
Streptococcus constellatus Peritonitis and Subsequent Septic Shock following Intrauterine Device Removal. Tymon-Rosario, Joan; Atrio, Jessica M.; Yoon, Hyun Ah; Erlichman, David; Lerner, Veronica Aug 31, 2019 3337
Ultrasound Evaluation of Visceral Fat Thickness for Prediction of Metabolic Syndrome in the First Trimester of Pregnancy in a Sample of Non-obese Iranian Women. Ahmadi, Firoozeh; Moukhah, Somayeh; Hosseini, Roya; Maghari, Amirhossein Jul 1, 2019 3519
Effects of blood glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin levels on intravenous thrombolysis in patients with acute cerebral infarction and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Jun 30, 2019 3674
Significance of Microalbuminuria in Predicting Silent Myocardial Ischemia in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Using Myocardial Perfusion Imaging/Miyokard Perfuzyon Sintigrafisi ile Sessiz Miyokard iskemisi Saptanan Tip 2 Diyabetik Hastalarda Mikroalbuminurinin Onemi. Emami, Tayyebeh; Naeimei, Zohreh; Salehifard, Azita; Azizmohammadi, Zahra; Iranpour, Dariush; Kalant Clinical report Jun 1, 2019 4823
Severity of Vitamin D Deficiency Predicts Mortality in Ischemic Stroke Patients. Wajda, Jaroslaw; Swiat, Maciej; Owczarek, Aleksander J.; Brzozowska, Aniceta; Olszanecka-Glinianowic May 31, 2019 8287
Circulating Oxidative Stress Biomarkers in Clinical Studies on Type 2 Diabetes and Its Complications. Bigagli, Elisabetta; Lodovici, Maura Clinical report May 31, 2019 12754
Cardiac Biomarkers: A Well Validated Clinical Management Tool. Smith, Fraser; Faydenko, Jocelyn Report May 1, 2019 2489
Body Mass Index Change as a Predictor of Biometric Changes following an Intensive Lifestyle Modification Program. Drozek, David; DeFabio, Alexandria; Amstadt, Randi; Dogbey, Godwin Y. Apr 30, 2019 3452
To Explore the Pathogenesis of Vascular Lesion of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Based on the PI3K/Akt Signaling Pathway. Gao, Jia-Rong; Qin, Xiu-Juan; Fang, Zhao-Hui; Li-Shan; Han, Li-Ping; Hui-Jiang; Guo, Ming-Fei; Jiang Apr 30, 2019 5541
miR-155 Predicts Long-Term Mortality in Critically 111 Patients Younger than 65 Years. Tacke, Frank; Spehlmann, Martina E.; Vucur, Mihael; Benz, Fabian; Luedde, Mark; Cardenas, David Varg Mar 31, 2019 5121
Correlation between Plasma Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor Levels and Long-Term Prognosis in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction Complicated with Diabetes. Yu, Haiyi; Wang, Xinyu; Deng, Xiangning; Zhang, Youyi; Gao, Wei Mar 31, 2019 6336
The Level of Serum Albumin Is Associated with Renal Prognosis in Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy. Zhang, Junlin; Zhang, Rui; Wang, Yiting; Li, Hanyu; Han, Qianqian; Wu, Yucheng; Wang, Tingli; Liu, F Mar 31, 2019 6332
Circulating Adipocyte Fatty Acid-Binding Protein Concentrations Predict Multiple Mortality Outcomes among Men and Women with Diabetes. Lee, Chi Ho; Cheung, Chloe Y.Y.; Woo, Yu Cho; Lui, David T.W.; Yuen, Michele M.A.; Fong, Carol H.Y.; Oct 1, 2018 7217
MICROALBUMINURIA AND ITS CORRELATION WITH GLYCEMIC CONTROL IN TYPE 2 DIABETIC PATIENTS. Muhammad, Riaz; Afridi, Muhammad Abdur Rahman; Ali, Zafar; Rahman, Syed Kashif Ur; Hussain Lal; Alam Report Sep 30, 2018 2857
Prognostic Impact of Fasting Plasma Glucose on Mortality and Re-Hospitalization in Patients with Acute Heart Failure. Chen, Yu-Yang; Chen, Yuan; Liang, Shu-Min; Su, Zi-Zhuo; Shu, Xiao-Rong; Zhang, Hai-Feng; Wan, Siu-Hi Report Sep 5, 2018 5437
Rubrivigilance in diabetes. Jul 31, 2018 1432
Genetic Risk, Lifestyle Predict CVD, Diabetes Independently; No interactions seen for any outcome; log-additive effect on risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Jun 28, 2018 258
Research Highlights. Downing, Jim Jun 1, 2018 1754
Platelet Distribution Width on Admission Predicts In-Stent Restenosis in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Treated with Percutaneous Coronary Intervention. Hu, Cheng-Ping; Du, Yu; Zhu, Yong; Shi, Chao; Qin, Zheng; Zhao, Ying-Xin Report Apr 15, 2018 3457
A Very Rare Case of a Retrospectively Diagnosed Iliocecal Neuroendocrine Tumor/Retrospektif Olarak Tani Konulmus Oldukca Nadir Bir Ileocekal Noroendokrin Tumor Vakasi. Jadhav, Bhagwat; Jamadar, Nawab; Kawlas, Rajesh; Davane, Milind; Nagoba, Basavraj Mar 1, 2018 1656
Outcome in patients with diabetes mellitus undergoing isolated surgical aortic valve replacement. Iliescu, Alina Cristina; Floria, Mariana; Grecu, Mihaela; Achitei, Ionut; Luca, Cristina; Tinica, Gr Report Mar 1, 2018 2554
Diabetes Raises Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death. Brief article Feb 1, 2018 246
Curmudgeon's Corner: Nightly Fasting Improves Cancer Prognosis. Schor, Jacob Jan 1, 2018 1949
New Methods for Analyzing Complex Biomedical Systems and Signals. Reljin, Irini; Obradovic, Zoran; Popovic, Mirjana B.; Mladenov, Valeri Jan 1, 2018 1980
Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Cirrhosis: A Review of Its Epidemiology, Risk Factors, Clinical Presentation, Diagnosis, Management, and Prognosis. Li, Bei; Zhang, Chuan; Zhan, Yu-Tao Jan 1, 2018 6176
Prevalence and Prognosis of Portopulmonary Hypertension in 223 Liver Transplant Recipients. Li, Jian; Zhuang, Qi; Zhang; Zheng, Ying; Qiao, Zhiqing; Zhang, Jianjun; Shen, Xuedong; Shen, Jieyan Jan 1, 2018 4256
Wound Fluid Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 as a Potential Predictive Marker for the Poor Healing Outcome in Diabetic Foot Ulcers. Jindatanmanusan, Punyanuch; Luanraksa, Sivat; Boonsiri, Tanit; Nimmanon, Thirayost; Arnutti, Pasra Report Jan 1, 2018 3177
The Impact of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus on Long-Term Prognosis in Patients of Different Ages with Myocardial Infarction. Afanasiev, S.A.; Garganeeva, A.A.; Kuzheleva, E.A.; Andriyanova, A.V.; Kondratieva, D.S.; Popov, S.V Report Jan 1, 2018 4087
The Potential of Angiogenin as a Serum Biomarker for Diseases: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Yu, Dongdong; Cai, Yikai; Zhou, Wei; Sheng, Jinghao; Xu, Zhengping Jan 1, 2018 11405
Treatment of Diabetic Macular Edema with Intravitreal Antivascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Prompt versus Deferred Focal Laser during Long-Term Follow-Up and Identification of Prognostic Retinal Markers. Weingessel, Birgit; Mihaltz, Kata; Gleiss, Andreas; Sulzbacher, Florian; Schutze, Christopher; Vecse Jan 1, 2018 6484
One-year eGFR decline rate is a good predictor of prognosis of renal failure in patients with type 2 diabetes. Nojima, Jun; Meguro, Shu; Ohkawa, Naoto; Furukoshi, Michiaki; Kawai, Toshihide; Itoh, Hiroshi Sep 1, 2017 5678
Pathology and Prognosis of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Renal Involvement. Cheng, Lu; Fu, Ping Editorial Jul 27, 2017 1409
Chiropractic management of a geriatric patient with idiopathic neuralgic amyotrophy: a case report. Gliedt, Jordan; Goehl, Justin M.; Smith, Derek P.; Daniels, Clinton J. Report Mar 1, 2017 4742
Positive Effect of Higher Adult Body Mass Index on Overall Survival of Digestive System Cancers Except Pancreatic Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Han, Jie; Zhou, Yumei; Zheng, Yuxiu; Wang, Miaomiao; Cui, Jianfeng; Chen, Pengxiang; Yu, Jinming Report Jan 1, 2017 10332
Insulin Resistance Predicts Atherogenic Lipoprotein Profile in Nondiabetic Subjects. Cartolano, Flavia De C.; Dias, Gabriela D.; de Freitas, Maria C.P.; Neto, Antonio M. Figueiredo; Dam Report Jan 1, 2017 6562
The Geriatric Nutritional Risk Index Independently Predicts Mortality in Diabetic Foot Ulcers Patients Undergoing Amputations. Xie, Yuanyuan; Zhang, Hailing; Ye, Tingting; Ge, Shengjie; Zhuo, Ruyi; Zhu, Hong Report Jan 1, 2017 6037
Biomarkers of Cardiovascular Disease. Huang, Ying; Gulshan, Kailash; Nguyen, True; Wu, Yuping Editorial Jan 1, 2017 1073
A Novel Protein Glycan-Derived Inflammation Biomarker Independently Predicts Cardiovascular Disease and Modifies the Association of HDL Subclasses with Mortality. McGarrah, Robert W.; Kelly, Jacob P.; Craig, Damian M.; Haynes, Carol; Jessee, Ryan C.; Huffman, Kim Report Jan 1, 2017 6032
Increased Trimethylamine N-Oxide Portends High Mortality Risk Independent of Glycemic Control in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Tang, W.H. Wilson; Wang, Zeneng; Li, Xinmin S.; Fan, Yiying; Li, Daniel S.; Wu, Yuping; Hazen, Stanl Report Jan 1, 2017 6185
Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Phenotype, Metformin, and Survival for Colorectal Cancer Patients with Diabetes Mellitus II. Wang, Yaodu; Wu, Zhiyang; Hu, Likuan Report Jan 1, 2017 6384
Lower Extremity Peripheral Arterial Disease Is an Independent Predictor of Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke Risks in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in China. Pang, Xiao-Hong; Han, Jue; Ye, Wan-Lan; Sun, Xue; Ding, Yue; Huang, Wen-Juan; Zhao, Yi-Ming; Lou, Ha Report Jan 1, 2017 5031
GDF-15 Is Associated with Cancer Incidence in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Pavo, Noemi; Wurm, Raphael; Neuhold, Stephanie; Adlbrecht, Christopher; Vila, Greisa; Strunk, Guido; Dec 1, 2016 7025
Clinical profile of acute myocardial infarction in young adults. Shah, Varsha; Jain, Uresh Clinical report Aug 1, 2016 2692
Characteristics of the relationship of kidney dysfunction with cardiovascular disease in high risk patients with diabetes. Losito, Attilio; Pittavini, Loretta; Zampi, Ivano; Zampi, Elena Report Jan 1, 2016 4918
Fracture risk in type 2 diabetes: current perspectives and gender differences. Russo, Giuseppina T.; Giandalia, Annalisa; Romeo, Elisabetta L.; Nunziata, Morabito; Muscianisi, Mar Report Jan 1, 2016 9976
The adrenal gland volume measurements in manifestation of the metabolic status in Type-2 diabetes mellitus patients. Serifoglu, Ismail; Oz, Ibrahim Ilker; Bilici, Muammer Clinical report Jan 1, 2016 3208
Insulin-sensitizers, polycystic ovary syndrome and gynaecological cancer risk. Lauretta, Rosa; Lanzolla, Giulia; Vici, Patrizia; Mariani, Luciano; Moretti, Costanzo; Appetecchia, Report Jan 1, 2016 13872
Role of Myeloperoxidase in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. Kisic, Bojana; Miric, Dijana; Dragojevic, Ilija; Rasic, Julijana; Popovic, Ljiljana Jan 1, 2016 8549
Pancreatic carcinoma: review of literature. Kumari, L. Veena May 7, 2015 5898
The role and quality of Hb [A.sub.1c]: a continuing evolution. Sikaris, Kenneth A. Report May 1, 2015 1866
Evaluation of mean platelet volume as a prognostic marker in type II diabetes mellitus. Navya, B.N.; Dhanalakshmi, D.P.; Vivek, T.G.; Kariappa, T.M. Clinical report Mar 5, 2015 2235
GDF-15 as a target and biomarker for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases: a translational prospective. Adela, Ramu; Banerjee, Sanjay K. Clinical report Jan 1, 2015 10951
Urinary angiotensinogen could be a prognostic marker of renoprotective effects of alogliptin in patients with type 2 diabetes. Mizushige, Tomoko; Kobori, Hiroyuki; Nishijima, Yoko; Yano, Yuichiro; Sakata, Koji; Hayakawa, Manabu Jan 1, 2015 4196
Plasma C-reactive protein levels as a prognostic marker in first ever acute ischemic stroke. Konin, Bharat; Konin, Savita; Kinhal, Sudhanva V.; Saraf, Niraj Report Dec 15, 2014 2857
Evidence of insulin resistance in adult uncomplicated malaria: result of a two-year prospective study. Acquah, Samuel; Boampong, Johnson Nyarko; Jnr, Benjamin Ackon Eghan; Eriksson, Magdalena Report Jan 1, 2014 6100
Predictors of cardiovascular disease in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Tan, M.C.; Wong, T.W.; Chan, Y.M.; Joseph, A.; Hejar, A.R.; Ng, O.C. Jul 1, 2013 6997
Type 2 diabetics often harbor undiagnosed heart failure. Zoler, Mitchel L. Jun 1, 2013 319
Mortality may be increased at [] below 7.5%. Tucker, Miriam E. Feb 15, 2010 838
Fitness can reduce mortality in diabetes. Jancin, Bruce Report Feb 1, 2009 642
Prevalence, incidence, predictors and outcome of type 2 diabetes in Turkey/Turkiye'de tip 2 diyabetin prevalansi, insidansi, ongorduruculeri ve akibeti. Onat, Altan; Hergenc, Gulay; Uyarel, Huseyin; Can, Gunay; Ozhan, Hakan Dec 1, 2006 6818
Early glucose, BP control predict type 2 diabetes complication risks: preliminary data. Tucker, Miriam E. Jul 15, 2003 370
Intense glucose, HT care may not help diabetics: patients in standard care did just as well. (Type 2 Disease). Brunk, Doug Jun 15, 2003 779

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